Warriors Land Andre Iguodala

The Warriors have reached a four-year deal worth $48 million with free agent swingman Andre Iguodala, multiple sources confirm.
The Warriors cleared the cap space by trading the expiring contracts of Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush to Utah. The deal may include multiple picks as well.
The deal lands the Warriors an upgrade on the perimeter.¬†According to multiple sources, Iguodala — who Golden State has wanted for a while — wants to play for the Warriors. He’s a big fan of coach Mark Jackson and Stephen Curry, and his game fits the Warriors style of play. ¬†Part of the reason, per one source, Iguodala did not sign Sacramento’s four-year, $52 million offer was because he wanted to see if there were a chance he could play for the Warriors.
Golden State can still get Dwight Howard, but only via sign-and-trade. The Warriors now have no other expiring contracts to send to the Lakers. So Golden State would probably have to pair Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson with center Andrew Bogut to convince the lakers.

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Marcus Thompson

  • Damon


  • skeet

    I see you hustlin’ from your Marcus…thats when you know something big happened. …so do you think Howard is even more inticed to come?…seeing he probably wont be able to beat us now lol.

  • Brandon

    F*** YEAH! Wish we could have keeped Brandon Rush tho…really liked him. But Iggy is one of my favorite players. So I’m satisfied

  • brian

    Great update, Wz making moves!! Gives us leverage, now we don’t HAVE to give up Barnes & THompson and can offer just one. Lakers would be dumb to get NOTHING in the case Dwight walks.

  • sludge

    great work MT2.. can’t hear your thoughts on this on csnbayarea or on knbr…

  • haastheman

    This doesn’t make sense without howard. How can Klay, Barnes, and Iggy all get minutes without us going back to the same old warrior ways

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Could this perfectly set up the Barnes+Bogut sign and trade with the Lakers?!

    Did we give up the coveted 2014 1st round picks to make it happen?! or more picks?!

    Can we still retain Jack?

    Wheres Meyers with a press conference?! lol

    More trades to come, or did you just put Barnes on the bench? If we just replaced Barnes in the starting line up and we plan on playing him more at the 4, then Iggy at $12 mil a year, in his prime, is a pretty doable contract, and Barnes comes off the bench, getting minutes at the 2-3-4. But you got to think this absolutely makes Barnes tradable.

  • earl monroe

    It makes sense to me even if they don’t get Howard, as long as Bogut is healthy. It looks like now they can part with Bogut and Thompson in a sign and trade, the Warriors might be looking quite a bit better to Howard now

  • Iguodala Dala bills

    “Going back to the same old Warrior Ways”? Did you watch the finals? Harrison Barnes would have been the tallest power forward on the floor. When you have enough shooting and elite perimeter defenders, small ball is not a liability.

  • action jaccckson

    what did Utah give back other than cap relief? Hope the Dubbs get D12!

  • action jackson

    Someone say play harrison at the 4 and trade D Lee and Bogut?

  • Gunner

    I believe they renounced Jarrett Jack’s Bird rights because otherwise with Jack’s ~$8M cap hold, they couldn’t have signed Iguodala.

  • Chezshoppa

    Houston we have a problem! Hahahaha! I don’t know why these so called reporters think the Bay Area wouldn’t be a great destination for any fre agent let alone Howard. This team will be in S.F. In a few years which definitely make it a big market team and Howard gets to be the big name marketing this team which supports his huge ego. The Rockets can’t beat us an there’s no 1 on the free agent market outside of the guy we just signed who coulda helped them. Now we’re not outta the sweepstakes yet but it’s a fat chance that the lakers would further strengthen a division rival even if the do get Bogut and Thompson/Barnes in the deal. Now if there is a chance still for Howard I would much rather prefer Thompson leaving than Barnes. Keeping Barnes would make us more athletic at the wings then I’ve ever seen in all of my 33 years as a W’s fan, an Barnes definitely has more of a upside an I believe the lakers would want more of a dead eye shooter to go along with Kobe. An lets face it even with BOGUT no 100% yet he’s the only viable center available to compliment Gasol.

