Warriors Begin Talks with Jarrett Jack; They’re Not Alone

Warriors management met with point guard Jarrett Jack on Saturday, according to league sources, to begin discussions to re-sign the free agent.

No contract was offered but one source said the talks were positive. Golden State, which spent early Monday meeting with free agent center Dwight Howard, was expected in some circles to make the quick offer to Jack, trying to secure him before another team threw a lucrative offer at him. That hasn’t happened yet.

The Warriors have Jack’s Bird rights, so they can re-sign him despite being over the cap. Jack’s cap hold is currently at $8.1 million, which is 150 percent of last year’s $5.4 million salary. A deal starting there, with 7.5 percent raises, would amount to a three-year deal for $27.1 million. Obviously, the Warriors can offer him less. But sources say Jack is looking for a noted raise. He probably won’t go below $7 million,

Jack has had preliminary talks with Dallas and Denver so far but does not have an offer on the table. There are also rumbles that Detroit and Sacramento have some interest.

* If the Warriors lose Jack, a couple sources said Darren Collison is on the list of possible replacements. The former New Orleans Hornets stud has been on the decline the last few years with Indiana and Dallas. But he’s still considered a formidable back-up guard and has some of the skills the Warriors would be losing in Jack.

The one hurdle: Golden State may only have the bi-annual mini mid-level exception to offer. Technically, Golden State is over the tax because of the cap holds, so they can offer the taxpayer’s midlevel, which is more than the bi-annual exception. That means they can do a maximum three-year deal starting at $3.18 million. With maximum 4.5 percent raises, the Warriors can offer Collison (or any free agent) up to three years, $9.97 million.

Whew. Sorry for the confusion.

Marcus Thompson