Guard Jarrett Jack Leaving Warriors to Join Cleveland

Point guard Jarrett Jack’s days with the Warriors are all but officially over.

The stud reserve who helped lead the Warriors on a playoff run, agreed to a four-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a league source said. Jack’s new deal – eligible to be signed on July 10 when the NBA’s moratorium ends – totals $25.2 million. Just over $19 million of that is guaranteed.

Jack will join budding star point guard Kyrie Irving and try to duplicate his impact on the Warriors with the Cavaliers.

Golden State’s acquisition of swingman Andre Iguodala figured to end his days with the Warriors. But some salary cap wiggling kept alive some hope he could stay in the Bay Area.

However, Jack’s importance to the team figured to be diminished on the new-look Warriors so he decided to jump at other options.

Jack – who will just be turning 30 when his ninth NBA season begins – averaged 12.9 points and 5.6 assists in 29.7 minutes off the bench in his one season with the Warriors. In the playoffs, he averaged 17.2 points, 4.7 assists and 4.4 rebounds in 35.5 minutes.

Acquired last season from New Orleans in a three-team trade involving Dorell Wright, Jack emerged as one of coach Mark Jackson’s most reliable players. His ability to be a floor general and hit big shots made him invaluable to the Warriors on the court. His presence also allowed Golden State to play star point guard Stephen Curry off the ball. Jack was also key in a locker room that developed noteworthy chemistry on the road to a first-round upset of Denver and a six-game battle with the San Antonio Spurs.

Iguodala, whose skills allow him to play some point-forward, is expected to fill some of the void Jack will leave behind. The rest of the load will likely fall on Curry. He will probably have the ball in his hands a lot more, especially down the stretch.

Marcus Thompson

  • broom

    Marcus, is this a Trade or did the cavs sign jack outright??

  • The City

    Going to miss Jack. I’m thankful for all he did for the team in his time here.

    Budgets make for some tough decisions. I’m happy about Iggy joining the team

  • Stan

    He wont do a thing that amounts to much in Cleveland. He was a nobody before the Warriors and parlayed that to a gullible Cavaliers. Cavaliers,what a dumb name for a team. “We don’t care”..is some name and attitude…
    SO far Meyers and Lacob have taken a real Stan attitude..

  • Grey Warden

    Best of luck to JJ in Cleveland. He will be missed here in the Bay Area.

  • Dave

    Jack will be there when Lebron returns to Cleveland next summer.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Jack had a great year with us and I wish him well, as I do Landry in Sac. We need to turn our attention to a true back-up PG (I still love Collison, especially now that his stock is low). Word is that we’re in a tug of war with Dallas for Jermaine O’Neal.
    I still would like to see us move Lee and Klay for a stud PF (Aldridge/Horford).

  • Niners in 2012

    Jack+Landry = 4 yrs/$52M! well, okay.

  • Dubber

    Thank you and good luck Jack!

  • Oakland Stroke

    I notice that no one mentions new guy Nedovic as the backup PG. Isn’t that why they finagled three trades to land him? I think the greater need to fill is definitely at center. Good luck to Jack, he was fun. I’m more upset about Rush getting shipped off.

  • The City

    I don’t think Nedovic will be ready for the NBA at all. But I do agree a big man is a higher priority. Iggy can bring up the ball and facilitate

  • With jack (not a viable option after Iggy’s signing) opting for the Cavs, Darren Collison choosing the Clips, C.J. Watson treking to Trailblazer land & Shaun Levinson Netted by Brooklyn seems the W’s choices for a backup PG are becoming limited. To be sure Bazemore will see some time in that slot (hopefully his handle & decision making improve enough for him to graduate from sideline cheerleader emeritus) but Charles Jenkins, former Warrior & Eric Maynor, my choice from day one seem to be the clubhouse leaders for this position. . .

    Perhaps the W’s aren’t through wheeling & dealing. . .

  • A big in free agency; not the draft. Remember the point rich Bcuher made? At the time nedovic was chosen none of the available bigs 9from the draft) were/are ready for the level of play required for the association. . .’nuff said. . .time to go with what is deemed as the “best fit. . .”

    Doesn’t have to be today; doesn’t have to be tomorrow. But sometime; soon. . .

  • marko

    Gonna miss Jarrett Jack. Not a star, but a classy guy his entire career. He’s what was meant when we said “Warriors bring their toughness off the bench”.

    Glad it’s Cleveland in the East. At one point we thought he’d end up with the Jazz, but they decided to go for the bottom of the tank in 13-14.

    Hear Carl Landry will be back in Sac. but this time with Malone. Another dude we’ll miss a lot next year – not a star but still a class act!

  • marko

    Point guard – would it be possible to get Matthew Dellavedova from Orlando’s summer team, or Phil Pressey from the Celts?

  • Xraided

    Sign O’neal and JJ Hickson … then let our White Ninja Derek Rose backup PG …

    we will be set

  • Xraided

    or something more plausible

    get Udoh back from the Bucks instead of O’Neal

    either way, with more added depth on defense like that, we will soon forget about Landry+Jack

    Iguodala’s signing over them is very much the right move

    it’s all about QUALITY over QUANTITY right?

  • Xraided

    The City Says:
    July 6th, 2013 at 10:02 pm
    I don’t think Nedovic will be ready for the NBA at all. But I do agree a big man is a higher priority. Iggy can bring up the ball and facilitate

    absolutely. Iggy is the supreme swiss army knife

    this team’s versatility is ridiculous right now

    they really don’t need a guy like Agustine and they know it! 8-10 mpg running PG is all they need.

    THE GREAT WHITE NINJA will be ready this year! summer league will prove that coming up!

  • earl monroe

    I enjoyed watching Jack play for the warrriors last season, good luck in cleveland

  • Is Udoh available? With Hickson Denver bound it would be down to O’Neal or Udoh. . .

    However, depending on how Ezeli responds to his rehab the W’s only have to worry about a backup big until January.

    So, Lucas Jr. or Eric Maynor for backup point. . .or Chris Jenkins. . .

    Free agency sure is running it’s course fast. . .

  • Young


    Can you please speculate on why we got iggy?

    Mark Jackson was very admit that what harrison did in the playoffs was unheard of. Now this? Makes no sense on the surface

  • earl monroe

    On the surface it looks like Iggy duplicates the skill set of many of the current young Warrior wings but if you dig deeper, he is a more complete player at this point especially defensively, he is a very good player, and unselfish like the current crop of warriors, he will fit in nicely, I would be concerned for chemistry if the Warriors move David Lee, having lost Jack and Landry, Jefferson and Biedrins you would be moving quite a bit of the Roster, chemistry would be bound to change.

  • Strange bedfellows the association’s FA period.

    (B)SPN rumored that GSW might be a viable destination for backup combo guard Jimmer Ferdette, late of Sactown & failing to live up to expectations.

    Ironically the W’s were eviscerated for not attempting to leapfrog the Kings when Ferdette was available as a draftee. They opted for a much better piece, Klay Thompson. . .

    Again with Barnes; his best days are yet to come. He will dominate the 3 position & slide out to become a stretch 4. . .Iggyy no doubt will be the “Swiss Army Knife/glue guy that cements the W’s starting lineup &, before the W’s head off to the west bay will probably switch roles with H. Barnes. . .

    make no mistake Barnes will contribute in a big way to the W’s spring boarding to much more success than we have witnessed in 30 years. . .

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    O’neil and Jenkins would be nice additions at this point. is landing both Oneil and Kaman out of the question?

  • Kenyon Martin……….please call Pete Myers hello j Kidd said I would win a championship n Oakland better get him before the nets do