Final Warriors Grades: Not Straight As, but Pretty Good

I grade on expectations and I didn’t expect this: 47 wins despite all their injuries and a trip to the second round of the playoffs. With that in mind, here are my grades for the Warriors.

GM Bob Myers

Grade: A

Comment: The Warriors’ front office nailed the three draft picks. PG Jarrett Jack was perhaps the biggest steal of last offseason. And Carl Landry was a great signing, too. The four-year, $44 million extension for Stephen Curry looks like a bargain. After a rough start (Charlie Bell amnesty/Jeremy Lin release for DeAndre Jordan), Myers and his staff have put together a string of good moves.

Coach Mark Jackson

Grade: A

Comment: I as much as anyone has nitpicked at Jackson’s decisions/approaches. In print and in person. But in the end, he had three rookies in the rotation, a center in and out of the lineup and two defensive weaknesses in the starting lineup. And the Warriors won 47 games. Then, he went and outcoached George Karl before giving Gregg Popovich a good scare.

PG Stephen Curry

Grade: A

Comment: After the All-Star break, his game really took off. He averaged 26 points and 7.4 assists, which was 5th and 9th best in the league after the break. After that, he got even more dominant in the playoffs. He ranks 5th in the playoffs in scoring (23.4), 2nd in assists (8.1) and second in total minutes (497). And you could argue he wasn’t at his best.

SG Klay Thompson

Grade: B

Comment: Thompson gets a lot of criticism for his disappearing act on offense and Klay-ups. But the truth is, Thompson’s defense has been vital for the Warriors as he defends the best guard on the court. He also proved to be willing to take and make a big shot.

SF Harrison Barnes

Grade: B

Comment: He looked like the next for stretches in the playoffs. It was certainly a revelation, but Barnes benefitted from favorable match-ups and the absence of David Lee. The Warriors need him to be reliable on both ends and to rebound consistently. If so, the playoffs may be a coming out party.

PF David Lee

Grade: C+

Comment: Once the veteran you can count on, Lee is now somewhat of an uncertainty. After the Warriors took off without him in the playoffs, the question now becomes how can Golden State play the way it did in the playoffs WITH Lee. Sure, on offense, the Warriors missed the attention he draws. But on defense they were more effective and still rebounded well. Lee also faded a bit, thanks to injuries in the second half. He’ll have to remind people why he was an All-Star next season.

C Andrew Bogut

Grade: B-

Comment: He was rocking a strong D before the playoffs. But then he became a force on D. With one leg and all the anti-inflams he could take, Bogut gave a glimpse of just how good he can be. It was quite a sight considering it was scarcely seen in the regular season. Before the playoffs, he was more talk than game. Now, Warriors fans who once chided the team for trading Monta Ellis can’t help but acknowledge Bogut’s beasting.

PG Jarrett Jack

Grade: A

Comment: He was vital for the Warriors all season. He dribbles the ball too much and his defense disappeared in the playoffs. But can you imagine where Golden State would be without Jack. His toughness and leadership became part of the DNA of the Warriors, even though he dribbled too much and became turnover prone later in the season.

PF Carl Landry

Grade: B

Comment: He was really good early in the regular season, as the Warriors got out to a 30-17 start. But towards the latter part of the year, he became a jump shooting big man who was sketchy on the boards. Landry rebounded in the playoffs and often was the Warriors’ best hopes at high-percentage offense.

C Festus Ezeli

Grade: C+

Comment: He lost his starting job to Andris Biedrins for a stretch because he took his foot off the gas. But eventually, he reclaimed his status as Bogut’s backup. Still raw and prone to mistakes, Ezeli has some work to do. But he got better at catching the ball and finishing and was a solid defensive presence in the playoffs.

F Draymond Green

Grade: B

Comment: The Warriors’ rookie glue guy really came alive in the playoffs. When his shot is falling, he is especially impressive because he also rebounds and does the little things good teams need. His shot fell at a 42.9 percent clip in the playoffs, which was a drastic improvement from the 32.7 percent he shot in the regular season. If he can consistently produce on offense, he figures to be a factor for the Warriors.

