Warriors Taking Dwight Howard Matters in their Own Hands??

According to ESPN, the Warriors are aggressively shopping centers Andrew Bogut and Andris Biedrins, and forward Richard Jefferson. Why? Golden State wants to prevent the Los Angeles Lakers from hatin’ on their Dwight Howard pursuit.

The Warriors are $11 million over the projected salary cap (at about $69.9 million including Kent Bazemore), not including the cap holds. That means in order to get Howard, the Warriors would have to agree to a sign-and-trade with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reports are the Lakers aren’t interested in working a sign-and-trade and would rather let Howard walk and save the luxury tax bill. And they certainly aren’t keen on strengthening a division rival. And whatever hopes the Warriors have of convincing the Lakers to deal, many suspect, would involve giving up young stars Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes.

But the Warriors don’t want to give up either. According to a source, their pitch to Dwight Howard on Monday — in which I am told Mark Jackson shined — included Howard playing with Curry AND Thompson AND Barnes. Those prospects intrigued Howard, as Marc Stein reported. So much so, the Warriors are now actively trying to create enough salary cap space so they don’t need to do a sign-and-trade with the Lakers.

It’s a monumental task, to be sure. The projected salary cap is $58.5 million, which means the Warriors would need to cut their salary down to $38 million or less to have the space needed to pay Howard the max contract he commands.

Cutting that much money would require the Warriors moving their three major expiring contracts: Bogut ($14 million), Richard Jefferson ($11 million) and Andris Biedrins ($9 million). Dumping all three without taking any money back would chop $34 million off the Warriors’ cap figure, getting them down to about $35 million. (NOTE: They would have to renounce the rights to their free agents, including Jarrett Jack, to remove their capholds).

The difficult part, finding teams to take on those big contracts getting anything (or much) in return.

The Warriors would need to find teams with enough cap space to absorb their expiring contracts. That’s probably easiest to do with Bogut because in addition to being an expiring contract he is a legit center when healthy. Teams like Portland, Atlanta and Cleveland are in need of a good, defensive center.

Then the Warriors could use a future draft pick to pair with Jefferson to sweeten his salary dump. To sweeten Biedrins’ dump, the Warriors could send a team $3 million in cash considerations, trimming Biedrins’ salary to $6 million.

Another route the Warriors can go is to raise the stakes and adding Lee’s contract. Pairing Lee with one or more of the expirings would allow the Warriors to dump the contracts while being able to take a contract back. For example, Bogut + Lee + Biedrins is $37 million in salary. Golden State could take back up to $14 million in contracts and still would have accomplished the task.

But what if the Warriors trade Bogut and Howard decides to stay with Los Angeles or go to Houston? That wouldn’t happen, per one source. The Warriors are paving the way to be able to get under the cap if Howard says yes (which he hasn’t yet).

At this stage, anyway, teams can only agree to deals. No trades can be completed until the league-wide moratorium ends. So if Howard chooses elsewhere, GSW can cancel the deals. They may even know Howard’s answer before the moratorium ends anyway, if reports are true that Howard will decide by Friday.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    Myers = Exec of the Year if he pulls this off.

  • PhillyJ

    Don’t forget Mark Jackson=recruiter of the year. He probably would do real well as a college coach also during recruiting season. He is very persuasive and confident.

  • Xraided

    omg my brain is fried
    this is a real possibility now

    but it’s still a stretch to imagine. they told D12 everyone of our young studs will be here around him, so they must make due on this… tough spot to be in …

    those are a lot of difference scenarios that you pointed out there MT … lets hope the dubs brass is going to make this happen and get a suitor lined up by tomorrow

    I think the real big possibility is Portland getting Bogut. take Bogut and RJ off of our hands and we’ll also throw in a 1st rounder or even two 1st rounders to really sweeten the deal.

    Bogut + RJ + 2014 & 2015 1st rounders … then it’s on like donkey kong no?

