Dwight Howard is a Long Shot for Warriors, but Worth A Shot

It only makes sense the Warriors get mentioned in the third annual Dwight Howard saga. They had cameos in the first two and they were awful. Now, Golden State is a successful, attractive destination in the NBA. And even though he doesn’t need to these days, co-owner Joe Lacob still loves the pursuit of the big fish.

So the fact that reports surfaced about Howard being interested in the Warriors is expected, if not redundant.

But is this even possible? Sure. In the same way it was possible for the Warriors to win a title. Except there were a few MAJOR obstacles in the way, namely San Antonio, Memphis and Miami. Golden State’s acquisition of Howard too has major obstacles. The first one being it’s only late May so the likelihood is Howard has NO IDEA what he wants yet.

Here are some other obstacles:

* The Warriors cannot sign Dwight Howard. Their salary for 2013-14 is up over $75 million, which would likely put them into the luxury tax (it was $70.3 million this year). So the Warriors won’t have the space to ink Howard to that max deal – which will be the going rate for Howard. That means the only way Golden State can get him is via sign and trade. Houston, Dallas and Atlanta all have the space to offer Howard the max.

* New CBA rules limit the amount of money players can receive in a sign and trade. The maximum number of years allowed in a sign-and-trade is 4. The Lakers can offer Dwight the fifth year. He’d make considerably more money staying in Los Angeles. Usually, NBA players don’t pass up on considerably more money

* A sign-and-trade with the Lakers (which is possible because the Warriors traded Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler to get under the cap) would require the Warriors to return some $20 million worth of salary to the Lakers. Since Los Angeles GM Mitch Kupchak is pretty good at what he does, he probably won’t take Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson in return. That means Andrew Bogut or David Lee would have to be involved in the deal. If you’re the Lakers, who would you want?

If the Lakers took Bogut, that would probably work for the Warriors. It would cost them Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson. But they’d be getting the best center in the NBA. Bogut only has one year left, so he wouldn’t hurt the Lakers long term plans. But you’d have to consider this: why would Howard sign-and-trade to the Warriors for the same amount of money he could get with Houston? The Warriors would weaken the supporting cast to get Howard. Houston, being under the cap, wouldn’t have to do that. Neither would Atlanta. And Dallas has the ability to sign Howard and another really good player to put with him and Dirk Nowitzki.

* Dwight Howard has proven to be a polarizing figure who drama seems to follow. A big part of Warriors’ success was chemistry. It seems pretty risky to add that element to the locker room. How will he respond when the Warriors are jacking up 3-pointers instead of dumping the ball to him?

With all that said, if you’re the Warriors you have to be talked OUT of obtaining Howard if you can.  Bogut showed Golden State exactly what life could be like with a legitimate defensive presence in the middle. But Bogut also showed the Warriors he may not eve be 100 percent again. Dwight Howard is not only a great defender in the middle, he also gives the Warriors some offense at that position.

As bad as he was last season, he is still the best center in the game. And if you’re talking about winning a championship, Howard is the best answer to the Spurs, the Grizzlies, the Clippers, the Heat and the Bulls.

Another interesting note to remember: Dwight Howard was once deeply religious. His dad is a minister and Howard came into the league saying he was going to save the NBA. Not sure where he is on that end now, but he might view a preacher coach and fellow Christian teammates as a plus.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ron Taylor

    Let’s clear something up Brook Lopez is the best center in basketball !!!

  • Jim McClanahan

    Someone else told me that we should try to get Howard because Bogut isn’t a threat to score. Guess what? We don’t need him to play that role. We have all the people who can score that we need coming back (even without Jack). We’d have to give up a substantial part of the scoring talent (Thompson, Barnes, etc.) to make a deal. Bogut can change the game for scorers on the opposing teams. That’s important. Hopefully he will continue to improve his health and play bigger minutes. If not, Ezeli seems to have a pretty good up side to his potential. He may not be the man, but he can certainly spell the man.

  • jsteez

    RamboRaider – yes he would, assuming it only costs us Bogut +Klay/Harrison + draft pick + cap flotsam.

    Howard would erase a lot of shots, play 30+ minutes and be a beast on the pick and roll with Curry. Imagine Curry coming off double-screens from Lee/Dwight, Howard slicing to the rim, Lee popping to the elbow, and two 3-point snipers in the corners. Unstoppable. Curry has either 1) an open shot and Howard on the boards, 2) Lee open (with clean line to Howard in post), or 3) corner three as the strongside defender pinches on Howard.