SF Richard Jefferson

Grade: D

Comment: He was failing after missing those free throws in Game 1 that would’ve prevented the Warriors from choking. It was a great opportunity to make his mark after an unimpressive regular season. He bounced back in Game 2, but not nearly enough to make up for those two free throws.

C Andris Biedrins

Grade: C-

Comment: I think he should have played more. Usually when he was in the game, he gave the Warriors’ something. If he wasn’t making $9 million and hadn’t fallen so far from serviceability, we’d be looking at Biedrins much differently. When he got his chance in the playoffs, he gave the Warriors’ something good. That’s saying something for Biedirns. No, it isn’t worth his salary, but it’s something.

G Kent Bazemore

Grade: B

Comment: Hard not to watch Bazemore and wonder what could be. He has size, athleticism and length. He’s got a great attitude and some skills to boot. And as much as any guy on the end of the bench, he contributed to his team’s chemistry and energy. He mattered, and that’s big for an undrafted rookie discovered in summer league.

Marcus Thompson

  • JDaddy

    I think you made a mistake with JJack. Same as Bogut

  • NotSoOldBlue

    Lee had how many 20-10s and you give him a C+? Basically you dinged him because he got hurt. I don’t get it…

  • Young

    Perfect scores! I Wouldnt change a thing..

    Except maybe Bazemore (better the Festus, while averaging 4 minutes per game?)

  • Easy

    I love JJack but he dribbled into one too many double teams for an A.

  • For the most part I agree with one glaring exception – D Lee. How can a completely worthless Beans be the only one with a lower grade, and barely? There were periods thru the season where Lee carried the team. He nearly averaged a 20-10 without ever hogging the ball. Obviously defense is not a strength but it improved and he has the attitude necessary to make it continue to get better. And, he appears to be the consummate teammate – you gave Bazemore alot of credit in this area, why not lee? Does he have his warts? – Of course but they all do.Even the last game against the Spurs – when Lee came in on one leg, the ball moved better than at any time throughout the rest of the game.

  • petro skiano

    because Lee is garbage

  • Marcus Thompson


    Because I grade based on the individual player’s expectation, not in relation to each other. David Lee’s bar is way higher than Biedrins. … It’s a team full of consummate teammates. Bazemore stood out with his energy and presence. How many 15th guys on the roster around the league make an impact at all? David Lee is SUPPOSED to be a locker room presence. Curry doesn’t get credit for being a locker room leader either.
    David Lee is an All-Star and a veteran. His bar is higher

  • Roscoe

    Draymond Green is rated too high. He hustles, plays good D and rebounds well much of the time; but, he is a terrible shooter in love with the 3-pt. shot. He only makes one occasionally because nobody cares to cover him – the defense would pay him to take those shots all game.

  • Dave

    Barnes had some duds in the playoffs. Two 4-10’s and one 2 for 9. He is not proven even with favorable matchups.

  • DW

    I hear your explanation on Lee Marcus but still, C+? You catch him looking at your wife at a game or something? That’s a little rough. He deserves a B at least.

  • Stan

    Lee was an All Star for NY,comes to GS and repeats.He’s the only Warrior who can lead the team in scoring and rebounding in a game..no other is even a threat to do that. At least an A. Getting the team to the playoffs is worth that. The Warriors added players..but they didnt add a star did they? rooks and reclamations..and Lee used that improvement in talent well.
    Klay -ups. I should have thought of that.

    Richard Jefferson? AAA+++ He can get somebody to pay him millions with not a shred of ability left. Man’s a genius.