  • Young

    Myers = hall of fame executive

    If he pulls this one deal off. It’s literally the most complicated deal I have ever heard of…with a know head case in the middle of it…lol

  • JohnG

    Bogut > Howard. Full stop.

  • Nick_Fury

    I think they should hand the reigns back to Riley and let him broker the deal.

  • GiantInOakley

    This deal is so complicated i’m not even sure anymore if i like or hate miss howard. Just hope this doesnt shake the team up too much. Is the “drama queen” really worth all this though???

  • Jaysohn

    Best center in the NBA, Yes very much worth it. How effective was this team with an injured Bogut, can you imagine with Howard protecting the paint, grabbing rebounds and getting set up for dunks by Curry. It’s the difference between being a good team and a serious title contender.

  • TV Fan

    Not saying DW’s worth it but, I’m don’t see why it is so far fetched to dump Bogut with RJ and Biedrens and a 1st rounder to Portland, Atlanta or Cleveland. Hell, I’d make that trade in a NY second if the roles were reversed. Centers like Bogut are really, really, really hard to come by. Hell, the Dubs have been trying for years to get one. It is a low risk venture where in the best case they get a game changing top 3 center with cap space and a first rounder. Worst case they are left with a first rounder and still having plenty of cap space in 2014 for all those big-time FA’s. (Not to mention they’ll likely have a lottery pick of their own in 2014). For the Warriors sake, I’d prefer that Portland passes.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Bogut + Biens + Lee for Howard + X is probably how this goes dow, IF it goes down.

    Gotta admit the fact that these discussions are going on has to mean Howard at least gave the impression of being serious about coming on board. Getting a bit excited here.

  • Gunner

    I like the idea of bypassing the Lakers. We will end up giving up less if Howard decides to join us. Big fat middle finger to the delusional Lakers fans and ESPN writers akaLakers fanboys who thought they could get Barnes and Thompson from us.

  • RamboRaider

    @ gunner, ^ agreed! They’ve all been warrior hating so hard. Lol

  • SurfCity

    Really hard to know what Howard is truly thinking – he’s been quite fickle in the past. Not sure if I even want Howard, but you have to be impressed with the way ownership is going after him.

  • WTF

    I second that notion, gunner! I have been down on this since it was even mentioned, but if the W’s plan on keeping Klay, Barnes and Steph while bringing Howard on board, I am very much in agreement that this has to get done. Now that is a team to build around. If they have to give up either Thompson, Barnes or both, then that deal makes no sense. But keep all 3 and bring in Dwight Howard, I agree with Niners in 2012, Myers is the exec of the year.

  • haashman

    I’m started to get excited! ESPN has now moved the Warriors to the top of the list as possible destinations for Howard. it makes sense that the lakers would not want to help us with this deal, if we get dwight and only lose 1 starter(bogut) the warriors could be one of the favorites next season

  • deano

    TV Fan: What is far-fetched to me is why any team(s) would take on the salaries of Bogut, Beans and RJ, and how such a deal(s) with a team other than the Lakers would satisfy NBA salary-match rules. I think that GSW’s only path to Howard is still a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    LMAO! Gunner, I hope you read today’s 5 on 5 from ESPN. Some Laker tool is trying to low ball by saying the only way the Lakers would S&T is for BOTH Barnes and Thompson! They are so delusional down south.

    I think it is shaping up for a Laker S&T centered around Bogut. Being able to unload salaries and get Howard anyways COMPLETELY strips LA of their subjective leverage (which the media overstated previously anyways).

    Myers is proving himself a player (no doubt with a bit of The Logo’s guidance). Even if this doesn’t turn out, my belief in the front office has grown a great deal.

  • marko

    From Cleveland:


    I haven’t looked at Atlanta or Salt Lake blogs, commentators…

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Deano, if you have cap space, the matching of salaries in trade does not apply. That’s how GS can get rid of contracts. Realize, though, they are expiring contracts, and Bogut in a contract year (a year removed from the surgeries, is someone any GM would want. The others, they will need enticement of cash or future draft picks, but if you were not using that cap space anyways, and can gain a 1st rounder (and hope for a Curry injury), it can be a worthwhile gamble.

