Warriors to Add Big Man Marreese Speights

The Warriors have agreed to a deal with free agent big man Marreese Speights.

Sources confirm reports that the 6-foot-10, 245-pound big man will get a multi-year deal from Golden State, which he will officially be able to sign when the moratorium ends on July 10. ESPN’s Marc Stein was first to report agreement. Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears reported it is a three-year deal.

Speights, 25, a five-year vet spent last season with Cleveland. He averaged a career-high 10.2 points on 45.7 percent shooting with 5.1 rebounds. While playing for Memphis, Speights gave the Warriors fits off the bench with his physicality. He is known for a having a midrange jumper and a mean streak.

How the Warriors get him is still unclear. He could be signed outright as part of the mid-level exception. He could be signed-and-traded for guard Jarrett Jack (who agreed to a four-year, $25 million deal with Cleveland). The Cavaliers could also sign Speights and trade him to Golden State for part of the Warriors’ trade exception.

* Lindsey Hunter, who coached the Phoenix Suns last season, is being strongly considered by Golden State coach Mark Jackson, sources said. Jackson lost his top assistant Michael Malone, who was hired as head coach of Sacramento. Pete Myers is expected to become the top assistant if the Warriors promote from within.

Marcus Thompson

  • Xraided


    great news! he’s an AWESOME BIG

    and for 3 years?

    this club loves him

    a platoon of him and Bogut … wow

  • Just need Jermaine O’Neal, who Warriors’ brass contends is still under consideration, & Eric Maynor to put together the most versatile W’ roster these eyes (or anyone else’s) have clapped onto since, well, the championship team. . .

    If Lindsay Hunter comes on board the W’s will be as solid as anyone, roster, front office, ownership & coaching staff. Add the best & most vocal fan base in the league &, well, I guarantee the W’s won’t be sneaking up on anyone. . .now, lads, it’s time to get the summer workout/improvement thing going. ..

  • wil

    Wow, the name and personality is not a splash (sexy) but the dude can rough it up and can put a hurt on somebody on the block, and he is also good offensively. Myers never ceases to amaze. If Myers doesn’t become the MVP GM in consecutive years, there is a problem with this system.

    I had wandered what is Myers going to pull off the hat next, and here it comes, Speight. Now, we have an all out and all around defensive team. I was hoping for JJ Hickson at first or Aldridge for Lee. But hey, keep them coming

  • BayPride

    Maynor signed with WAS already…would’ve been a nice backup.

  • Destro

    Dont know much about him, but his stats seem comparable to Landry’s

  • 4holebat

    Good move, the Warriors need a mean streak type of player to replace Landry, and backup Lee and Bogut. With Bogut and this guy protecting the rim, it will not be a cakewalk to the hoop for the opposition, and any offense he contributes will be a bonus. This roster is looking so much better without Biedrins and Jefferson soaking up the payroll, and contributing almost nothing.

  • Jaysohn

    Myers and the rest of the front office is doing work. I was starting to get a little nervous as PF/C options were being gobbled up. I had Hickson and Speights as two players I thought would be good fits. Speights is still young but comes with 5 years experience already. He has good size to provide minutes as a C/PF combo. The ability to shot the mid-range jumper will work well in the Warriors pick and roll offense, presenting a duplication off the bench of what Lee gives as a starter. It’s very similar to what Landry provided but in a bigger body.

  • Destro

    Lil concerned about Speights’s checkered past….

    The Cavs are hoping Marreese Speights opts out of his contract, according to the News-Herald.
    Per the report, the team fears Speights “might not fit their culture.” Wherever Speights has gone, he has shown great flashes of productivity, but there have been relentless questions and concerns about his fit and personality with the culture of the team. If Speights does opt out, he should have no issue finding interested suitors despite the checkered past. Apr 28 – 10:47 AM

  • whatnot

    nice! we got “the matador king!” easily one of the worst defenders in the league (at least he’s not in the top 5 – def rapm is 457th out of 463).

    i’m actually curious to see how anyone could make the Cavs 29th ranked defense 2.3 pts worse just by being on the floor.

    i’d give him a break in regards w/ making Memphis worse b/c they got a good team, except he made them almost 10 pts worse by being on the floor.

    how they managed to get one of the few players who has an even greater negative impact than Biedrins is beyond me.

  • Niners in 2012

    Carl Landry wasn’t known for defense either. We got a much better pickNpop PF. When DLee went down, Landry came in and he wasn’t as good hitting those shots that DLee makes. Speights is a very good shooter.

  • commish

    A real bruiser. Much needed. I have come to count on Meyer and Co to do the right thing, and they sure seem to keep doing it. Who is next? The backup PG we need I’m guessing. Sorry the Clippers got D. Collison.

  • Bravo


    Originally on 76ers. Note connection to Iguodala in these highlights.

  • derek

    If and when Cleveland signs Bynum I’d love to see the Dubs go after Anderson Varejao. Bogus can’t be counted on to play any more than 40 games. Maybe they can unload him on Utah or in a trade for Varejao or Cousins. The team is looking GREAT. Not sure where and hoe Randy Foye fits in but he’s a decent player and solid contributor.

  • rio kid

    Speights is a defensive stiff or so say the Cleveland bloggers..So we have Lee and Curry and now Speights as defensive liabilities…Iggy is defensive stud…I still don’t like two pf who are defensive weaklings..Lee is really bad

  • whoRu

    Randy Foye fits in at SG for the Nuggets so now they can stop pursuing Monta Ellis.

