Andre Iguodala: “We can be a really good team with a lot of hard work”

Andre Iguodala said the Warriors were atop his list of possible destinations. He’s been eyeing the Warriors for a couple years now. But he thought, as had been the case in the past, the cards wouldn’t fall right.

Suddenly, his phone rang, and he was a Warrior.

IGUODALA: “It just popped up. Didn’t expect it. You kind of hoped for it the whole time, but you didn’t think it would happen. You couldn’t help but think, ‘Man, it’s something else going on.’ I just didn’t think it could happen.”

Well, it did happen. The Warriors dumped three players, renounced the rights to two of its free agents, and parted with multiple draft picks — all to the Utah Jazz. That cleared the salary cap space so the Warriors could sign Iguodala to a four-year, $48 million contract. And after years of being attracted to each other from afar, Golden State and the versatile swingman were united.

IGUODALA: “It’s funny because when I was getting traded when I was in Philly, and I was like, ‘Where would I go?’ Golden State was in it back then.”

The courting began on July 1. Iguodala met with the Warriors and expressed their desire to get him, and Iguodala confirmed the feelings were mutual. On July 2, the Kings offered Iguodala four years, $52 million, per USA Today’s Sam Amick. But Iguodala said it was too early in the process — “It was just too fast. I didn’t want to rush into it. That’s all.” — so he didn’t jump at the offer. On Wednesday, the Kings pulled the offer. The Warriors hopes were still alive.

The two sides kept in communication. Iguodala chatted with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (the two became friends on Team USA) and kept in communication with coach Mark Jackson. But with the Warriors $10 million over the salary cap and Denver unwilling to work out a sign-and-trade with the Warriors, Iguodala had all but given up hope. Especially since all the Warriors’ eggs seemed to be in the Dwight Howard basket. Iguodala said he was even weighing other options.

But then he got that call. Golden State changed the game and sent Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush (all with one-year contracts totaling $25 million) to Utah. The Warriors then hammered out a deal with Iguodala. All this happened in the span of less than 24 hours.

It’s still not official, not until the league moratorium ends on July 10, but Iguodala is feeling pretty good.

IGUODALA: “We can be a really good team with a lot of hard work. In the series that whole team had against us, you can see how this team can mesh well and play well together.”


Five minutes later …


What makes the Warriors want Iguodala? He can play both shooting guard and small forward positions. He gives the Warriors a wing player they can run the offense through, some who can bolster the Warriors’ transition game and finish at the rim. He becomes their best perimeter defender, with the athleticism to guard smaller players and the strength to guard bigger wings.

His outside shot is streaky and isn’t known for being able to consistently dominant on offense. But with Curry and forward David Lee, Iguodala won’t need to carry the Warriors on offense.

What makes Iguodala want the Warriors?

IGUODALA: “Mainly, the coach and the culture, the environment. I feel like they have a good culture there, a lot of great guys, great locker room. The way they’ve got those guys playing with such confidence, that comes from the coach. The way those young guys were playing against us, that’s confidence. I saw Klay Thompson running full speed down the court, caught the ball, took  two steps and shot the 3. His feet wasn’t even set. That comes from coaching. I want to play with that kind of confidence.”

“I’m a big fan of mark. Big fan of the guys they’ve got there. The way ownership was going a few years ago, it wasn’t looking too good. But the way they’ve turned it around real fast … And the fans in the playoffs, seeing that crowd erupt – you always wanna be in a good basketball environment. They have a great locker room. Their crowd was with them every single game, especially the playoffs. That was an awesome atmosphere.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Larkspur Bob

    Welcome to the Bay Iggy!

    This shows that the Warriors are big time players in the NBA. Life is good!

  • GiantInOakley

    So glad I can hate on DIVA again! Ws still need backup PG and big man. Is Kwame still in the league? Maybe JJ Hickson?

  • Grey Warden

    GS sent this year’s 1st round pick to Utah, and now are giving next year’s 1st round pick to them. Can somebody tell me how they are able to do this? I thought you can’t give up 1st round picks 2 consecutive years in a row.

