Warriors Begin Talks with Jarrett Jack; They’re Not Alone

Warriors management met with point guard Jarrett Jack on Saturday, according to league sources, to begin discussions to re-sign the free agent.

No contract was offered but one source said the talks were positive. Golden State, which spent early Monday meeting with free agent center Dwight Howard, was expected in some circles to make the quick offer to Jack, trying to secure him before another team threw a lucrative offer at him. That hasn’t happened yet.

The Warriors have Jack’s Bird rights, so they can re-sign him despite being over the cap. Jack’s cap hold is currently at $8.1 million, which is 150 percent of last year’s $5.4 million salary. A deal starting there, with 7.5 percent raises, would amount to a three-year deal for $27.1 million. Obviously, the Warriors can offer him less. But sources say Jack is looking for a noted raise. He probably won’t go below $7 million,

Jack has had preliminary talks with Dallas and Denver so far but does not have an offer on the table. There are also rumbles that Detroit and Sacramento have some interest.

* If the Warriors lose Jack, a couple sources said Darren Collison is on the list of possible replacements. The former New Orleans Hornets stud has been on the decline the last few years with Indiana and Dallas. But he’s still considered a formidable back-up guard and has some of the skills the Warriors would be losing in Jack.

The one hurdle: Golden State may only have the bi-annual mini mid-level exception to offer. Technically, Golden State is over the tax because of the cap holds, so they can offer the taxpayer’s midlevel, which is more than the bi-annual exception. That means they can do a maximum three-year deal starting at $3.18 million. With maximum 4.5 percent raises, the Warriors can offer Collison (or any free agent) up to three years, $9.97 million.

Whew. Sorry for the confusion.

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    It depends what Myers and company want. I’d take Collison over Jack for financial purposes and because Collison’s got better quickness. But Jack is a better defender and a better team player. They were both back-ups to Chris Paul and performed admirably when he was injured. Either way, you’re getting a good, solid back-up PG with the ability to start when Curry’s ankle tweaks again.

  • haasthemnan

    Jack would look good in a laker uniform as part of a sign and trade for dwight. Bogut, Jack, and Klay for Dwight sounds nice.

  • Gunner

    As important as Jack is to our team, he is not worth $7+ per season in a 3+ year deal, given the current FA market. Denver is over the cap and can’t offer him more than ~$5M per year for 2-4 years. They also already have Ty Lawson on a big contract and Andre Miller. We can do a sign-and-trade with them for Andre Miller if Jack really wants to go there?

    If the Mavs get Howard, they won’t be able to offer him more than the Nuggets can. If they miss on Howard and other big FAs, and decide to save cap space and go for 2014 FAs, they might offer him a big one year deal he can’t resist. That’s the only chance he is going to get more than $5M but it won’t be a multi-year deal.

    I say a fair offer for him is ~$15M for 3 years, with the 3rd year being a team-option. This matches his market value plus he can stay with the Dubs and have the same playing time and important role.

  • earl monroe

    I would trade for Jeremy Lin,(he can be had for picks) same numbers as Jack, Lin is being held to a very high standard, he had better numbers than Raymond Felton, but in NY they talk about how Felton is so much better than Lin, remember Lin started off the year hurt, after the all star break he averaged 17 points and 6 assists per game. Felton is not better than Lin, Lin still has upside.

  • Gunner

    What’s wrong with those re-post, re-tweet service? MT2 says Jack’s people are looking for more than $7M, but they quote “Warriors is expected to offer Jack AT LEAST $7M?”


  • bill

    bring Oscar Robertson or Nate Archibald out of retirement!!

  • noder

    I love Harp’s Dups and Perry comments. What happened to my man?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Noder – Good to be back!

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    With Bogut, Jefferson, & Beidrins all expiring next year, the universe is not really lining up for us to acquire Dwight this year. Especially when word is Curry, Klay, & Barnes are off the market! Lee’s contract makes him a hard trade, so good luck with getting the Lake show, who always look for trade victims to rob blindly, so I just dont see it, unless Dwight really wants to come to East Oakland ( lets not pretend they will be in the new arena on the SF water front any time soon) with out his boy Mike Malone on our bench anymore, but if some how it did happen that way, it would probably take, Bogut, Rush, Jefferson, and a contract to Lakers liking for Jack as well, and they would want to unload potty contracts to boot. I think the Warriors should just wait for everyone to expire next year and make a run at Lebron! Anyway, Bogut will be just fine at center!!!

  • DubsDuds

    I would take Darren Collison over JJ

  • Disseminator

    The trick with Jack is signing him for a number that still allows for a max contract FA in 2014. Bogut, Rush, Biedrins, and Jefferson all come off the books next year.

    Bogut has a big number, but the dubs can resign him to a lesser amount and drop the other 3. I am guessing that they could then give Jack $7-8 million and still have max contract room for 2014-2015.

    If the dubs can not sign Bogut for less, that means he had a healthy, monster year in 2013-14.

    Now, ask yourself this…if Bogut and Howard were to fight a cage match, who would you bet on? Yep…Bogut.

  • Caleb

    I can’t take credit for this idea but I was just reading an article on PBT and somebody asked this question in the comments: Theoretically, could a team besides the Lakers with cap space sign and trade Howard to GS?

    This would seem like pure genius if there was another team out there with cap space who would appreciate the Bogut deal. Dwight is an unrestricted free agent so I do not understand why everybody seems to think that the Lakers have any leverage. They have none. If Howard wants to leave then he is going to leave. It only cost the Lakers Bynum to get him in the first place. Why would they not rather have Bogut back in return than nothing at all. I think they are just bluffing. Of course they are not going to say that they have any interest in a sign & trade while they still think they have a chance to keep him. But if he tells them he is leaving no matter what then I can’t imagine why they would not take the Bogut deal.

    And if the Lakers won’t take the deal then what if there is another team out there with cap space who would jump at the opportunity to get Andrew Bogut? There are not very many good centers in the league. When healthy Bogut is one of the best.
    If Dwight decides he wants to go to the Warriors then no other team including the Lakers has any leverage. Seems like someone out there should be happy to settle for the consolation prize – Andrew Bogut – possibly even one of the teams who are chasing Howard after they know they have lost out on him.

    I would not include Barnes or Thompson in any deal no matter what. Those two guys are our future and the idea of landing Howard is only exciting if he gets to play next to them.

    When you think about it, it could almost be more like a “Trade & Sign” actually. If the Warriors knew for sure that Dwight was going to sign with them, then really all they would have to do is get under the salary cap. They could have a fire sale and practically give away Bogut (possibly even while having the other team agreeing to take one of our expiring contracts of Jefferson or Biedrins), Rush, Ezeli or possibly even David Lee to make enough room to just sign Dwight outright. They wouldn’t need the Lakers help for any of it.

    There would be absolutely NO REASON at all to give away our future stars in Barnes and Thompson. So many teams out there need a good center including the Rockets, Mavs, Hawks, Portland, and of course the Lakers who do not have nearly as much leverage as they think.

    The Warriors can get under the cap without having to even consider losing Barnes or Thompson. I don’t know the exact numbers and I could be wrong, but it seems possible to either do a Sign & Trade with a different team and/or have a Miami Marlins type fire sale if the Warriors know that Howard is committing to signing with them.

  • petaluman

    Marcus – when will the Warriors officially announce their Summer League team?