  • http://thomasbyrd89@yahoo.com Thomas Byrd

    Bogut is a bad wheel waiting to fall off the axel,and we have a shooting guard playing the point.Curry is also a bad wheel waiting for the accident that will come to those tender ankles. You need a BEAST and DHoward can be that IF HE WANTS TO BE !!!! There is the problem. I could give up Bogut without a teardrop.Don’t need a center who can only play half a game a night.Every time Curry jumps I get the jitters.Howard,Barnes,Landry,Jack and Thompson.Now that’s my fantasy

  • tez

    Short answer: NO. Longer answer: HELL NO. Dwight may not be done, but he will probably never be the same. No big man has improved their game at this stage of their career, not to mention that he has been a locker room cancer on his last two teams. The Warriors are better than the sum of their parts because of their good chemistry. Let Ezeli develop into the big of the future or draft someone. Don’t cut off the club’s options for the likes of Howard.

  • derek

    Dwight Howard would be a huge upgrade over Bogut. Bogut is VERY injury prone and offensively limited. Bogut hasn’t played 20 straight games in 3 or 4 years. Defenders leave him alone due to his limited offensive ability.

  • Real J-Ridah

    The smartest move is to sign Jarrett Jack, let Landry go and sign Paul Milsap who is a FA to back up the 4/5 position. This keeps our core intact and improves our 1st big off the bench. BAM! WCF here we come!

  • Gunner

    Howard wants the ball dumped to him surrounded by stationary 3-pt shooters. The Dubs’ style is outside-in. It is a bad match unless Howard is willing to play a Bogut-like role, but he has already shown that he can’t live with this style aka Lakers.

    I would rather try to get Nowitzki or Love for Lee and one of Thompson/Barnes. We are more likely to win a championship this way. Having a pick-and-roll PF who can shoot 3s and rebound is like our playoffs performance on steriods!

  • Gunner

    The only way I am willing to take a chance on Howard is we only give up Bogut + Biedrins/Jefferson, without giving up Barnes/Thompson. It can only happen if Howard tells the Lakers that he is going to sign with Houston/Dallas/Atlanta outright if they are not doing this and they will get nothing in return. The Lakers might consider it because they get Bogut for Kobe’s final contract year, and everyone else in the trade is only under contract for 1 year. The Lakers are so over the cap already and if Dwight is aggressive in his negotiations, the Lakers cannot do much better than this trade.

    Is this likely to happen? I don’t think so, but it is certainly a remote possibility.

  • Larkspur Bob

    This is all mental masturbation. Let it all play out and trust that Bob Meyers and the entire front office know what they are doing. They sure did last year.

  • http://yahoo.com BenA.

    Any team wanting to disrupt a team’s chemistry could bring in Dwight H. Perhaps, he could be good only as reserve or a bench warmer. DW is the most overpaid player in the NBA. He is also one of the laziest. Ask Kobe.

  • Warriorsfan2k7

    Seriously people, we’re a good team but will never be a great team without real inside threat. Are you people seriously satisfy with second round? or maybe best we can go is conference final. Get real, All it matters is the championship, Howard was a beast, and he will be back once motivated. I’d soo gonna pick up that phone and call LA boss, they would surely take Bogut+Klay or Klay+Biedrin+Azeli. Klay is a great player, right now on market he’s worth better than Curry coz low salary, healthy, and great def. Trade him while hes hot, we will miss him but Howard is the Superman, either you like it or not. Im tired of GS never make any blockbuster trade since the days of dinosaurs. Remember we kept Ellis when he was hot? and ended up dumping him for Bogut+RJ? No risk no gain, guys.

  • Warriorsfan2k7

    On another note, NBA is a business, if you want attention and favors from the refs and the leage, you gotta have Superstars. Curry is on his way there, but not quite yet. If you want any chance of making the final, this is it. Bob please pick up the phone!

  • Galloz

    Bogut is all heart, stick with him. Aussie pride. He’ll bleed blue n yellow. No chance of gettin that outa big Howie

  • ACC

    A lot of people don’t realize that Bogut was playing hurt throughout the playoffs. He was something like 60% but he gave everything he got and that’s says a lot about the person’s character. IMO, I don’t see that in Howard. He only thinks of himself. Me first attitude. That is a sure cancer to any team he plays with. A 100% Bogut is a lot better than a 100% Howard IMO. A 100% Bogut does not only give the W’s an inside presence but he also facilitates. Yes, he does not score 18-20pts per game like Howard but what he makes up for is his unselfishness by making his teammates better. When Kobe was gone in the playoffs against the Spurs, where’s Howard? That was his shining moment to prove that he is the man but what happened? It was Gasol that did most of the work. When Lee got hurt, Bogut stepped up big time eventhough he was just 60% and the end result was very evident. Can you imagine a fully recovered, 100% Bogut patrolling the middle?