  • EastBay Fan

    Bogut is an expiring contract. My guess is- the proposed trade would include Klay and Bogut for S & T of Howard.
    Did the Warriors receive anything back from Utah in the trade?

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    With Ezeli out for a stretch, Biedrins gone, and Landry on his way out, we are left with only two bigs – Bogut and Lee, thats it. Even if we get Howard in a sign and trade, lets hope no 1st round picks were included in this trade to Utah, it looks like we will need it to get some front court depth.

  • EastBay Fan

    I’m hearing the Warriors gave Utah the 2014 and 2017 1st round picks on top of the 3 players. Nothing in return from Utah though?

  • EastBay Fan

    Golden State gets guard Kevin Murphy.

  • Chezshoppa

    The longer Howard takes the better our chances. If he was going to Houston why take any time at all. We know he’s not going to Atlanta or Dallas. Give me a break. We’re waiting to see if the lakers want to sign and trade with us an lets face it, Howard has control of that because he can just say hey I’ll walk to Houston an you get nothin or you can sign and trade and get something. And as I speak Dallas has just been eliminated. First shoe has dropped. I should work for espn! Ha!

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Damn, next years 1st rounder and another, most likely our 2016 1st rounder. I hate giving up draft picks. Essentially gave up 2 1st round picks, Brandon Rush, our only healthy back up C, the birds rights to Jack, and the increasingly valuable expiring contracts that equal 24 mil in cap space! If this helps land us Dwight, we may look back on it, as the greatest move the team ever made, and earn Meyers GM of the year, no doubt.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    We will keep our 2015 draft pick, as we can’t trade consecutive years’ picks.
    Klay and Bogut to LA for Howard.
    Collison or Calderon signing as Curry’s back-up.
    We need a back-up 4/5 – wish we could afford JJ Hickson – he’d be perfect.
    Don’t be surprised if there’s a Marcus Camby sighting in the Bay very soon, if Howard’s coming.

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    I’d say the Warriors just Check Mated Houston, unless the Rockets can land Dwights buddy from Atlanta on the quick, because the Warriors now have two All Stars on the roster! Iggy and Lee, plus future all stars Curry and Thompson. And leaves us open to trading Barnes & Bogut to LA. I’d have to agree that the path to Dwight now goes through Golden State, the fun atmosphere to play in, under Jackson, with Steph and co, I think Dwight would thrive in the Bay Area. Is this really happening??

  • Xraided

    WarriorRaiderA’s Says:
    July 5th, 2013 at 2:20 pm
    Damn, next years 1st rounder and another, most likely our 2016 1st rounder. I hate giving up draft picks. Essentially gave up 2 1st round picks, Brandon Rush, our only healthy back up C, the birds rights to Jack, and the increasingly valuable expiring contracts that equal 24 mil in cap space! If this helps land us Dwight, we may look back on it, as the greatest move the team ever made, and earn Meyers GM of the year, no doubt.


    we’re talking about a bottom 5 first round pick

    we just bought one of those a week ago and got an awesome guard prospect (the white Derek Rose)

    at this point, we’re goin to the finals IMO … no need for late round draft picks … which would you rather have? i’ll take Iggy and D12 all day

    plus, we unloaded horrible dead weight, even if D12 goes to HOU … we have more room to sign/re-sign guys like Landry and other big men to fill in

  • Grey Warden

    Just heard the news. Can anybody tell me how the Warriors are able to give up next year’s 1st round draft pick? Since Utah has this year’s 1st round pick from us, I thought you can’t trade 1st round draft picks 2 consecutive years in a row.

  • Jaysohn

    Sweet move by the Dubs. Dropped a bunch of dead weight and turned it into Iggy. Starting lineup is solid with either Thompson or Barnes coming off the bench at the SG and SF spot. Also can play Barnes and Green some minutes at the PF position against certain match-ups. Much improved perimeter defense and rebounding. Will be tough to replace to Jack but can run the offense through Iggy sometimes and should be able to find an affordable and effective backup PG. Only real concern is a backup big with Ezeli hurt.

  • rio kid

    Hello…who is our back up point guard……>>>> Iggy… I don’t think so.