  • jaysohn23

    We all loved Landry but he wasn’t a good defender either, so you get a bigger body with an excellent jumper at a cheaper price. I wouldn’t mind another defensive skilled big but hopefully Ezeli comes back healthy a couple of months into the season to fulfill that need.

  • WTF

    GSW have changed the losing culture. Only
    thing left is to get rid of Fitz and the job will have been completed!

  • Italy

    I think the Speights sign is great we need someone with bulk and plays with a chip on his shoulder. I also think Boget will have a good year only becausr he will be entering his last year of his contract. Bottom line since the New Regime came on board what a breath of fresh air they are!!!!!!!! I also realize they may make a mistake but at least they try and very creative…, GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!’nn

  • haashman

    Although I didn’t like the Iggy deal at first, my belief in this team’s collective told me to hold off judgement until they fill out the roster before the season starts. Speights is an upgrade to landry. Bigger, Rebounds better, He can play the 5, and he’s meaner. I have faith that we will find a back up point gaurd who is almost as good as jack. I’m gonna miss Jack taking, and hitting big shots, but this is Steph’s team, he needs to take and hit those shots. The next big acquisition for the Warriors will be there next Assistant Coach. I want to see more plays from the warriors next year. We got two of the best shooters in the league, they need to be coming off picks and screens and having open looks at the rim. Reggie Miller, Rip Hamilton, and Ray Allen have made a living off open shots off screens, where is that for Steph, Clay, and Harrison? Atleast with the addition of Iggy there will be more dribble, drive, kick opportunities. I’m really interested to see who will start opposite Iggy. The best thing that could have happened for Harrison last year was his jumper not clicking early, it made him work on other parts of his game. He’s a beast. I know that with the addition of Iggy, Klay and Harrison are both in the gym working on their game fighting for those minutes. David Lee too, especially since Harrson proved he can play the 4 in spurts in the playoffs, and with the addition of Speights (who is a more defensive minded 4). The one thing we have to watch out for now is David Lee and Andrew Bogut being butt hurt for being shopped in the offseason. They’ve been in the league long enough now to know that they’re in a great situation, and being butt hurt about being shopped in the offseason will get you dealt in the season.

  • rio kid

    Hashman, I hope you are correct in your assertion that Speights is a ” defensive minded” 4 because up until now that is not what I read from the peanut gallery. I checked some youtube stuff on him and he looks like a taller Landry and if he is in fact defensive minded then we got ourselves a homerun with this guy. I love the facdt that he is only 25! Looks like the Ws with this sign and trade deal for Iggy will have plenty of dough rei mi to get a point guard and a couple of bodies to fill out the roster. I really like lee but would trade him for a more of a 2 way guy as he is worse than I really ever imagined defensively.

    I think this was exposed during his absence in the playoffs so when the w’s go small with Barnes at PF that is a more potent defensive unit and an equally potent offensive group. I suspect that Lee is so bad on Defense that even a smaller Barnes can be at least as effective.

    Steph, Iggy, Klay, Barnes and Bogut. You have one defensive liability in Steph but the rest are really good. Bazemore is a good defender, Festus is improving, Speights?, it would be nice for our back up point to to be a decent defender as well. I suspect they can find someone for that spot.

    All in all looks good.

  • Ron

    A Brooks is available. Could be a nice backup PG.

  • Oakland Stroke

    Am I missing something? I thought Nedovic and AI were supposed to run some offense. If they just needed a backup, I’m still wondering why they let Jenkins walk.

  • Young

    Those that read my posts know I don’t like lee like that. But I must interject.

    Thinking this through. Bogut was his healthiest during the end of the regular season / playoffs.

    Lee had a really bad back during that time. What I am saying is. We never really saw a healthy lee and bogut play together all year. So some of the warriors improved defense was just bogut and any healthy power forward.

    Now, love it or hate it. Lee played decent defense in 2011-2012 season ON BALL. He never helps. Not sure why he didn’t defend well last year but its possible he won’t suck completely. He didnt suck in 2011-2012

  • Joe Snuffy

    Don’t think I like the Lindsey Hunter rumors. Between Jackson and Hunter, you have 2 former players with little coaching experience. Seems like you would want an X’s and O’s guy as assistance coach.

  • Xraided

    OK i’m hearing Jermaine is ours… no confirmation yet

  • Grey Warden

    Looks like with all these signings, there’s little chance Nedovic will be playing with the Warriors this season. He’ll probably be forgotten soon…lol

  • haashman

    Warriors to acquire Toney Douglas. Solid pick up, just the kind of back up point i spoke of above. As long as Steph stays healthy, which is a big if, Douglas will be a solid back up.


    Good Unit. All starters are returning. Essentially moved Jack, and Landry for Iggy, Speights, and Douglas. Rush, Jefferson, and Biedrens didn’t play much, or effectively so we shouldn’t miss them much at all. With the youth that we have, hopefully we won’t miss the draft pics to bad.

  • Spencer

    Love the Speights pickup. Better then Landry IMO.

    Speights and Iggy will take those Jack/Landry minutes.

    Amazing upgrades.

  • Spencer

    Defense is a pretty obvious focus. Love it.

  • Ewok

    We got so much bigger, stronger, and faster. We can play both finesse or physical type of games.

    Most of the success last year was because of the outside jump shots.. With this team, we clearly have an inside game now. So we are set.

    We can match up with anybody now including Miami and San Antonio… but that’s just my opinion. The only thing beyond our control as always, is the health factor.

    Way to go Warriors. We finally have a winning front office.

  • Wyn