  • w2r4u7p0=[]asdfrjulp;’[ΩW12

    Signing Howard would be a huge error. The man would not fit, and I’d hate to see the Warriors lose one of their key guys in the process. Don’t do it,

  • Matthew

    Best center. Have you missed the entire playoffs so far? I would take Marc Gasol or Hibbert over Howard. And what offense, his post game is still lacking and I don’t consider catching lobs offense.

  • Savannah

    No, I can’t imagine Dwight on the GSW. What’s wrong with Bogut? He is a very good, and strong player and why should we give that up. Our team right now is amazing and we got months to improve. WE made it in the playoffs pretty far and the lakers fuked up bad. We don’t need or want Dwight! He already screwed over the Magic and Lakers and he doesn’t need to do it anymore.

  • AL

    To much to give up for Howard.

  • Marcus Thompson


    I have been trying to find that out officially. But what I have been told is the Lakers can take back players in a sign-and-trade. They can’t get the player who was signed-and-traded. So they can’t go and get a free agent through the sign-and-trade method (like a Chris Paul). But they can get something instead of losing Dwight for nothing.
    That’s what I’ve been told but haven’t been able to confirm it without a doubt

  • CT

    I don’t see Dwight Howard winning a championship in his career, at least not as the best player/leader of the team. He had chances in Orlando and didn’t come through, this Lakers season isn’t a good judge due to all their injuries but I think it’s safe to say the Howard we knew isn’t the Howard of today. The conundrum of Howard never winning a championship is that he can’t accept not being the best player on the team but can’t win it all as the best player of the team.

  • CT

    It seems like the casual fans really want Howard because of the idea of what Dwight Howard can bring. There’s no question that Dwight Howard still has a lot of game in him, but he’s declining and is becoming more injury prone as well. This trend is chronicled in Bill Simmons’ latest column. The most important thing that all you pro-Dwight people have to realize is how important chemistry is when it comes to the game of basketball. If anyone is slacking off because they’re not getting the ball, not getting enough playing time or not getting introduced last in player intros, the entire team is impacted negatively. That’s what made this season so special. Everybody played within themsevles, nobody tried to do too much (with very few exceptions)and never for too long. That’s why they over-acheived. You add someone like Howard, you’re more likely to under-achieve. Now of course there’s always a chance that Howard grows up and becomes a mature player but there are virtually no signs of that coming anytime soon.. He just complained about Kupchak this week…

  • walkerp

    Just to repeat what I hope the majority of you already said.

    Hell no.

  • RamboRaider

    Only casual fans want D howard? Dwight didn’t get it done in Orlando so we should stick with bogut because he’s done what? Bogut is overhyped, we had bogut this year and his offensive prowess was a handicap for us. Bogut has no offensive presence whatsoever. When curry and klay went cold bogut did squat, we need a post player who can take some heat off of our shooters, sorry but bogut ain’t it… and if anyone believes bogut is a better big man than Dwight they’re delusional.

  • Stan

    Adding Howard is only a bad idea to those who thought trading Monta meant the Warriors had given up.

  • haasthemnan

    Dwight is a beast. We have the best shooter in the league and you couple him with a monster in the paint. I would give up either big and klay thompson to get howard. Howard and Lee together would be trouble. You could even play Jack and Curry together with Howard in the paint. We are now a stable franchise, we can handle Dwight. We have the perfect coach for Howard as well. If we can get Dwight, we’re gonna get dwight.

  • Warriorsfan2k7

    Just get real, what chance we have to get infinals without inside threat? ZERO

    We can “splash” our way thru regular season, but when facing hardcore defense in playoffs, how are we gonna win? We have skill, we have talent, we have heart, but ZERO strength. Physical strength, that’s what gonna win you championships in America. We just gotta give up some talent and skill for brute strength. And instead of hoping Bogut and Lee bringing 150% everygame (both are now injured), we better off just hoping Howard brining his heart to the bay. And I have plenty confidence in Jackson and the rest of the team to jell with Howard. Guys, we dont have a Kobe, vanGundy, or noD-antoni in the bay, I’m sure we have better chance to go deeper if pull this trade.

