David Lee Named All-NBA; Stephen Curry is Not

All-Star forward David Lee was named third-team All-NBA, the league announced Thursday.

Lee is the first Warrior to make All-NBA since Latrell Sprewell was first-team in 1993-94. Back in February, Lee became the first Warriors’ All-Star since Sprewell in 1997.

Lee was the only player in the NBA to average at least 18 points, 11 rebounds and three assists. He’s the fifth Warrior to post those numbers in a single season. The other four: Wilt Chamberlain, Nate Thurmond, Jerry Lucas and Neil Johnston. Led led the NBA with 31 games with at least 20 points and 10 rebounds, the most since Thurmond in 1971-72. Golden State was 25-6 in those games.

Despite a monster second-half of the season, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was not selected.

MARK JACKSON: “Happy for and proud of David Lee. It is well-deserved. As far as Steph, the great thing is that the world now knows, even if the voters don’t.”

Here are the selections:

First Team

Forward           LeBron James, Miami                       595

Forward           Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City         555

Center              Tim Duncan, San Antonio                392

Guard               Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers                 521

Guard               Chris Paul, L.A. Clipper                   537

Second Team

Forward          Carmelo Anthony, New York            397

Forward          Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers               132

Center             Marc Gasol, Memphis (38)                295

Guard              Tony Parker, San Antonio (16)         273

Guard              Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City 306

Third Team

Forward          David Lee, Golden State                      79

Forward          Paul George, Indiana                          73

Center             Dwight Howard, L.A. Lakers             203

Guard              Dwyane Wade, Miami                        145

Guard              James Harden, Houston                    253

Curry totaled 72 points, the most of any guard not selected (next was Ty Lawson with 8 votes). But Curry was well behind Wade, who had the fewest points of any guard selected.

Marcus Thompson

  • Gunner

    Lol @ Kobe and Howard selections

  • earl monroe

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, for the warriors to get Howard they would have to sign and trade with the Lakers, the only deal that makes sense is, Biedrins, Lee and Thompson for Howard and perhaps a draft pick. Or am I totally off? can the warriors just sign Howard for 88 million? and be way over the luxury tax?

  • Gunner

    The Dubs can’t sign Howard out-right for sure. It has to be through trades. However, they have to trade Bogut if the Lakers don’t receive Bogut in the trade.

  • BAFan

    I think we wait until next year. Many more free agents, and we have much more salary cap room, as Biedrens and Jefferson are done. That is assuming/hoping that Bogut stays healthy, the Ezeli continues to develop and maybe this Euro guy who’s 7’1″ turns into the real deal.

  • LoLCurry

    Curry didn’t make 3rd team?

    that is proof positive that nobody cares about him

  • meir34

    My my, “A” Curry, of great outside shot, horrible D and no power drive was “passed over” for all-star and all-pro and even a player of the week. Lee, who led the league in double doubles, was an all star and player of the week, was both an all-star and an all-pro. I wonder what biases you have MT?

  • Marcus Thompson


    I have a million biases. Can’t you tell?

  • meir34

    Dubs can likely do a S and T for Howard with just Bogut and RJ or AB’s contracts. IF (big IF) Howard would go to Oakland. The W’s have the big center LAL needs and that gives them a leg up as far as LAL goes. Without parting with KT, which I wouldn’t do.

    I wonder if anyone has explored “selling” the remaining contract (whichever of AB or RJ that LAL didn’t choose) for a second round pick with us paying significant cash to effect the deal, and to offset the cost to the receiving team. Would the cash we paid count against our Cap?

  • earl monroe

    Meir, you are now in here Curry bashing? Curry is not perfect but he is pretty damn good, not many like him offensively

  • earl monroe

    and who cares about awards? its a popularity contest for the most part. Curry is good he knows it you know it who cares about awards?

  • meir34

    MT-I guess we all do, but the Curry-mania is tough to take, as outstanding an outside shooter that he is. BTW, I left off his turnovers, which problem he’s had since his days at Davidson. I love his shot when it’s on, especially his transition 3’s. But when he’s not scoring big, his net as our starting PG often goes negative.