  • Young

    All this D lee support but…

    The team was better when he got hurt…

    Rebounds and scoring came from other places, and the defense became solid

  • sco_lo_fan

    re: DLee – Seems like the grade wasn’t based on his performance during the season, but on the fact they were successful in the playoffs without him. If you are grading HIS performance this season, how could you give him a C+ with the rationalization being that he is now an uncertainty? His injury is supposedly an injury that is not difficult to come back from. If you look at the entire seasons’ stats, its hard to argue that DLee and Steph were the MIPs on the roster. They are both towards the top of almost every category of advanced statistics for the team, during a year in which the franchise went to the playoffs for the first time since 07. No doubt, they had success without him, but why does that lower his grade? Shouldn’t it raise the grade of those who stepped up in his place? It seems like it has been fashionable to imagine the Warriors next season without Lee, instead of imagining the dynamism of a roster that has the flexibility to match up advantageously against the majority of the NBA. I’m so excited for next season. I can’t wait to see Jackson work with the lineup more during the reg season to exploit match ups. There are so few realistic trade scenarios available, but even if something popped up I don’t know if I would break this group up. This team is the difference between buying a bunch of good players to play together and acquiring specific pieces that fit exceedingly well with each other. Add to that teammates that want to play for each other. That’s unusual. And its working.


  • Tay

    I dont see how anyone can definitely say that the Warriors played better without Lee. He got hurt in the first game. How do we not know that they would have been even better with a healthy Lee.

  • deano

    I agree with those who think Lee’s grade should be higher. If Jack gets an “A” for being essential to GSW’s successful season and Playoffs, then Lee deserves at least a “B” for being equally essential to the successful season and getting into the Playoffs. Who else on the team was voted an NBA All-Star?

  • Norman

    How about a ‘grade’ for Jerry West?

  • Marc

    I agree with just about all of the grades, but especially with the well deserved A to the much maligned Jarret Jack whose ability to play either guard spot was huge in both the team’s success and in Curry’s success.

  • Otis

    DLee had a great year and a C+ grade for him is preposterous. As for expectations Marcus, why were yours so high? The years before this one he was saddled with the Chandler bite, and other issues at the end of last year.
    This year he was a rock all the way through. He deserved his all star selection and played big in big games – dominated Blake a couple of times.
    Give the guy a break.

  • Dave

    Lee deserves an A. If he stunk it up in the playoffs that would be one thing, but he got injured. W’s crashed and burned without Lee in the playoffs.

  • Incredible

    I think it’s important to remember that Adam said he grades against expectations- not just an overall grade.

    ie: David was an all-star in NY, and a near all-star last year. Thus, the EXPECTATION is that he plays at an all-star (or near it) level. Against that grading scale, a C+ means he EXCEEDED expectations ever-so-slightly. We expected him to be very good. He was. So there you go. Personally, I would also give him a higher grade, maybe a B. But I just want to point out the grading scale that people seem to be glossing over as they read.

    With that said, I’d give Andris a solid B, as we expected ZERO from him- and the truth is, in the playoffs, he gave us very good minutes. I made a point to only watch him for a while and you know what? He played excellent, intelligent defense. He still got burned a couple times because of his athleticism, but he played defense correctly, and was always thinking.

    I’d also give Bazemore and Green A’s. They FAR exceeded any of my expectations. I mean, Bazemore’s expectation was at ZERO. And Green’s was very low.

  • Incredible

    B.Rush- Incomplete.

  • Dave

    People like to underestimate Lee. First the meme was Lee wasn’t an all star. Now the meme is he is going to have to remind people why is an all star.

  • bill

    smell some race card playing in the low grade given to Lee….he has been our cornerstone, hardest working player….gets hurt and falls under a bogus microscope and Still brings some minutes playing on one leg….if you don’t like him I bet other teams do…..he’s got character and guts and you’ve neither

  • Geo77

    How about a grade for the rest of the coaching staff? Mark Jackson is the inspirational head, but could he pull off what the Ws accomplished without the other guys on his staff doing the little things that matter? My biggest fear is that we lose Mike Malone to a head coaching job and find out the hard way how important he was to the Ws success this year.

  • Grey Warden

    “With one leg and all the anti-inflams he could take, Bogut gave a glimpse of just how good he can be. ”

    He also gave a glimpse of just how many games he will miss next season…

  • Ewok

    An adjustment of sorts should be accomodated to the role of David Lee. Because his absence actually gave the team valid options as to what it can do.. Without him. But i think David Lee is a keeper.. Just needs to work as a stopper.. and i really like his leadership.

    Secondly, I think its very likely Carl Landry would be the odd man out not Jack. The good news however, is that as RJ’s and Biedrin’s contract expire, we can make a run on Al Jefferson and David West.

