Jon Becker

  • Young

    I am still assuming we have a great trade set up to move Harrison Barnes and bring back a great player.

    But if not, and we keep Thompson Barnes and iggy.

    Since jack isn’t coming back and iggy will be holding down the back up point spot. Can I assume iggy will come off the bench?? (I don’t want him starting over our young wings)

  • Oakland Stroke

    Young, Why would we pay 12 mil per for a guy to come off the bench? If I were Barnes, I would be scratching my head at the very least.

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d start Curry-Iggy-Barnes-DLee-Bogut. People worry about too much smallball, well thats a BIG starting lineup. Klay doesn’t start but I see him getting more mins than Barnes. He’s our JR Smith type 6th man.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I’d love a Lee and Klay trade to Portland for La Marcus Aldridge and newly drafted CJ McCollum.

  • meir34

    Yeah, Harp. While you are fantasizing,why didn’t you ask for the moon. Waste of time proposal. INMHO. Did you even try it out for size on one of the Trailblazer’s blogs? Those two are part of their foundation for rebuilding. Iggy will be a great addition, and the price for doing the S and T wasn’t too much. On the downside, Iggy will be 31 shortly into the next season, or 35 when the contract runs out. And his free-throwing for a guy who plays his positions, is awful. His 3pt shooting last season was 31 pc. Not too good for a guy who moves constantly curling under the basket, a often winds up fairly open on the wing. I don’t know what all the gripe about Lee is. 2 time all star and deservedly so-led the league in double-doubles, big scorer for a PF and one of the best big men passers. What he isn’t perfect? If he was a D presence to go with the three dimensions he give us now, he’d cost about 19-20 million a year, and wouldn’t you scream then. Gasol, btw will get 19 millions this coming season.

  • meir34

    Young, when the summer dealing is over I suspect all of your assumptions will be proven wrong. We’ll have a legitimate pg backup along with Bazemore to back up Curry, whose 7 times out with injuries, makes him a twist or fall rish every game he plays. The fingers crossed this past season worked with him, but it’s hard to project two in a row.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Meir34 – Lee and Klay for Aldridge by himself might do it. I’d also trade those guys for Al Horford.
    By the way, Iggy will be 30 in January, not 31.

  • Niners in 2012

    Warrior fans!! Iggy gonna show you how to win doing other things besides score. Warrior fans gonna get edumacated this year.

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    How about Billups/Kaman/Tyrus Thompson filling out our Roster! Just want to add that Thompson and Barnes are way to valuable to be traded as “sweeteners” in hopes of moving Lee. Trading an All Star PF and one the best young wing players in the game for Aldrige? Pssst, PLEASE! Don’t let Iggy’s signing fool you all into thinking Thompson or Barnes are any less valuable to us than they were a week ago. Iggy is not a shooting threat! Also, with Bogut starting and Ezeli in the fold long term, we are set at C, all we need is a back up 4 who can score inside, and a veteran PG and another big body to collect fouls in the paint till Ezeli returns.

  • Hey I want Kenyon Martin. Mr lacob. Now come to the hole. Him marquise and ai. Bout rim protection