Warriors Looking for New Head Athletic Trainer

The Warriors will not retain head athletic trainer Chad Bergman , according to multiple source.
Bergman’s contract expired at the end of the season. But after two seasons as the team’s head trainer, Bergman — who replaced long-time trainer Tom Abdenour — will be replaced.
Golden State, which missed 156 games due to injury, has yet to name a new head athletic trainer.

Marcus Thompson

  • No Context

    And where does 156 games missed due to injury rank them?

  • Gunner

    Please get the guy from Phoenix.

  • manhattanproj

    is it really his fault? he inherited a bogut and a curry ankle. you can only do so much w/ those 2 ingredients.

  • Stan

    I started a blog. Stan’s blog and observations on one of those Blog.com or is it Blogger.com? Mostly ruminations on whats wrong with the sports media and who knows what else comes to mind.
    I found that on the net,other then Lowell Cohn,no blog host was trustable. Sell me out for a clamshell.

  • bill

    the trainer can’t perform miracles…is this a case of scapegoating? was he supposed to fix Brandon Rush’s ACL or Curry’s chronically injured ankle? smells fishy…..

  • Larson

    A NBA athletic trainer’s #1 responsibility is to do whatever it takes to get his players healthy enough to perform on a nightly basis during a NBA season. Bergman’s dismissal is not a case of scapegoating because the NBA is clearly a put out or get out business. Chad Bergman has obviously failed to deliver the necessary results as Tom Abdenour’s replacement which leaves the Warriors with no choice but to seek another athletic trainer who will produce the kind of results the Warriors demand.

  • Stan

    “Stans Blog and Observations” is how it comes up on Google. And yes,LeBron is another steroid built body. Probably started in Jr.High. Marcus,the NBA does not test for HGH? or PEDS in general? So,why not take them if you’re a player?

  • harbinger

    Stan: you like LC, enough said. The man is a self-obsessed troubador of trivia. If you don’t ‘like’ him as a coach, he will ‘unlike’ you as a writer. Blah, blah, blah. (+ he brought the GC effect to the internet –all opinion and no knowledge makes Grunt a dull boy)

  • Stan

    Harbinger..what local media person is humble? After that,I go by how truthful they are.

  • Shauna

    I don’t think he really cares given he gets a $2.4 million buyout.

  • naz51j

    i don’t know who, or where they’ll find a new trainer upgrade. hopefully they have some good options there. what i’m just as concerned about is a new defensive minded assistant coach hiring. there has been nothing said about that. why not? any appropriate choices available?