    BTW, I’ve never understood the “Lee is overpaid” argument. He may not be McHale,or KG or Gasol,in their peaks, and not be strong on Defense (outside of rebounding which he does well), but he’s a top notch scorer, and not just close in, a superb rebounder and a very good passer for a BIG. And he comes a lot cheaper than KG and PG. And his skills seem to have been recognized by his all-star and all-pro selections.

    Your “A” on Curry ignores is D or lack of same, especially against speedy PGs, and his never-ending turnovers, while your C+ on Lee is unfathomable to me.

    I do appreciate your columns irrespective of your biases towards Curry and Lee (and Monta earlier).

  • meir34

    No Earl. He has as pretty a shot as is around, and his outside,shot in transition is as good as I’ve ever seen. I praise his skills, but his negatives don’t disappear just because of his outside Offensive skills, don’t you think?

    His lack of power driving shows in his low FTA numbers, which is a real shame given how outstanding his FT shooting is.

  • dso

    Meir34, regarding Curry’s turnovers:

    I used to harp on Curry a lot over his turnovers, but he’s gotten markedly better this past season. His per36 averages for turnovers dropped this year, and more importantly, his turnover % dropped from 17% to 13.5%, which is HUGE.

    He’s also played better defense this year, as evidenced both by the eye test and a drop in his DRTG (lower is better). Add that to a noticeably better handle and his usually superb passing, and it becomes to easy to see why Curry is regarded as one of the best in the NBA.

    Don’t try to pigeonhole Curry into being a one dimensional player, because he’s not. I would rather have Curry than Wade/Harden/Parker, and maybe Westbrook. And of course Kobe.

  • deano

    How does a C+ player make Third Team All NBA? By failing to meet expectations, that’s how. 🙂

  • Livermore


    You’re right about Curry’s lack of player of the week. He was player of the month in April though.

    You don’t comment one time on Adam’s blog about Curry during the playoff run…but you’re bashing Curry now because he wasn’t named one of the top 6 guards in the league? Lame.


  • Marcus Thompson


    The reality is people have their own beliefs and you can bend the data to support that. If you think Curry is only a great outside shooter, then your bias AGAINST him is clearly clouding your judgment. You disagree with every basketball expert in the NBA and relegate him to a mere Steve Novak character.

    Is anyone ever wrong?

    I was wrong about Curry. I didn’t think he’d be a good NBA point guard. I was wrong about Lee. I usually think “bad defense” is an overrated way of attacking a player. Lee proved that during the first part of the season. Then he digressed. Considerably. He is a really good player so he is going to get his numbers.

    Speaking of numbers, did you check Curry’s? You say he commits too many turnovers. I disagree. He added 10 minutes per game this season and only .6 turnovers. His problem is the BAD turnover, not the number of turnovers. His career turnover average lower than LeBron but you NEVER hear people complain about Lebron’s turnovers.

    Here is my bias FOR Curry. The same bias I have for anyone in this situation. Your task is increasingly harder when you are the focus of the defense. That changes things dramatically. Good players can produce. Great players produce when the other team is bent on stopping that production. Curry GOT BETTER as the season went on, as teams focused on stopping him. That is an intangible you won’t find on the stat sheet.

    Look at his playoff numbers even though Denver and San Antonio made him the first priority.

    And while opposing defenses in the second half of the season keyed on Curry, you would think Lee’s production would increase. It did not.

  • Son of Ahmed

    This must have been painful for for MT to post.

    By the way, Lee should have been 2nd team All NBA. He had a better season than Griffin.

  • Niners in 2012

    Curry > DWade right now. Anyone watching DWade this year should know he has fallen down a few pegs.

  • sartre

    Curry was second among the remaining players receiving all nba team votes. Only three PGs – Paul, Westbrook, and Parker – received more votes from the coaches. I guess they view him as more than an outside shooter.