  • marko
  • Grey Warden

    I wouldn’t mind shopping Thompson. His defense has stepped up (though he still picks up dumb fouls), but his offense is too inconsistent to rely on. He also does nothing but jack up 3s and shoot fading/off-balance midrange jumpers. When he’s hot, he’s good, but when he’s cold (which is more often than not), he still shoots without hesitation and misses.

    Barnes has been passive most of the season, but if he can find a way to be more agressive, he has a much higher ceiling than Thompson. Thompson’s near his ceiling already. He needs to improve his driving to the basket and work on not picking up ticky-tack fouls. Otherwise we’ve pretty much seen the best Thompson’s going to give us.

  • roadster

    Healthy Bogut is better than Howard. Although we have not seen healthy Bogut for a while. Probably 50 games is the most he can play this year.

    Warriors management knows that with Jarret Jack and Landry gone, Warriors have no chance to be in the playoffs. But if Howard joins us then we have a chance to win it all.

    Points contribution: Bogut+JJ+Landry = Howard+Nedovic+ Green ?? (Possible but very tough to achieve)

  • Ill boots

    Delano: Trading the expiring contracts of Biedrins, Jefferson, and Bogut is not far-fetched because of the quality of talent in the ’14 free agent class. Teams will be desperate to suddenly put themselves in position to reconstruct by getting under the cap, thus making the expiring contracts of the aforementioned valuable commodities. The movement amidst the deadline period this season will be considerable. Remember the Rudy Gay deal? Anyone with any of those 3 contracts, (Bogut being the most valuable) will be in position to mitigate their initiative.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Marko, TY for the link. I don’t get how writers can be as silly as commentators, though.

    They float the idea of getting Bogut and Barnes of Thompson so the Ws can get space. The Lakers would jump all over Bogut an one of those two, which would get Howard the better contract (for him) with an extra year.

    No one ever seems to try to look at this from more than one angle.

    It does show the value of Bogut, however. Any team would love to gamble on his health. If he gets healthy, at worst, they would have a huge S&T chip for themselves at the end of next season.

  • Gunner

    @The Wisdom Cow: Howard won’t gain an extra year by going through a sign-and-trade. So he won’t need the Lakers’ help to make more money if he decides to go to a team with cap room (identical $88M deal as S&T). Plus knows that the less his new team gives up, the more chance he has in winning.

    At this point, I think the Warriors are in good shape if Howard decides to join. Having deals to unload Bogut/Biedrins/Jefferson in place and sign Howard outright will force the Lakers to talk. Bogut + one of Biedrins/Jefferson + 2014 #1 and throw in Rush if they want him?

    It appears that the other deals lined up to unload Bogut/Jefferson/Biedrins involve maybe 2 1st round picks and $3 million cash anyway. The Lakers can’t ask for more than that. Of course they can let Howard walk free and wet dream that Lebron is joining them next year, but this deal enables them to be competitive for this season, have an extra 2014 pick and keep their wet dream alive.

    But knowing Jimbo Buzz, he’s nothing like his daddy and he’ll go cheap.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    TY, Gunner, I didn’t have the new CBA facts straight.

  • Destro

    As mucg as it would hurt, Im willing to lose Klay or Barnes. Certainly not both. Lets get real Curry and Dwight together would be lethal. Anything else would be frosting.

  • Stan

    Stan explains the winning formula! read what is turning sports upside down and inside out!

  • petaluman

    New CBA has higher team minimum salary requirements. This puts pressure on cheapskate owners to facilitate trades by picking up expiring deals for the additional assets involved. It helps teams that need to lower their cap trade away players without having to take back salaries.

  • Dave

    Stan’s blog needs to allow comments without signing in to anything.

  • Patrick

    leave him in la la land and continue to build on your rookies with Bogut…
    Howard has not won anything except being a money driven loser…