    Ofcourse there is risk, but with Howard we either fail, or become real contender. Otherwise, with this current team, we surely can make the postseaon,but not getting out of 1st round so whats the point.

    If you think we can get rings with just Curry and this supporting casts, you’re delusional

  • ^idiot

    Warriorsfan2k7, you’re an idiot.. I support and stand behind you with your statements, but at the end of your comment you state “Otherwise, with this current team, we surely can make the postseaon,but not getting out of 1st round so whats the point.”

    However we just took the Spurs to a game 6 in the 2nd round, this team will only get better.

  • john

    #52 we do need Bogut to score, why do you think san antonio finally shut down our shooters. Curry couldn’t use the pick and roll like parker could. When Parker got the pick they had to honor Duncan as a scorer and that freed up Parker. When Curry got the pick they both went to Curry because Bogut couldn’t score. That is why in game 6 they did the pick and roll where they tossed it to Bogut for the drive and dunk. He just didn’t have any juice left.
    I really believe that Bogut deserves 1 year at least to see if he can stay healthy. He is a much better fit for the warriors, he is a better passer and better heads up defender. If he can recover any of his form from a few years back, he will be ours to sign at the end of the year since we will be losing November tans and Jeffersons contract(14 mill I believe)

  • Young

    If Dwight is smart. He will leave the bay Alone.

    If he comes here with that cry baby nonsense he’s pulled for the last 2 years….we will let him have it.

    YouTube Lacobs booing for reference

  • Young

    Leave the actors in hollywood

  • deano

    The issue is not simply who is better: Howard or Bogut. The issue is whether Howard is better than 2/5 of GSW’s current Playoff team. GSW will have to give up Bogut and one of its core young players to get Howard. Here’s another consideration: Howard’s enormous contract will prevent GSW from any future moves of consequence. Think of the effect of David Lee’s contract, and then double it. Finally., I think the odds of Bogut returning to health are better than the odds of Howard lifting a decimated GSW squad into the Western Conference Finals, which is where we will be if Bogut does get healthy.

  • RamboRaider

    Deano, Dwight would be an upgrade over bogut. What team has bogut even carried even when healthy??? And klay can easily be replaced, he’s good but his skill set isn’t hard to replace. Klay isn’t very consistent,he’s really just a shooter, kevin martin 2.0. Big men like Dwight dont come around very often but shooters come around a dime a dozen.

  • earl monroe

    Who would have thought that the Warriors would have been the toughest match up for the Spurs in this years playoffs?

  • earl monroe

    I bet he ends up in Houston, and that would make them a tough team, a really tough team.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    You guys are overreacting to the drama. Yes, there has been drama, but calling Howard a “cancer”, a “headcase”, and a “clown” (all mentioned here) is going a bit far IMO. I think there would be less pressure here because there are no big egos right now in Oakland to clash with. Howard could be the #1 guy and Curry would be perfectly happy being the #1A guy. If Bogut and Klay gets it done, I say do it.

  • Stan

    DONT TRADE MONTA! HE’S OUR BEST PLAYER! WA-WA-WA. Howard is very good,Bogut is not healthy. And look how San Antone is crushing Memphis…the Warriors put up a fight to the end..

  • bill

    oh yeah let’s ship Bogut and one of our very young studs to our top rival the Lakers and help them out….yeah I can hear the pure logic in that….why not send Kupchak a basket of roses every day too?
    we have chemistry, the hardest element in success to find…so don’t screw it up….we don’t have a draft pick….unless we buy one but the last time we bought one it turned into Jeremy Tyler, big zero…..keep the core of this team, rehab Bogut…and buy out Biedrins and Jefferson if possible…OF COURSE they will take their options and millions if we let them, but they’re dead weight….the mistake on Biedrins goes back not as far as drafting the stooge but failing to amnesty him and instead dumping the drunk Charlie Bell….if Meyers is sharp (and most of us think he is) he won’t repeat colossal errors of the past, such as Biedrins….nice guy but a powderpuff……and are we not all sick to death of being told to wait another year? my god we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…..
    one more thing…..if we lose Malone, we lose our X and O guy and Jackson is not that guy….Malone is a priority higher than Jarrett Jack OR Landry….