  • Dominic Vallejo

    @Grey Warden I believe it’s a 2014 and a 2017 not 2015.

  • Gunner

    @Grey Warden: I was told that once the 2013 draft was over, you are free to trade away your 2014 pick (if you still have your 2015 pick).

    As of right now, since we already traded away our 2014 pick, we cannot trade away our 2015 pick yet. But after the 2014 draft, we can trade away the 2015 pick (if we still have your 2016 pick at that time).

  • Jay

    Since they traded for a first rounder this year they can trade next year’s. the rule is you must not be out of two consecutive first rounds, but it does not say it must be your pick you use.

  • Grey Warden

    I feel bad for Jarrett Jack:

    His twitter: Well it was fun while it lasted

  • Grey Warden

    thanks for the info guys

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Now that Iggy’s here (and I have been wanting him to be a Dub for at least five years now), something else is going to happen. We’re not going to have Klay, HB and Iggy all on the squad at the same time. And for those of you pushing for Barnes at PF, that means DLee is a goner, so what’s next?
    This is so exciting – after three decades as a Warrior fan (most of which in complete darkness), I’m seeing the light…and it’s beautiful.
    A good back-up PF/C would be Jermaine O’Neal.

  • Young


    Two words: I pass…

  • moto

    Grey Warden, the Stepien rule prohibits trading consecutive *future* first round picks. once the 2013 draft was finished, it wasn’t a future pick traded to UT. the team buying its own first round pick was irrelevant, as far as the trade prohibition against trading future first rounders. for example, both 2014 and 2015 first round picks cannot be traded by any team now, but once the ’14 draft is over and done, the rule only applies to ’15 and later.

  • Incredible

    I’m not sure I understand what renouncing the right means. And Jack’s seemingly defeated tweet.
    Can’t we still theoretically move things around and sign Jack as a free agent?

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    We gave up 4 future Draft picks, 3 players and the chance to resign captain Jack!!! -2014 1st rd draft choice!
    -2017 1st rd draft choice!
    -2nd round draft choice (year unknown).
    -2nd round draft choice (year unknown).
    -The birds rights to Jack!!! (& Landry)
    -Brandon Rush (good wing defender and 3 pt shooter + expiring contract)
    -Biedrins. (the only healthy back up big that was left on our roster + expiring)
    -Jefferson (expiring contract)

  • Stan

    Quality player added,deadwood gone and those middling draft picks that never did the Warriors any good are now gone to Utah. D league players filled in better for the Warriors as history shows.
    If Dwight Howard signs and play like Dwight,not Moe Howard (3 stooges) the Warriors are the team of the Pacific.

  • Tom

    Hope he shoots free throws like he did with denver. Punk.

  • Jaysohn

    Lets break that down
    4 future picks, two low first round draft picks, no likely difference makers or stars and two 2nd round picks. So you gave up a bunch of bench players. The Warriors already have young talent in Thompson, Barnes, Curry, Green, Ezeli and Bazemore. If they need those first round picks it means that are back to being the old Warriors. Bird Rights to Jack and and Landry, the Warriors were over the cap and no way could they have afforded to sign either. The bird right would have given Jack 8 million they didn’t have and same with Landry. Now they actually have cap space to spend on replacements. Brandon Rush would have been a backup which now the 6th man role can be handled by Barnes. Biedrins and Jefferson, no lose there besides a bunch of DNPs. So NO NEED for the !!!. Great trade.

  • Dj

    I think Iggy is a homerun for the Warriors,it would’ve been nice to have D Howard but i was very uncomfortable with having to give up either Thompson or Barnes or both.Not worried about the picks they gave up because in years past the front office had no clue.This front office clearly have a plan to build this team with wise moves…..But what’s even more exciting is that players in the NBA now have a desire to come and play for the Warriors which bodes well for the future.I wish there was a way to sign Jack but I’m sure there will be other players available and I have confidence that GM Myers have others moves on the horizon to improve the team……We Believe!!!! Lets go Warriors !!!!!

  • Ozfraud

    Remember when you fell in love with that girl in high school? Your first true love? You wanted to hook up with her but you was a geeky dork back then and she paid no attention to you.