    For next year, I think the crucial move for the organization is to improve Ezeli, Green and Bazemore’s into mult-dimensional players.. Retain Brandon Rush… I am convinced, Get a center-power forward like Al Jefferson to get the frontcourt fully booked and capable… and get everyone healthy for long durations..

    Harrison Barnes is going to be a very exciting story..

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  • JohnG

    DLee’s defensive liabilities clearly outweigh his offensive skills – which is impressive, as DLee is a gifted offensive player. However, his defensive liabilities are truly a amazing – 61% of shots taken against him score! Google this stuff! Any objective observer can see it. Love the fanboys but open your eyes, people.

  • Frank

    How about a grade for the Warriors as a team?

    Grade A+

    Far exceeded my expectations! Really, the summer league and the draft has been the Warriors post-season the past 16 years

    Warrior Fans

    Grade A+

    I certainly believe now! Lets go Warriors!

    The Warriors new Owners?

    Grade A+

    Thank you

    Marcus Thompson?

    Grade B

    He would certainly get a higher score if he got DLee right

  • Incredible

    Sorry Marcus. I called you Adam. I deserve a failing grade for that. You deserve better. Thanks for all the good reads!

  • Young


    What team has ever gotten better without its “best player”?

    No good potential trades? David Lee for Kevin Garnett straight up…

    See you in the finals

  • Young

    save that finals comment…

    His personality wont work with this team

  • GiantInOakley

    Hate DLee much MT? I give you a C also, pretty much meeting my very low expectation of you.

  • Stan

    Somebody put out a APB,Warrant for Tim Kawakami. He’s kidnapped MT2 and is posting under his name!

  • Grey Warden

    #27 Stan,

    Lol, good one. Had a good laugh off of that 🙂

  • Megatron

    David Lee defense was terrible last season. He seemed like a Landy double to me, but Lee played more minutes so his stats looked better. As evidence in the playoffs, the warriors played better without Lee. Lee played like an all star offensively at times but played defense like Curry.

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    Even grading on an expectations level, Jefferson and Beans well and truly deserve Fs for the season.

  • I’m of the opinion it’s time to move D. Lee. He simply doesn’t fit into what the W’s are going forward; up tempo, swarming team ‘d’ oriented. . .He works for the pick & pop but that would be a good role for Barnes going forward.

    Expect Barnes to make a quantum leap next year. he may be on the US “select” squad, practicing with the best of the best. Remember Kobe’s glowing assessment of Klay Thompson after he represented for the ‘select’ squad?

    Barnes does need to get better this off season, but I expect just that to take place; his handle in traffic will improve, his overall offensive game will get better as will his approach to defense. he is already a much better rebounder than I thought; as far as a stretch “4 (still a “3” for the most part)” he’ll be too quick for the 4 he’s lining up against & too big for most “3’s”. . .

    I was hoping to trade Lee in a three team deal, Lee going to Portland, where he would fit the finesse “pick & pop” roll with Damian Lillard. LeMarcus Aldridge, almost as fragile as Lee goes to Philly. The W’s, in turn, get Thaddeus Young & Evan Turner in exchange. Miraculiously the money fits all around.

    Then the W’s entice JJ Hickson, unrestricted free agent who shined on the W’s last year signs to man the starting “4.”. Then the W’s trade either young (likely stays) or Turner (most likely to leave) in a sign & trade to Dallas for OJ Mayo.

    Then the W’s complete their overhaul by nabbing another unrestricted FA from Portland, Eric Maynor, to replace Jack as the backup PG. Jack wants money & minutes? Maynor displayed he has fully recovered from his ACL, is younger & more suited to be the backup @ the “1.”

    Then Landry can see the handwriting on the wall; should he stay or should he go?

    As far as Bogut is concerned, where was Bogut @ this stage last year? He couldn’t even STAND on his bad leg, let alone favorably represent in the playoffs. I think y’all bagging on him right now are just mad @ Marcus’ truth about D. Lee; Lee the best player on the W’s? If he remains he potentially could slide to 3rd or 4th best on the squad. That’s reality.

