Dwight Howard is a Long Shot for Warriors, but Worth A Shot

It only makes sense the Warriors get mentioned in the third annual Dwight Howard saga. They had cameos in the first two and they were awful. Now, Golden State is a successful, attractive destination in the NBA. And even though he doesn’t need to these days, co-owner Joe Lacob still loves the pursuit of the big fish.

So the fact that reports surfaced about Howard being interested in the Warriors is expected, if not redundant.

But is this even possible? Sure. In the same way it was possible for the Warriors to win a title. Except there were a few MAJOR obstacles in the way, namely San Antonio, Memphis and Miami. Golden State’s acquisition of Howard too has major obstacles. The first one being it’s only late May so the likelihood is Howard has NO IDEA what he wants yet.

Here are some other obstacles:

* The Warriors cannot sign Dwight Howard. Their salary for 2013-14 is up over $75 million, which would likely put them into the luxury tax (it was $70.3 million this year). So the Warriors won’t have the space to ink Howard to that max deal – which will be the going rate for Howard. That means the only way Golden State can get him is via sign and trade. Houston, Dallas and Atlanta all have the space to offer Howard the max.

* New CBA rules limit the amount of money players can receive in a sign and trade. The maximum number of years allowed in a sign-and-trade is 4. The Lakers can offer Dwight the fifth year. He’d make considerably more money staying in Los Angeles. Usually, NBA players don’t pass up on considerably more money

* A sign-and-trade with the Lakers (which is possible because the Warriors traded Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler to get under the cap) would require the Warriors to return some $20 million worth of salary to the Lakers. Since Los Angeles GM Mitch Kupchak is pretty good at what he does, he probably won’t take Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson in return. That means Andrew Bogut or David Lee would have to be involved in the deal. If you’re the Lakers, who would you want?

If the Lakers took Bogut, that would probably work for the Warriors. It would cost them Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson. But they’d be getting the best center in the NBA. Bogut only has one year left, so he wouldn’t hurt the Lakers long term plans. But you’d have to consider this: why would Howard sign-and-trade to the Warriors for the same amount of money he could get with Houston? The Warriors would weaken the supporting cast to get Howard. Houston, being under the cap, wouldn’t have to do that. Neither would Atlanta. And Dallas has the ability to sign Howard and another really good player to put with him and Dirk Nowitzki.

* Dwight Howard has proven to be a polarizing figure who drama seems to follow. A big part of Warriors’ success was chemistry. It seems pretty risky to add that element to the locker room. How will he respond when the Warriors are jacking up 3-pointers instead of dumping the ball to him?

With all that said, if you’re the Warriors you have to be talked OUT of obtaining Howard if you can.  Bogut showed Golden State exactly what life could be like with a legitimate defensive presence in the middle. But Bogut also showed the Warriors he may not eve be 100 percent again. Dwight Howard is not only a great defender in the middle, he also gives the Warriors some offense at that position.

As bad as he was last season, he is still the best center in the game. And if you’re talking about winning a championship, Howard is the best answer to the Spurs, the Grizzlies, the Clippers, the Heat and the Bulls.

Another interesting note to remember: Dwight Howard was once deeply religious. His dad is a minister and Howard came into the league saying he was going to save the NBA. Not sure where he is on that end now, but he might view a preacher coach and fellow Christian teammates as a plus.

Marcus Thompson

  • Gunner

    @Geo77: the Lakers won’t want Lee because they want to have salary cap room in 2014 (Lebron James etc will be FAs). So they prefer expiring contracts who can play. They can take Bogut and Jefferson, or watch Dwight go to Dallas/Houston and get nothing.

  • RamboRaider


    For all those hating on dwight… Look what he’s capable of when healthy. Bogit has never dominated a game like this on both ends. Dwight is a forc and mixed with curry… Oh my, there is no telling what they could accomplish.

  • RamboRaider

    @ssgman… Dont get me wrong I think klay has potential but I dont think his ceiling is as high as barnes or currys, and neither do I think his star will rise higher than dwights either which.is why I wouldnt mind moving him. Idk, just too many times this season klay has blown up for a big game then dissapeared for the next 2 or 3, and not just in the playoffs but in season as well. The inconsistency is what makes him expendable imo, plus his lack of court vision as well. I think hes good but not great, like I said I see kevin martin when I look at klay… But anyways im not the only one who noticed klays dissapearing acts… Watch below.


  • RamboRaider

    Scoring 2 guards are easier to find and replace than dominate big men. Think about it…

  • RamboRaider

    10 bigs better than bogut…

    1. Marc Gasol
    2. Brook Lopez
    3. Dwight Howard
    4. Roy Hibbert
    5. Demarcus Cousins
    6. Tim Duncan
    7. Joakim Noah
    8. Serge Ibaka
    9. Al Jefferson
    10. Andrew Bynum

    But only 1 of them make plays like these…


  • Flago

    Who is the complete idiot who compared Howard to Olajuwon?

  • Trees Forever

    No, no, and NO!

    Howard is a self-centered, locker room cancer. The Warriors have a bunch of young guys who will succumb to his act.

    Bogut is fine as a second-tier big man, provided that Lee, Curry, and Thompson are healthy and scoring. What the roster really needs is a lockdown defensive guard who can take the other team’s scorer out of the game. Kirk Hinrich comes to mind.

  • RamboRaider

    Nah, they need someone who can score in the paint and draw fouls. I’d rather have tyreke evans than klay thompson and i’d rather have howard than bogut. Howard was 1 of the most likeable players in the league until he got to hollywood. I think hes moreso in a bad situation than a bad guy…

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