  • Dave

    It just wasn’t Curry’s time now. He may get it next year. I wish David Lee could get an award without Curry’s name being dragged into it every time.

  • gizzm

    DLee had a monster year and no way in hell we get the 6 seed without his steller work

  • currish

    Keep trolling Meir34. Where are you now?! lol
    Curry led the Warriors to playoffs. He was the main reason why they were able to beat Denver.

  • …scotch

    meir you’ve often recited your Curry had TO problems at Davidson. I see he averaged 3 TOs which doesn’t seem like much considering how much he handled the ball under double-triple coverages…

    Care to elaborate?

  • No Longer Frustrated

    Would it be possible for the Warriors to offer R Jefferson a coaching position and take him off the books. How about an European scouting assignment for A Biedrens. I sure they would want the same amount of money they will receive as players, but I think it would be worth it.

  • earl monroe

    Curry is special, he is a beast of a different color, the fact that he has developed some moves that allow him to get shots off makes him better than a straight up shooter like, Novak, Craig Hodges or Steve Keer or even his dad Del Curry.
    His game had progressed tremendously, he is even okay on defense now. Marcus makes a good point, this guy played his best even when the defense was geared to stop him in the playoffs. The fact that he is NOT one dimensional is what excited me as a warriors fan, injury is the only thing that will stop this guy, because he has now figured out and this is the same game as the one he played at Davidson, and he was dominant in the NCAA tournament, now he will just be dominant in the NBA, this guy cannot be classified as a point guard, although he is now good at it, if he continues to improve his passing he will great at it, but he is a combo guard, on his way to becoming a complet guard

  • Otis

    I think it’s possible to celebrate Curry’s amazing season and still not put him ahead of Chris Paul, Kobe, Parker, Westbrook, Wade and Harden. I ,ean there should be a seventh guard, and it would be Curry, but there isn’t.
    Who would you pull off of the other six? Harden? Wade?
    Not yet for Steph.
    But he’s very, very close.

  • marko


    All-NBA is a beauty parade. The few well-known names suck all the points, so that even third-teamers are getting in on less than 100 votes.

    Now if Lee (or Curry) can average 20/10 over a 10+ year career (or say 8+ assists instead of one of the others), those are HOF creds. Wilt, MJ, Russell, O, Magic & Bird, West, Kareem, the Malones, Pettit, Hayes, the Dream, Cunningham, Barkley & the Admiral numbers…

    LeBron is close to doing it after 10 years.

    Duncan IS doing it, Garnett is just falling short of the 20, Shaq did it, and it looks out-of-reach for Dirk.

    Kidd & Nash have the assists (both worse than the mayor of Sacramento).

    Kobe has the points (almost gets to Rick Barry numbers). Wade & Carmelo look like Maravich & George Gervin, respectively (neither a bad thing).

    Young guys (less than 10 yeare) with a chance:
    Chris Paul – 19 pts, 9.8 assists;
    Dwight – 18 pts, 13 rebounds;
    Deron – 18 pts, 9 assists;
    Rose – 21 pte, 6.8 assists

    Lee has put up 18/10 with the Dubs (15/10 career) and is likely at his peak at 8 seasons. Curry is 19/6 assists, on the way up.

  • manhattanproj

    i don’t understand w/ ppl infatuation of d.lee. yes he averages 10 rpg. but does that really make you a “great rebounder?”

    troy murphy averaged 10 a game while he was here, did anyone say he was a “great rebounder?”

    there’s a difference btw what the stats say and what the games say. the stats say he’s a 20/10 guy and it’s all good and well until you see how they translate to the game.

    then look at how much d.lee impacts the game with those numbers. see what the w’s did last yr w/o curry, this year w/ curry, and the playoffs w/o d.lee.

    lastly, this is hypothetical, think about how the w’s would fare if it was bogut that got injured in game 1 vs. denver rather than lee. do you still think the w’s take round 1 and spurs to 6 games?

    if d.lee is so good with his 20/10, he should have a huge impact/correlation to the success of the team.