Dwight Howard Passes on Golden State

The Warriors have been informed by Dwight Howard he will not be joining Golden State, according to a team source.

The Warriors emerged from long shot to viable option after meeting with Howard on Monday. But despite adding swingman Andre Iguodala, Howard chose to pair up with All-NBA guard James Harden to become the next great center for the Rockets. Houston can offer the same four-year, $88 million contract the Warriors could offer but Texas doesn’t have state taxes, which means Howard can keep more of his money.

That means Golden State will keep starting center Andrew Bogut to play with guard Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Iguodala, forward David Lee and Harrison Barnes.

So who is better: the Warriors with Iguodala or the Rockets with Howard?

Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    We’re better if Bogut can give us 50 games.

  • Don

    The Warriors are better without Howard and with Iggy. Chemistry may get even better as Iggy brings needed skill sets and is eager to be a Warrior.

  • Irvinn

    Can we trade Bogut and have DLee play center and be able to resign jarrett jack an Carl laundry ? And sign bench players ?

  • Chris

    vs yesterday, GSW is better on offense and now WAY better on defense. I assume iguadola starts, sending Barnes to the bench, so his development could be hampered a bit.

    vs Houston, tough to say. Feels like two superstars and a bunch of solid role players. If a third scoring option emerges, yet could be great. Tough call.

  • jsl

    Whew! We dodged a HUGE bullet here.

    And, Howard gets to keep his Diva status in full force and effect.

    We are SO lucky!

  • jsl

    Earth to Irvinn: Wake up! Wake up!

  • Gunner

    Reading the tea leaves here, so we did have deals lined up to unload Biedrins + Jefferson, who are the difficult ones. It shouldn’t be hard to get the Hawks or the Cavs to take Bogut without other assets attached.

    So Myers already lined up these deals and if Howard decides to join, he could’ve pulled the trigger and signed him outright. But since Howard passed, we pulled the trigger on Iggy.

    Howard would have been the better choice on paper. But if Bogut were healthy enough to give 30 minutes per game through the season and playoffs, I don’t think we are too far off.

    Normal lineup: Bogut/Lee/Iggy/Thompson/Curry
    Small-ball lineup: Bogut/Barnes/Iggy/Thompson/Curry

  • Wyn Hoag

    CHEMISTRY! I have to say I was so relieved when I saw we were going to get ANDRE!

    -NO potentially future poison form Dwight Howard–look at the franchises he has not give 100% to!
    –NO this isn’t Dwights team. The Warriors have become a TEAM TEAM—not one prima donna’s team!

    -YES we keep building our dynamic young team (regrets to Jarret and Carl!) that has been built from within!
    –YES we better our defense with Andre and Andrew. Takes some pressure off David.
    –Yes Harrison can alternate with David or Andre–learn from both and become a superstar.
    –Yes we take away from Denver–a major rival.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I don’t think the Warriors are done dealing.

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    We have to give a draft choice to Utah, every year of Iggys contract! Two 1st, two 2nd’s. Thats a hell of a price to pay a team, to take on salary for one year, they gave us nothing, and got 4 draft picks in 4 years + B Rush and back up C we desperatley need right now. Both Lee and Bogut are coming off injuries and are our oldest players, the more limited their minutes the better, but heres the rub, they are now our only bigs on the roster! Doomed if they get injured, when they get injured, is more like it, if you give them too many minutes. We need at least two more bigs!

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    We need a back up C
    we need a back up PF
    We need a back up PG

    Today our bench looks like this:
    Barnes(sf), Green(sf), Ezeli (C) Rookie (G), Bazemore(G).

    Making Ezeli our only true BIG off the bench, and he is out for most of next year. No veteran presence, no true PG, NO BIGS! we will be ok on the wing, and yes Green can play some 4, so can Barnes, but not against real PF’s or with any kind of consistency.
    Kind of scary with 4 future picks going to Utah in 4 years, having no money available for FA’s, time to work some more magic Meyers, I know your not done yet.

  • Jaysohn

    Really shouldn’t worry about the picks. We already have a lot of good young talent on team. Now Myers can work his magic to get key mid-level backups, just like he did last year the Jack and Landry. That is what good teams do. They have a solid core and fill in needs with smart yet affordable veterans. Spurs have done it for over a decade.

  • Gunner

    @ WarriorRaiderA – Ezeli will be out until only mid-December. But I agree we need another big preferably able to score from the post.

  • Howard still has a questionable attitude, and a great center does not make a team great. If and only if Bogut is healthy enough to be consistently effective, the Warriors have a better balanced lineup and are closer as a group.

  • Ben Brung

    The W’s essentially paid $600K for a pick as deep in the 1st round as the 2 we gave up will presumably fall . . . chump change.

    If the picks are worth much more than that, it will mean the team has problems much more disturbing than the loss of the picks.

    Warrior fans, the time has arrived to stop seeing draft picks as salvation (like losing teams do) and start seeing them as bench-builders (like winning teams do)!

  • Stan

    Thats a big loss. NO doubt in my mind he elevates the Warriors far more then some people think. Man,if Bogut is REALLY repairing..that would be great. Cross fingers is about all I can do.

  • Chan

    Only reason the Front Office felt OK about giving away draft picks was because they want our young guys in Barnes/Thompson/Green/Ezeli. This should give our young guys about 1-2 years to develop. If they’re busts, then 1-2 years later, we got our picks to rely on again.