Sacramento Kings Reach Agreement with Warriors Assistant Michael Malone

Warriors assistant coach Michael Malone has agreed to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

BANG has confirmed early reports that Malone agreed to a four-year year contract with the Kings, now owned by former Warriors minority owner Vivek Ranadive.

“I think just like all our coaches, he had a huge impact on this team,” said rookie forward Draymond Green. “One thing we had was a great balance of everybody bringing something to the table. I think coach Malone is a great X’s and O’s guy and also connects with players. He will have great success as a head coach and we wish him the best of luck.”
Malone had been a viable head coaching candidate for the last three offseasons. The son of long-time coach Brendan Malone, he  was hired as an assistant shortly after Golden State hired Mark Jackson in June 2011.
In his two seasons as Jackson’s top assistant, he developed a reputation as the strategist on the Warriors’ bench.
He will replace Keith Smart, another former Warriors assistant who led the Kings for two seasons. The new ownership group told Smart he would not be retained, according to USA Today.

Marcus Thompson

  • Young

    Ive read a lot of negative blogs about what he did for this team since this story broke…

    But if you look at our strategy in the playoffs…

    stopping denver from running
    containing Tony Parker and Tim Duncan
    Curry consistently getting great looks at the basket

    We had GREAT X’s and O’s. Marcus, i’m really trying to understand if you think this guy is hard to replace

  • earl monroe

    It would be harder to replace Mark Jackson, I think you can replace some of the x’s and o’s the intangibles that Jackson brings to the table are much harder to find. He really connects with the players, and they want to play hard for him, and we are talking about a group of guys that are making millions per year. This is not an easy thing to do, other teams have talent too, but the coaches are not able to get the player to play hard on a regular basis and execute the plans necessary to win

  • earl monroe

    BTW I may not like Keith Smart as a coach but he seems to be a person of very high character.

  • DW

    Honestly I think we will have our pick of good X and O guys because of what the W’s showed this year on and off the court. Mark Jackson is easy to work with so why not? It’s an easy job compared to say drawing plays for Monta and the Bucks. I’d rather have this one than that or the Bobcats, or Orlando, or a bunch of sorry teams.

  • Geo77

    Granted being the top Ws assistant coach is a lot more desirable position than it used to be. But great defensive assistant coaches don’t grow on trees. When you get one you want to keep him for as long as possible, because he’s not going to be that easy to replace.

  • Grey Warden

    Why does CSN/Probasketballtalk.com/Sam Amick say Malone is talking/interviewing with the Clippers about the head coaching position?

  • Stan

    I said it was a done deal days ago. I used very inside sources -my brain.
    Randy Bennet next Warrior OC?..why not? Flying to Australia for recruits might be getting stale to him. And those pesky sanctions.

  • Stan

    Randy and Bogy- sharing Vegemite. Meant to be!

  • Ron

    Raid someone from the Spurs.

  • earl monroe

    Lionel Hollins will prove to be an average coach in his next job. Dont believe the hype about this guy.