    Curry second fiddle to Lee? In what universe? Barnes will supplant Thompson in the food chain, alleviating some pressure from Thompson, allowing his performance to skyrocket. if Bogut plays 60-to 70 regular season tilts & tops this year’s playoff showing he’s up there; Lee is going to have off season surgery for the second consecutive year. Bogut? all he has to do is get some rest, lay off the beer & he’ll be the force nobody heard of when a Buck. . .

    If he stays Lee will be more of a liability than he showed in his limited time on the playoffs. The press openly contemplated how Bogut & lee would co-exist in the starting lineup. After further review, Lee is redundant & doesn’t play good enough defense to remain a force. With Bogut Lee doesn’t lead the NBA in double doubles, a dubious stat @ best. Team rebounding & defense, which fueled the W’s surprise playoff success & ultimately carried the day are what will identify this hungry, young team. with Bogut @ the “5” &, hopefully Hickson as an improvement as a rebounder, defender & better athlete. He co-existed with Aldridge in Portland; he doesn’t need special attention as a “4;” he’ll bring it every night without plays being called for him. . .

  • Falcdiggy

    The Warriors weren’t better without Lee. Lee makes Curry better. Curry gets doubled because of the jump shot, not because of penetration. Curry is NOT an explosive penetrator. So he cannot penetrate and kick, rather, he gets doubled on the perimeter and usually dishes to the perimeter. Well, the recipient of many of these dishes is Lee. Lee then can create his own shot. This happened all season! What team were you donks watching?
    In the playoffs this was sorely missed against the Spurs. The Dubs went minutes without scoring because they doubled Curry and there was no one else to pass to!
    Btw, defense is a team concept.
    Go forward without Lee? Typical fan stupidity, like when they were all mad at the owner for trading the ball hogging, game slowing cyber stalker!
    Can I get a ” Duhhh?” Just for the stupid donk fans/reporters?

  • Son of Ahmed

    I thought the C grade for David Lee was a typo. The grade either reflects very poor judgment or a personal issue. The idea that this is being graded on some sort of relative scale is a specious explanation, especially when you consider that Lee played to his full potential this season and was the team’s first All Star in many years. Lee deserves an A.

    The C+ is an insult, and it seems a very intentional one. What temerity to give a Lee a C+ after the season he has had. I’m a little frosted by the shot, and also surprised as MT is usually reasonable and doesn’t take petty shots.

    I have had my own criticisms of Lee’s game over at Adam’s blog, so I do see some chinks in his armor. But anyone who has watched the Warriors knows he deserved a better grade than Jack, who btw I also really liked this season.

  • deano

    If the grading is based on expectations, in October did we expect Lee to be named an All-Star this season? In October did we expect Lee to lead the NBA in double-doubles and in 20 – 10 games, by a wide margin? No. Lee gets an “A”.

    As for the Playoffs, GSW lost to the Spurs because they locked down Klay and Curry and no one else stepped up on offense. It is as easy to speculate that we win that series if Lee is playing, as it is to claim that our Playoff success was enhanced by his absence.

  • The fans/journalists that downgraded Lee were objective. Non of that opinion made personal attacks against those who dissent our opinions.

    Practically everyone who is a Lee booster attacked the GALL they perceived from the “opposition.” Why is that/ Everyone is entitled to their opinion & a
    ALL that downgraded Lee were merely sifting through the entirety of the season, objectively pontificating what they/we witnessed.

    Almost all the Lee supporters engaged in character assisination of the “opposition.”

    So, what can be determined by these opposite courses of action? Subjectivity, embraced by the pro Lee sect is displayed in the form of hubris. Objectivity, displayed by those who “dare” to question Lee’s contributions were uniformly arrived @ by cold calculation.

    yet both sides are after the same thing; the most successful Warrior team going forward.

    Kinda like the aftermath of 9/11. The W’s are the darlings of the future of the league. They have the tiger by the tail. Momentum going forward.

    The Lee backers? You’re either with us or against us. . .hard to escape the parallels. . .you fill in the blanks. . if you dare.

    Marcus, I for one echo your objectivity, sentiments & willingness to think outside the box. I just are willing to take it one step beyond. . .

