Warriors Add to First-Round Craziness, Land Sebian Guard at No. 30

The Warriors not bought themselves into what proved to be a crazy draft, they got in and added a little crazy.

After a roller coaster start to the draft, Golden State concluded the first round by obstaining the No. 26 overall pick and trading down twice to the No. 30 pick. With it, they selected Serbian Nemanja Nedovic — a 6-foot-4, combo guard.

The Warriors’ selection of Nedovic was a bit of a surprise considering they need big men. Starting center Andrew Bogut is always a question mark. His back-up, Festus Ezeli, will miss at least the first three months of the season after knee surgery. And power forward Carl Landry, who played some center, opted out of his contract to be come a free agent.

Kansas center Jeff Withey and Bucknell’s Mike Muscala, two big men projected to be late first-round picks. But the Warriors instead went with the little-known guard who was picked by many to go middle-to-late second round.

Golden State really liked Nedovic, an athletic point guard who is one of the best in Europe.  The Warriors could stash him overseas or, if he impresses during the offseason, could serve as a third point guard.

Marcus Thompson

  • Chris Porter’s Hair

    Any hint yet what these deals actually were? What did we give up in the first place, and did we get any compensation when we traded back from 26 down to 29 and 30?

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    We only traded a future 2nd rounder and cash for the 26th pick. No word on what we received in return for the trade downs. Love his size and aggressive penetrating style, great potential, we need athletes and PG depth.

  • Oaksterdam

    Bleacher Report had the guy going 20 picks higher.

  • marko

    Someone (TK?) reported this morning the gross/net cash-out on the deal as $1.6 million to buy in, and $600K after trades down. I’m not sure of his source (or mine).

    One thing this draft showed: every prognosticator had wholly different rankings. BR is just one more.

    W’s currently have some Bosnian dude (Kuzmic?) stashed in Euroleagues, yes? Maybe Neman will be another Sarunas Jasiikevicius (sp?).

    If Myers were REALLY sharp, he’d have gotten in for $1.6 and traded backwards until he got back $1.7 in cash! (With or without a player…)

  • earl monroe

    From the looks of it Andre Roberson may have been a keeper, the thunder are pretty good at player evaluation, and they valued him enough to move up and take him in the first round, most mocks had him going mid second, high energy guys like this are valuable, think Faried.

  • Grey Warden

    Sounds like pointless moves, if they’re going to just stash him away overseas. Same as last year, or whenever it was that they picked that center from Europe, Ogden Whatshisname.

  • Ken

    I agree about Andre Roberson.

  • whoRu

    They only paid 600K for him.

  • Stan

    And one scouting report said he lacked quickness. That’s a real demerit in the NBA.

  • haasthemnan

    I like what we did lastnight. I’ve watched some video on this kid, they call him the euro Derrick Rose. He reminds me more of monta ellis though. Did we need another big man, yes, but this kid can play. I also read an article that mentioned the possibility that if Jack leaves, it could be via sign and trade. If that happens, we could receive a back up big for Jack. Also, I think there’s a real possibility we can make another big splash. Don’t be surprised if we really take a shot at DWIGHT. If Dwight was smart, the Warriors may be the best fit for him. Dwight and Curry together would be amazing. Two young fun loving Superstars who love to smile for the camera. The warriors front office and coaching staff would also be great for dwight.

  • Stan

    Name the quality guards who aren’t quick. See?

  • Dwight Howard comes with so much excess baggage he may as well be radioactive. No ball movement, limited offensive game, hack o’ Howard, one season removed from back injury, call out his teammates, doesn’t respond well to criticism, the list goes on & on. . .

    Besides this is not the year to go for a big name player. Next year, when they can remove 24 mil from the books provides a better scenario. . .

  • earl monroe

    It looks like the warriors did their homework on this kid, so I am willing to wait to render judgement, hopefully he will play summer league, btw how often does stashing players really work? good article on euro stashing here

  • haastheman

    Howard is a difference maker, if you can get him, you get him

  • Grey Warden

    They call Nedovic a European Derrick Rose? Remember when they said Mickael Pietrus was the European Michael Jordan? I wonder how that turned out…

  • marko

    #10 Sign & trade Jack? The W’s have no rights. We’d only get stuck with another RJ contract….

    #11 Un-quick guards? Deron Williams, Chauncy Billups (back in the day), Jason Kidd, Baron Davis. Cincy used to have a guy who was the opposite of Westbrook, and The Logo turned out “purty swell”.

  • Grey Warden

    Brian Scalabrine might be coming to the Warriors! according to a Yahoo report.

  • Guys that get to the rim usually don’t lack quickness. Many scouts really like this kid. For whatever this is worth (B)SPN’s two draft “evaluators” really like Nedovic & the W’s brass strongly think the kid will make the team. . .

  • I like Rich Buecher’s take on the Nedovic selection; the “bigs” available are not going to offer immediate help to a W’s team expected by management to compete for the conference final next year; thay player might reveal his identity in the upcoming free agent time period. . .J J Hickson, anyone?

  • Geo77

    I trust the Ws front office talent evaluation more than I do some random draft analysts’. Grey Warden- Stashing him for a year might make sense (depending on the make up of the rest of the roster) given that we have big contracts ending after next year. There should be lots of room on the roster then.

  • Young
  • David Lee & Brandon Rush for Lamarcus Aldridge. Well, if then you ship him to the ‘Sixers for Evan Turner & Thaddeus Young & move Turner in a sign & trade for OJ Mayo, then Sign JJ Hickson & Eric Maynor from the Jailblazers. . .next year, with expiring contracts of Andrew Bogut (if his balky ankle remains the same, but I expect a much healthier, better Bogut next year), Richard Jefferson & Andris Biedrins then they can address their remaining weakness(es). . .

    So, with a starting lineup of Bogut, Hickson @ the ‘4,”, Harrison Barnes @ the “3 (then moving to the stretch “4”),” Klay & Steph in the backcourt; The W’s achillies heel would be power depth; hopefully the W’s could adroitly address this as FA advances later in the free agent time period. . .