Carl Landry to be a Free Agent

Warriors forward Carl Landry has opted out of his contract and is an unrestricted free agent, his agent Mark Bartelstein confirmed

Landry had one year remaining on his contract with Golden State, set to pay him $4 million. But after a productive season off the Warriors bench, Landry decided to try to parlay that into a long-term deal on the free agent market.

He previously said it was a tough decision because he really wants to stay with Golden State, which is why he waited until the last possible day to decide. His contract stipulated he exercise his opt out by today, the day before the NBA draft.

Landry, 29, averaged 10.8 points on 54 percent shooting – with a career-high 6.0 rebounds – in 23.2 minutes off the bench. Signed by the Warriors last offseason, he gave Golden State a much-needed low-post presence and injected some toughness into the frontcourt.

Landry’s free agent status does not rule out a return to Golden State, his agent said. But the Warriors, over the cap and headed toward luxury tax status, may not have the money to keep Landry – especially if he gets a lucrative offer somewhere else. Golden State does not hold Landry’s Bird rights, which means it can’t match any offer he may receive.

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Great pickup last year but there are other rentals out there who can fill a similar role. NBA contracts are terrible. Whoever makes him a multiyear deal will live to regret it.

  • wg

    He was a solid big man off the bench and a guy you could throw the ball to in the post and get some point. He’ll be missed. I’d guess that some/most of his minutes will be replaced by Barnes (or a Delfino?) as a smallball 4. A need will be another “big” big off the bench to match up against the Memphis’s of the league.

  • Point

    I think the Warriors should renegotiate his contract because we all know the Warriors are hurting for big strong forward. They need to clear some of the bench players off to keep him.

  • Larson

    The only shock would have been if Carl Landry did not opt out to capitalize on his ability to sign a longer contract for more money than the $4 million remaining on his Warriors contract would have paid him. As Canseco stated above, the Warriors brass will have to sign another stop gap power forward especially given the team needs to preserve their cap space for the summer of 2014. If GM Bob Meyers can avoid signing role players like Carl Landry to multi-year contracts the Warriors will be in a position to add a major free agent without giving up anything except cap space.

  • derek

    I’d like to see Landry replaced by J.J Hickson. Hickson is bigger, better and he can play Center

  • derek

    Delfino ?, heck no !!the dubs aren’t looking for scrubs with limited abilities. They still have Beidrens, that’s enough

  • Chappy67

    If B. Rush returns healthy next season, he can play minutes off the bench in 3 spot, and slide Barnes over to 4 spot. HB deserves more minutes, and we all saw how he played in Lee’s absence during the playoffs. In this way, I’m not sure we need a one-for-one replacement for Landry.

    I will miss Landry, however. Good man. Creative and gritty down at low post.

  • Well, Derek, Biedrens has zero offensive game. But passing on Delfino is the direction the W’s must take. . .

    I would love to see Hickson come here, but the W’s have to let Jack go so the combined salaries of Jack & Landry could be used to sign Hickson & Eric Maynor from the Jailblazers.

    Ratio wise Maynor won’t command the cash Jack did, freeing up more money for Hickson, who no doubt will want more than $4 mil per. I also like the fact Hickson can play the “5,” & quite effectively as well. . .

  • petaluman

    Sorry to see Landry go, but this makes it a bit easier to compete for Jack. That’s the first order of business in free agency.

    Warriors will probably wait quite a while before signing a vet PF. First, we’ll look for a trade.

    Tomorrow could be a good day for it. We’d like to get a pick, as well.

  • Niners in 2012

    Landry will be harder to replace than Jack. With BRush coming back we only need to 15 mpg type backup PG. PF is now our weakest position.

  • Gene St.Onge

    Let him go and try to keep Jack. forward positions are already pretty well set.

  • Xraided

    Hickson would be awesome! perfect replacement for Landry

  • PhillyJ

    Paul Millsap would be perfect but impossible to get.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    David Lee for LaMarcus Aldridge!

  • Young

    He was a big piece last year bc he could score 1 on 1.

    Same with Jack. They are the only ones who you can run iso for to stop a run.

    That said, Jack > Landry bc Jack can dribble under pressure, curry not so much. Jack also clutch iso player. No one else is (unless they are hot)

  • Young

    lee for aldrige would be unreal…

    I say lee for Cleveland’s #1 pick..

    they are desperate

  • Stan

    But hey- We have Andres Beidrens! and thank you Larry Riley for not using that amnesty on him. We get that Vampire to suck for years more..

  • Gunner

    Jack or his replacement is our top priority, because we have no backup PG and we need a backup PG who can defend SG when we slide Curry to SG and play a 3-guard lineup. A good backup also means below 35 mpg for Curry, so it saves his ankles and also for him to have something left comes playoff time!

    Landry, while he had a great run, is a lower priority because with a health(ier) Bogut, an emerging Green, Barnes at PF in a smaller lineup (Rush is back), and Ezeli at backup C, there is really not much playing time left at PF/C. Heck, Beans might play better next season – it’s impossible to get worse anyway!

    If Landry returns, he will probably have only 10-15 min per game for spot situations when we need low post scoring, vs 20-25 min a game in the previous season.

  • Gunner

    Max starting salary the Dubs can give Landry is $4.8M with 4.5% annual increase, up to 4 years. ie 1 year @ $4.8M, 2 year @ $9.8M, 3 year @ $15M, or 4 year @ $20.5M.

    But like I said, we probably don’t need him next season at this price. Especially if Jack isn’t staying. Landry does seem to play better when paired with Jack.

  • Stan

    Look,the Warriors are – Curry,Lee,Bogut…and on a lower level Thompson. All else are filler..they can come and go and replacements are easy to find. Anybody remember Dorell Wright? and how what a fantastic signing by Larry that was the media said? Nate Robinson?..huh? Nate/Jack/Dorell/Landry..no sweat if they leave.

  • Xraided

    and even JJ himself was just a trade from N.O. … not even really a FA .. just some backup to Chris Paul when he was there.. the dubs can go out and pull off something like that again no problem.

    MJ and all the shooters we have will make a respectable SG look like a champ like they did JJ

    when JJ gets a starting roll, look for that team to instantly regret paying him a max contract(or close to it)

    not baggin on the guy, but he’s a beast off the bench. starting? yea not so much

    so i agree with statements above about getting a filler. i’d love to get JJ back, but he and Landry are goners. moving on

  • derek

    Bogut is not in the Warrior future plans. He’s a broken down big who will never be more than a injury prone back-up at this stage of his career. Bogut is as reliable as a sun dried cracked tire on a cross country road trip.

  • steve lerner

    …let him bring his best offer to Warriors & they can decide, buys time to fnd best fit(s) for roster needs depending on Jack & utility of the Serbian…