    For the Lee backers, until Lee’s 2911-12 was cut short bu his abdominal injury 9which he courageously battled through until he could battle no more) what was the main difference in contribution to the W’s fate? The play of Steph Curry. If you remember the W’s were without lee the night Curry went off against the Knicks in New York. No lee picks, no Lee taking the focus from Curry, who scored 54 on that fateful night.

    I think y’all who laud lee for creating Curry’s success should look @ it the other way around. . .

  • Dave

    All of these better without Lee utterances are just going to motivate Lee more. One thing about Lee is Lee gets better each year. Lee is going to be a monster next year.

    David Lee: 2013 NBA All-Star

  • Dave

    “The play of Steph Curry. If you remember the W’s were without lee the night Curry went off against the Knicks in New York. No lee picks, no Lee taking the focus from Curry, who scored 54.”


    And what was the result? The W’s lost. Because the star player was playing an individual star and the others didn’t have the stats that they should have had.

    You want players who will work within the framework of the team, not scored a bunch of points and be a individual star.

    Also, remember that night they got outrebounded badly. Chandler had a career high 28 boards.

    The next Knicks game in the series was a couple weeks later with Lee on board. What was the result? Curry’s shots went down and he started playing as a team player again. Curry had 26 points. Lee had 21 and 10. The W’s won by 29 points. This you are either with us and against us garbage is exactly what is wrong with the Lee haters. Learn to play the team concept.

  • Dave

    Do you love the 54 individual points and don’t care about the team concept and the loss?

    Watch this.

    Coach Wooden discussing the ‘individual star’

  • Stan

    Did Curry make Lee an all star on the Knicks too?

  • Stan

    When Bogut couldn’t go to start the season,who got the team off to a hot start? 17 games over .500 EARLY? Lee,who was PF,C, and leader in rebounds,blocks and general mayhem. Its a Curry and Lee team. If Bogut is healthy..

  • Dave

    The game right before Lee was selected for the All Star team, they had a big win over Thunder. Lee had 22 and 12. Curry went 11 for 27 and had 31 and 7. That’s one less shot taken than in the Knicks game where Curry scored 54, but the difference was the win. Barnes by the way started that game and was 0-5. No Bogut.


  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Lee makes the All-Star game and gets a C? total joke, even if you bring up expectations, no one expected him to average 20-10, or to carry the team with Bogut out, or make the All-Star team, I would have to say he exceeded expectations, playing better D then he ever has before as well. You blew this grade big time Marcus, big time, he gets an A- or B+ at worst! He played his best year, ever, led his team to the Playoffs man, C’mon!!!

  • Curry was the only thing going that night. Nothing else was working. Curry HAD to be the focus. . .Just like a college player that suffers through bad stats because he is the prime focus & the focus of “box & one” defenses. . .

    curry doesn’t approach the game like he is an individual star. He’s not selfish. . .

    The next game was in Oracle. . .The W’s were no longer playing great on the road when they lost in New York. The Knicks were suffering through their worst stint of the regular season. . .

    And why was Lee not there? got tossed from the previous game for fighting. . .some would consider that selfish. . .

    The W’s enjoyed relative success early on against substandard competition. . .when 2012 became 2013I opined often on this blog about expecting the W’s to “return to earth” & the holes in their team would be exposed. . .which is exactly what happened.

    About the same time, right before the all star game curry’s game elevated to almost “rock star’ status. . .Lee/ he mimicked the W’s play & his weaknesses were exposed by better competition.

    At one point of the season Charles Barkley lamented that Steph & Klay Thompson might not be able to coexist in the same backcourt. Redundant strengths. Not enough versatility. We ALL know how that played out. . .

    later on “Sir Charles” jumped on the bandwagon lamenting the W’s backcourt as perhaps (a bit too much overhype, but I’m making a point) “the best shooting backcourt in the history of the game.”

    Down the stretch Bogut finally was able to make consistent contributions to the W’s playoff drive. Then it was considered by many that he & lee were too redundant & lee’s defensive weaknesses exposed. Lee as a shot blocker, stan? Show me the stats that coorborate that. . .Total unrealityville, stan. . .

