Warriors’ Assistant Coach Michael Malone Headed to Sacramento?

It appears Warriors assistant coach Michael Malone, who has been in the running for head coaching jobs each of the last three offseasons, appears to be in line for the Sacramento job.

The NBA announced Tuesday the Board of Governors approved the sale of the Kings to the group lead by Vivek Ranadive, minority owner of the Warriors. But the new ownership group has already been scouting new people to lead its franchise, so GM Geoff Petrie and head coach Keith Smart are expected to be out. Malone is reportedly a strong candidate to replace him, with one report calling him a “lock.”

<blockquote><p>Mike Malone is a living lock 2B Kings’ head coach, I’m informed. Don’t know time frame of announcement, but go to sleep on it happening.</p>&mdash; Peter Vecsey (@PeterVecsey1) <a href=”https://twitter.com/PeterVecsey1/status/339421767506477056″>May 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Warriors sources confirmed the reports that Malone is a serious candidate. One source said it wasn’t official but “it looks like it’s heading that direction.”

Current assistant coach Pete Myers is next in line to be the top assistant. But one of the sources said bringing in an outside coach to be Jackson’s No. 1 is not out of the question. Jackson will be the sole decider on his assistant coaches, one source said.



Marcus Thompson

  • Geo77

    Say it ain’t so. Was really hoping management could find a way to retain Malone. I don’t think the assistant coaches got enough credit for the job they did this year.

  • Young


    Can you tell us what impact this may have (you anticipate it having) on the team if he leaves?

  • Dave

    No impact.

  • Gunner

    Wish him the best but hope he stays. As evidecned by our lack of crunch time strategies (Jack/Curry pounding for 20s and then going 1-on-1 instead of some reliable sets, inbound plays etc), Mark Jackson needs huge help in the tactics department and it hurts to lose an X & O guy in Malone.

    Mark Jackson’s ability to get the guys fired up is unparallelled, but it takes more than that to beat the best teams – just look at the Spurs.

  • I think there are enough capable x’s & o’s guys around for the W’s to choose from. The opportunity to coach one of the up & coming (or have they arrived?) teams in the league has to have a line forming to the right & multiplying by the minute. . .

  • Dave

    Mark Jackson is who we thought he was. If you want to crown Mike Malone, then crown him. But Mark Jackson is who we thougth he was and he let the Spurs off the hook!

  • Stan

    Mike Malone is gone. My call is hire that guy at St.Marys. His team is on some suspension..and it’s St. Marys,why pass up the NBA?..and he looks like Malone!

  • itsagreattimeout

    Hire Keith Smart!

  • itsagreattimeout


  • Stan

    Itsagreat: Yeah, and Nellie.

  • Ewok

    In my opinion, that would be the wrong move for Malone.

    Why? The Warriors in on the verge of gaining more success in the future and it is highly possible that a championship is in the offing. Were almost there! Why miss this opportunity for him personally, and frankly, his family?

    Most especially when Biedrins and Jefferson’s contract are erased or at least reduced to get more players..

    A Championship or at least a run on the finals on a coach’s resume is something that will surely entice money every season and personally, that experience is going to be unmatched by any amount of money… As i have said earlier, It is something special for his own family as well and most of all, his legacy.

    So my point is this, This is not the right time for Malone just yet especially if Sacramento is the team.

    Just what will he inherit there? An uncertain future? a team with a dysfunctonal front office and ownership? Derrick Cousins and his antics? and If it turns out to be a bad fit, Then Malone’s career will be back to zero… Looking for another career opportunity again.

    I say Malone should give it another year or two, By then the Warriors will be shining golden, then move to a contender with a solid ownership.

    Finish the job first!

  • dubs4champ

    MT, a question for you from previous post.

    When dubs traded Tyler and Jenkins, we are supposed to get couple of 2nd rd draft picks, do you know the conditions for those draft picks ? Seems like we can use them with 20 mils of dead weight contracts in Jefferson and Biedrins and with Jack and Landry almost gone.

  • earl monroe

    Malone is leaving, it will either be Sacto or the Clippers, lets hope its Sacto for the Warriors sake, Sacto is a rebuilding situation, the Clippers have lots of talent.
    Either way its not a “wrong” move for Malone, its time he cuts his teeth, staying with the Warriors as an assistant is not the same as being the head man. Maybe he can get his old man to come and assist him. There are not that many NBA head coaching jobs so when you get offered one you take it, because if you don’t it may be 5 years or not at all before the next one.

  • haasthemnan

    Sac has a lot of talent. Say what you want about the kid, Demarcus Cousins is a beast! They probably have money too. Let’s not forget how the kicked our but three times this year. They can shoot, and they have some post players, always a deadly combination. Too bad they can’t play defense or be consistent.

  • bill

    it’s DeMarcus Cousins, not Derrick…

    and assistant coaches by definition are auditioning for head coach jobs so pleading a case for Malone to stay is shutting the barn door after the cow got out…
    Jackson Does need x and o help but what he was getting didn’t prevent the meltdowns on inbound plays and the prolonged dribble dribble dribble by Jack because no one exchanges forwards or even runs a basic weave on this team….Jackson may be inspirational but the long term story is the same everywhere….players get tired of listening to the same voice……as for reducing the money to RJeff and Beans? Why would they? It’s their last payday….they’re going to take it and ride off into the Latvian sunset

  • earl monroe

    @haasthemnan Yes they have some athletes, but the way the team is constructed is not conducive to winning, Cousins is a beast when he shows up, and is probably more talented than the Warrior big men, but I would not hang my hat on him, I feel about him the same way I feel about JR Smith, very talented but not really a winner, they will win some games for you though. Basically I dont think the pieces fit. Lots of athletes, lots of streaky shooters, this is why the Kings were up and down last year, for the last few years. Isaiah Thomas, Toney Douglas, Jimmer Fredette, Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans, on any given night one of these guys can get hot and beat you, unfortunately this does not a team make.
    They did beat the Warriors 3 times, and maybe they got up to play the Warriors but did they win enough games to make the playoffs? The argument could be made that Keith Smart is a bad coach-I would not argue that. I think its a combo of the two a poorly constructed roster and a bad coach. I dont know enough about the contract situation with the Kings, the next general manager will change the makeup of the roster though, thats what I mean by rebuild.

  • PhillyJ

    Derrick Cousins? LOL.

  • Ewok


    You said, “it’s DeMarcus Cousins, not Derrick…”

    My take: Oh, ok. My bad. Thanks. Is it a big deal?

    You also said, “assistant coaches by definition are auditioning for head coach jobs so pleading a case for Malone to stay is shutting the barn door after the cow got out…”

    My take: Not necessarily. Assistant coaches assist head coaches by definition. It’s true a Head Coaching job is a development but right timing ensures success. Keith Smart got his opportunity.. Where is he now at this juncture?

    ….and you also said, “as for reducing the money to RJeff and Beans? Why would they?

    My take: Why would they? Who else would take them? Why should we take them? Especially for the amount of money they command? As soon as their contract expires, The better.

  • Ewok


    You said, ” Derrick Cousins? LOL.”

    My take: My bad. What’s the big deal?