  • RamboRaider

    You guys talk as if andrew bogut and klay thompson are superstars. Klay is a great SHOOTER and servicible defender thats it. He’s not top 5 sg in the league and hes not irriplaceble either. Bogut is a good big mAn not great, hes noy a top 5 big nor top 10 in my eyes but Dwights ceiling is top 5 at the LEAST. Boguts going to ne in no ones hall of fame anytime soon so we can trade him and he will not be missed. We’re talking about trading klay thompson and andrew bogut here people… You guys act like we’re talking about trading kobe and shaq. Bogut is Mr. Glass from unbreakable and klay is inconsistent, he blew up for all of 1 game against the spurs then dissapeared for the rest of the series atleast bogut and steph can say they were battling injuries klay has no excuse. So yes for a potential hall of famer and top 5 player at his position ill trade bogut and klay for Dwight howard w/o blinking.

  • RamboRaider

    Bogut and klay are role players. When teams come to play the warriors they dont say omg how will we ever stop bogut and klay thompson, but bess believe they sleep a little less at night prepping for Dwight and steph.

  • young

    problem with howard is, his ego…

    When he’s on the floor all ball rotation stops bc he demands the ball in the post.

    Question is, do we want steph waiting for a kick out / spotting up all game? Will he accept that after this kind of success?

    I’d rather see if bogut get’s healthy.

  • RamboRaider

    That whole dwight ego thing is over played, and we never heard about dwight complaining about touches until he got to la where KOBE dominates the ball and addmitedy stated he doesnt believe in passing the ball because hid (kobe) mindset is to score. Here in gs everyone touches the ball and there is no alpha dog. Kobe is the problem with the lakers, read the quotes from players like smush parker, shaq, andrew bynum and etc… When Dwight left orlando it was because he felt they didnt get him players who could take some of the pressure off of him, in la its kobe and touches. He’ll fit in here and love it if he comes, im sure of that. Read what jalen rose had to say about a dwight and goldenstate marriage… Google it.

  • young
  • Suttree

    Don’t think we should even want Howard at this point.

  • Gunner

    Everyone needs to understand that the Lakers have no leverage in a sign-and-trade in the new CBA. Yes, the Warriors need a Lakers sign-and-trade if Howard decides to join the Dubs. BUT HE IS NOT GOING TO MAKE MORE THROUGH A SIGN-AND-TRADE. He is going to get the same 4-year ~$80M contract if he signs with Dallas/Houson. So if the Lakers drag on the negotiation, Howard will just sign outright with another team for the same deal, and the Lakers will get NOTHING!

  • Gunner

    So the Lakers might get a package like Bogut + Barnes/Thompson + draft picks in the OLD CBA because Howard is willing to work with them for (1) a longer, bigger contract and (2) for a team he preferred. However, in the new CBA, factor (1) is not valid anymore.

  • dubs4champ

    MT, love your work. Like this article even though there is almost zero percent chance of happening. And, yes, without a question Dwight is worth Bogut+Klay.

    When dubs traded Tyler and Jenkins, we are supposed to get couple of 2nd rd draft picks, do you know the conditions for those draft picks ? Seems like we can use them with 20 mils of dead weight contracts in Jefferson and Biedrins and with Jack and Landry almost gone.

  • ssgman

    RamboRaider, your views on Thompson are waaay off base. He is an excellent defender–he’s been the only one to slow Parker down one on one in the playoffs. Thompson also works his butt off in the offseason and is going to improve every year and will continue to improve year after year. He is going to be a perennial All Star.
    I don’t know what Barnes’ work ethic is but he is already very good and has the potential to be a monster.
    Give the W’s some credit, if Curry hadn’t reinjured his ankle in game 4 the W’s could have won the series–this after smoking everyone’s darling pick Denver!
    LA and Memphis weren’t even bumps in the road for the Spurs. The W’s are a LOT better than you are giving them credit for.

  • RamboRaider

    Ok well if the lakers have no leverage tell them to take bogut and richard jefferson plus a draft pick or leave it. Atleast they get a solid big in return.

  • Geo77

    I’m looking forward to next season with or without D. Howard. I wouldn’t mind having him – I think the ego and cancer stuff is overblown. I think coming to a team full of high character guys where he doesn’t need to be the answer would do a world of good for his career. That being said I wouldn’t give up Thompson or Barnes as part of a sign and trade. I’d give up Lee, but don’t think LA would want Bogut because of the unknowns with medical issues.

    How about D. Lee and we sign and trade J. Jack for Howard? Jack gets his big contract and gets to be the #1 point guard for a contender. Otherwise how about D. Lee, Rush and Ezeli for Howard and a throw in player? I’d go for those deals. Bottom line though, the new front office is smart and I will trust that they will do the right thing.