    In the playoffs, out of necessity harrison Barnes game began to flourish. utliizing the “stretch 4,” the newest offensive innovation in the game elevated barnes game & his confidence grew. Too big for most 3’s & much too quick for 4’s, combined with “glue guy” Draymont Green, who can “d up” some 2’s, 3’s on a consistent basis & many 4’s. heck, he’s even drawn the assignment of sone point guards. Can lee offer any of that? don’t think so. . .

    Also; all your comparisons were based on REGULAR SEASON PLAY! Curry offered big time game on both stages. . . with no Curry the defense stacks it in around lee; he is worn down & cannot contribute on the boards, arguably his strength (along with quickness, but there are athletic bigs that regularly mitigate his effectiveness. . .). . .so, the W’s perimeter threat actually opens up the W’s inside game. . .Get it right, fellas. . .your collective subjective nature has been exposed. . .deal with reality. . .an objective source uniformly lauded for his expertise, reality, candor & accuracy, combined with knowledge of the game (along with having the background of a trained writer, who is paid to professionally structure his approach)& has covered the W’s (his beat; his job) for years is all of a sudden wrong?

    His appeal is generally his individualism , attention to detail & accurate assessments. . .I agree with Mr. Thompson. . .

    Again; lee’s body of work playoff work? One mediocre half of play. . .Steph curry? Goes without saying.

    Oh, one last point; lack of ability to penetrate? Remember all the circus shots & one hand, slight of hand passes? His long range accuracy makes the opposition play him more honest. Wait until next year, doubters. This is the identity of the W’s, today & in the future. Can you say the same about Lee? be reasonable. Be real.

  • Stan

    I know one thing..when the last shot needs to be taken- Lebron takes it. How many times this year did the Warriors let Jack,Landry,Green take the last shot? And why we lost most of those games. Just as the Pacers coach takes the blame to not put Hibbert in the lane,Jackson has to admit he needs to design ways to get Curry the ball in crunch time. YOUR BEST should take the last shot,not who you want to pat on the back and say nice try.

  • Grey Warden

    Hard for Curry to take the last shot because he isn’t fast enough to blow by his defender. There are 2 ways for Curry to get open for a shot:

    1) Set a screen for him
    2) Have Curry do some fancy dribbling, hoping the defender goes for the crossover fake, and go for a step-back jumpshot.

    And this is only if a single defender is on him. Double team him and there’s practically no chance for him to get a good shot up.

  • let’s see. . .clyde Frasier routinely took the last shot in his day for the Knicks. not fleet afoot. Oscar Robertson, for all his splendor, fell into that category. . .Charles Barkley would draw the double team 7 still get his shot off. . .Earl Monroe, before he was a knick was the go-to guy for the Bullets. he had bad knees. couldn’t be considered as a fast guy. . .John Havelicek. . .

    Steph will learn how to set his defender up; Barnes & Thompson become more relevant threats as the defense concentrates on Steph.

    Steph has only scratched the surface of his game. As he slows down Tony Parker has learned how to set up his defender; how to keep him off balance. And then he dishes to, say, Many Ginoboli, who thrives on those situations. . .

    So now y’all are gonna gang up on Steph? Where do you suppose Lee is in his career? Hasn’t he probably plateaued? Is he going to develop some new skill to set himself apart from the other 4’s?

    Steph, Barnes & Thompson are the future of the W’s. They got a taste of playoff success & now they’re gonna want more. Plus they all could earn more dollars. . .

    Sheesh. . .ripping Steph because your feelings are hurt by a critique of Lee? you guys really support your team! Three successful playoff runs in 30 years & just because some people are willing to speak the truth you want to slaughter the golden calf?

    You pick ONE charaterization of Jackson regarding Curry; how ‘bot robbed for all star laurels, one of the best shooters playing in the best shooting backcourt of all time, all the boquets coach Jack lauded upon Curry & you want to represent Jackson & your opinion with ONE comment? Wow. . .

    I bet almost all of you that have your panties in a bind are white. If I’m wrong, well to err is human. .

    But know this; I’m white. That’s just for the sake of identification. I also happen to be color blind. I just want to see the W’s maximize their potential. . .the best should be in store for this team. They have a chance, now, to really do something special.