    Fast forward to the present and your a single, successful real estate investor making a decent living. You decide to attend the high school reunion in hopes of running into your first true love.

    You arrive fashionably late to the reunion. You notice her standing alone by the punch bowl so you make your way over…confident.

    You strike up conversation and find out that she’s just been through a terrible divorce and the guy she’s dating now is just a “rebound”.

    You tell her how you felt about her back in high school and she asks you if you want to go grab some coffee….and the rest is history!

    Yeah, it’s like that!

    Moral of the story? You don’t marry the stripper, you wait til your high school sweetheart gets a divorce!


  • commish

    Marcus, very busy day. Congrats on being on ESPN this evening.

    I really thought the Warriors would land DH after getting Iggy and still having some $$ plus being able to do a sign and trade with the Lakers. But still, I’m thrilled how aggressive and productive we have been the few days since the unexpected happenings during the draft. What confuses me is “are we done”? I love Barnes, much more than Klay, but he is now relegated to coming off the bench to back up Iggy and probably Lee? That is very scary to me, reverting back to a 3 playing at 4. Way too much like Nellie-ball and Keith Smart. We have gotten smaller, especially with Fetus out until at least December, maybe longer.

    One last thing. Marcus, what is up with the new look to the website? Or is it my Firebox that has diminished how it looks. It’s all text. Looks primitive.

  • Remember this; robin Lopez likely will be avaiable. The pelicans owe him $10.4 mil over the next two years. chances are they will release him from his contract. That would allow him to return to his Bay Area college (Stanford) roots. He then becomes the backup “5,” which he is more suited to playing than a starting 5. He is quite athletic, a fine shot blocker, help defender & rebounder. Fits perfectly into the W’s scheme.

    Then the W’s sign JJ Hickson & Eric Maynor to supplant Carl landry & JJ. . .with Draymond Green this will be a great bench. Klay gets minutes as the sixth man & in the smallball lineup. Barnes plays the stretch four. . .Nedovic ultimately runs the show, drives & kicks. . .and this is still a relatively younr lineup.

    San Francisco will love welcoming the defending 2015 NBA champs to their new home!

  • The the W’s should find a suitable suitor for Lee. Perhaps an expiring contract &/or reclaiming one of the relinquished draft (preferably a 2015 first rounder)picks. . .probably to an east coast team. . .like Milwaukee?!

  • Also, remember this; the W’s have coveted Iggy for years & Iggy WANTED to be a Warrior. marriage made in heaven. . .

  • I love the prospect of Klay Thompson as a W but the fact remains; with LaMarcus Aldridge holding the Jailblazers to be ransomed out of town, with Iggy in the fold the W’s might now entice Portland to swap Lee & Klay for LA. . .

    However, I like the W’s to stand pat on that front (never liked LA’s lack of heart; he’s the tin man. . .)& the fact the Indiana pacers might sour on offering Paul George a max contract en lieu of the cash doled out to Danny Granger & his balky knee & the best big in the league, Roy Hibbert, & giving David West a deal averaging 9 mil mer. . .they might entertain a Klay Thompson for Paul George deal.

    Iggy will be a Dub for four years & his role will diminish over time. Eventually he’s a defensive specialist with George becoming the starting 2.

    If the W’s can then reclaim one of their relinquished # 1 choices (say in 2015 0r 2016) they remain young & in the hunt for talent even as they win championships & wind their way to their new destination, San Francisco. . .times are great to ge a Warrior fan!

  • Jaytee

    Antispy3 – Lopez is going to the Blazers already.

    Happy the way things turned out for Dubs, even tho it meant losing BRush, JJack, and Landry. Iggy’s a great pickup to shore up the defense, as well as provide some additional athleticism to the team.

  • Grey Warden

    My starting lineup predictions, assuming Thompson/Barnes is still on the roster and/or haven’t been traded in the offseason:


    (Barnes relegated to the bench, but still gets heavy minutes)

    If/when Bogut gets injured, starting lineup:

  • Grey Warden

    Oh and there will be even more small ball than last season 🙂

  • Dave

    Lee is 3rd All NBA and should have been 2nd All NBA. He’ll probably be the best PF in the league next year. You don’t trade him for garbage.

  • Noder

    Welcome to the Warriors, Andre! We’re so happy to have you! You’re an All Star and an Olympic Gold Medalist, you rock!

    Even when he played for Denver, I admired him. He compliments our team so well and is a much better fit than Dwight. I was pleasantly surprised to see the breaking news this morning! GSW on top baby! LET’S GO WARRIORS!! Fans we can all agree Iggy helps us tremendously. No drinking the haterade here…he’s a proven talent and WANTS to be here. How many All Stars have said that? Wow I’m so thrilled to be a WARRIORS fan today!

    God Bless America and Warriors’ players, coaches, front office, fans, and everyone who supports or works for the Warriors! Today truly is a good day! #Amen

  • spencer

    The starters should be

    Stephen curry
    Andre igoudala
    Harrison barnes
    David Lee
    Andrew bogut

    Then klay can be a better sixth man because he is still to
    Inconsistent to start

  • Noder

    BTW Mr. Thompson, thank you for everything you do for the fans and your profession. You are one of the best!

    I respectfully submit this question to you, sir: Is there any hope/possibility the Warriors now can offer a contract to either Jarrett Jack or Carl Landry (or fingers crossed, both?) I’m not sure how the salary cap situation is now with the Iguodala signing and salary dump via trade with Utah.

    That would be even better:

    Steph Curry (All Star)
    Klay Thompson (keep him, he’s a future All Star)
    Andre Iguodala (All Star)
    David Lee (All Star)
    Andrew Bogut (All NBA when healthy)

    Jarrett Jack (proven 6th man quality)
    Kent Bazemore (quality role player, team chemsitry is great)
    Harrison Barnes (future All NBA, talented, young)
    Carl Landry (quality back-up PF, bench player)
    Festus Ezeli (chemistry and quality big man)

    Draymond Green (quality bench player)

    I like that roster and with injuries and Lee recovering, Harrison Barnes will get his minutes. I don’t think his development is hampered at all, with Bogut recovering too, and Ezeli as well, there are plenty of minutes to go around.

    Are there any draft picks from last year or years prior who are ready to enter the NBA from Europe? Or the Warrior’s D-Leaguers? We’ll find some great players, the Warriors have the eye for them!

  • Bobby Roberts

    Klay Thompson and David Lee for Paul George and Solomon Hill/Tyler Hansborough.
    I like Klay’s shooting and he has been a defensive stopper, but we’re talking about Paul George here. And Lee is a walking double-double, but he is still overpaid. This would benefit both the teams, and if it doesn’t happen, the Warriors would still have Klay Thompson and David Lee, two top-notch players.

  • GSWFan

    Maybe we can convince Landry to sign the MLE ($5M) but Jack is out of reach (he wants $7M or more). Warriors can have more cap space if Iggy backload his contract and I think he would do it if it means getting some quality veterans for backups.

    Affordable veterans @ PF include Elton Brand or Kenyon Martin

    Point Guards: Darren Collison, Andre Miller(?), Beno Udrich…

  • With Lopez designated to play in Portland perhaps this gives life to a proposed D. Lee & Klay Thompson to the Jailblazers for LA & Meyers Leonard. . .

  • Gwydion

    You guys still wanting to trade Klay or Barnes are way off base. Would have already happened if it was going to. Collison might be a good grab, but Iggy solves a lot of that need for a backup PG. I was shocked to find he averaged almost 5 assts a game last year. More than Jack who preferred to shoot rather than pass.

    Backup big should be Brandon Wright, can get him for a cheap 3 year deal and he’d fit perfectly now and in the future.

  • Chan

    I hella called that Iggy would come to the Warriors during the 1st round playoffs when Coach Jackson said Nuggets sent a hitmen to hurt Curry and he had a source. That day when Iggy was talking to Coach Jackson during the halftime game, I kinda thought Iggy would be the source saying he wants no part of dirty play.

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