    Can’t stand pat, folks. . .

  • GSRedd

    I like David Lee. He, like Jack, like Curry, were central to our regular season success. A lot of individuals think Jack should have a lower grade because of his ‘over dribbling’ and turnover issues that were pronounced in the playoffs, but as MT said the expectation of Jack this season were nowhere near what we got out of him. Lee on the other hand, once an All Star, and once again an All Star, proven as a player for us last season, and performed better this season. Exceeded expectation, yes. Greatly?, uhm…, maybe not, but I do think better than marginally. C+ may be a little under graded, maybe not, its a difference of opinion. I would have graded him a B or B+ because I didn’t for-see the consistent 20/10 double doubles.

    Future with or without Lee, would like to have it with Lee, but I can see what MT sees, Lee has value for trade right now, and his game is near it’s apex, and the Dub’s proved they could contend without him on the floor, during the 1st round of playoffs. Bogut, healthy, would minimize Lees rebounds, so those double doubles will become hard to come by. Barnes progress will create the defensive split of opposing teams, as will B Rush’s healthy return. Lee’s offense becomes decreased by these factors, and his defense…well let’s say thank god for Mark Jackson instilling a defensive framework for the team.

    I’m sure my comments will be blasted. I like Antispy3’s comments, and agree that blasting other players does not really support the W’s.

    I have my likes, my ‘waiting to see consistency or improvements’, and a few ‘hope we can trade (these largely because of limited playability and large dollar contracts)’. I have the jerseys(not signed yet) for 3 of the players on my like list: Curry, Barnes, and Lee, but like Antispy3, I am looking for W’s future success and improvement as we see it. Lee, I hope can exceed the expectation I have with the framework I listed.

    Let Bogut beast, Barnes and B Rush soar, and Curry flame-on, WITH Lee 20/10 double doubling, believe you me, I will gladly eat my evaluation.

  • Thank you, GSRedd. Your supportive comments allow me to contemplate intangibles that might change D. Lee’s grade.

    Despite my comments I didn’t opine on a grade for D. Lee; I, too would think his grade should be closer to a B or B + than a C +. Sure, he is established & his expectations surpass those of his teammates but he unselfishly changed his game to suit the needs of the W’s as the season progressed.

    As such his contributions cannot merely be statistically quantified. In addition his impact was marginalized by his “evolutionary process. . .” So, in the final analysis Lee’s grade should be in tune with a “sliding scale. . .”

    With Bogut in the lineup Lee’s contributions inside weren’t as required. His rebound totals went down & he was espected to “d” up on the perimeter more than life before Bogut.

    When Curry was hurt or his game was off Lee’s offensive impact became imperative. . .so one must consider Lee’s versatility & self sacrifice for “the greater good” of the W’s game to game adjustments into his final analysis. . .just to embrace total objectivity. . .

  • Your grading method leaves something to be desired. Let’s say we have a classroom of students and Mr. Genius Student gets 97% on a test, better than everybody else in the class. Well, I guess he gets a “D” because he normally scores 100%. Get real.

  • MickMickMick

    Your C+-graded David Lee just made third-team all-NBA, along with those other losers James Harden, Dwight Howard, Paul George and D-Wade.

    He’s the only player in the NBA with an average of 18 pts, 11 rebs and 3 assts. THE ONLY ONE. He led the NBA with 31 games of 20+ pts and 10+ rebs. Dubs were 25-6 in those games.

    Apparently, you thought so highly of David Lee before the season that you said to yourself, “if he hits marks that no other NBA player can, and makes third team all NBA, then that’s barely satisfactory in my book.”


  • The parallels between classroom grading & grading NBA players are mind boggling. . .why, even a fifth grader. . .

  • Gregg Dieguez

    Can we see the grades WITHOUT expectations? There’s no way to know what yours were. The team finished 6th in the West, despite important longlasting injuries, and then ALMOST embarrassed the Spurs. So let’s see no-handicap grades.

    Second, as I recall, 3 veterans missed 5 of 6 foul shots down the stretch in game 1, and how about those turnovers (?!@#$%^), so let’s not just pick on Jefferson.

    Lots of good insight in the text, thanks.