Warriors Add Jermaine O’Neal, Toney Douglas

Golden State continued filling out its roster on Tuesday. Sources confirm reports the Warriors have reached agreements with guard Toney Douglas and center Jermaine O’Neal. Both are thought to have signed one-year deals.

Douglas gives the Warriors a veteran guard off the bench who is known for defending. He can also shoot the 3 pretty well. He’s not a traditional point guard, which Golden State seems to need, but he is someone who will be able to defend and make a play.

O’Neal, entering his 18th season, showed he still has something left in the tank last season for Phoenix. He averaged 8.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 18.7 minutes off the bench. The 6-foot-11, 34-year-old center figures to be a reliable place holder to back up Andrew Bogut while Festus Ezeli recovers from knee surgery.

Here is a look at the Warriors’ depth chart at this point:

Projected Starters

PG – Stephen Curry

SG – Klay Thompson

G/F – Andre Iguodala

PF – David Lee

C – Andrew Bogut

Projected Reserves

F – Harrison Barnes

F – Draymond Green

C – Festus Ezeli (injured)

PF/C – Marreese Speights

C – Jermaine O’Neal

G – Toney Douglas

G – Kent Bazemore

G – Nemanja Nedovic (possibility)

That leaves two roster spots open, possibly four if Nedovic stays overseas and Kent Bazemore is let go. Those spots are hope for the likes of non-guaranteed players Scott Machado, Dwayne Jones and Kevin Murphy. Also in the mix for those spots are Syracuse rookie forward James Southerland, Ohio State rookie guard D.J. Cooper and whoever else emerges and wants to try to earn a roster spot with Golden State.

Marcus Thompson

  • Roy

    DJ Cooper! Loved watching that kid in the tournament. Just Ohio though…not a Buckeye.

  • Young


    We have no offense on the bench

  • Stan
  • petaluman

    2 more good gets. I was lukewarm on JO before the Speights signing, as we’ve had durability issues with older vets before. I like the pairing of a younger, more athletic & versatile player with some upside left with an experienced, wily vet. We can go to JO in critical situations, and MS can eat up minutes at both 4 & 5 the rest of the time.

    Similarly, would mind at all if we added a PG with 10+ years in the league to provide mentoring, and be available when we need a cool head running things on the court.

  • CB

    Barnes & Speights can score.

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Two more Veterans off the bench, a G who can play D, and a solid back up C. Looks like they count on the Rookie playing some PG minutes! Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler to round out our roster?

  • Ed Moy

    LOL Well isn’t that why Mark Jackson is coach. He’s a veteran point guard who can mentor the young players? They let the young guys play and have Jackson lead them isn’t that what they’re doing?

  • Wyn

    Watch Toney Douglas on the Knicks You Tube……exciting

    against Iggy:

    against Utah:

  • Destro

    Lets bring back Nate Robinson off the bench and I will be satisfied. He would give us the PG insurance we need.

    Lets not act like its not a possibility that Steph rolls his ankle. He rolled it multple times in the playoffs alone. Nate can step in as a starter and ball out. He was incredible for the Bulls last year.


    On July 31, 2012, Robinson signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls. On February 4, 2013, Robinson was announced as the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, after averaging 17.8 points, 6.8 assists, and 2.5 steals in a 4 game span.Robinson averaged 13.1 points per game with the Bulls during the regular season. On April 27, 2013, Robinson scored 34 points in Game 4 of a first round series against the Brooklyn Nets, including a personal 12-0 run over a period of 1:42 late in regulation, nearly erasing a 14-point deficit. The Bulls eventually won the game in triple overtime.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    This is just getting weird. GSW, the team quality FAs are flocking TO.

    I like it, but I am not sure I believe it.

  • nickj

    Great signings and Warriors are looking very solid depth wise as well. Still would like to see Mo Williams get signed by our guys as he would be the real point guard we need to backup Curry or spot start in case of anything. Then the roster IMO would be complete and this team is championship worthy.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    The big question remains: Who starts and who sits – Klay or Barnes?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I love Klay, but prefer HB, as his game seems to be geared to the NBA beautifully. I believe he’ll be a top 3 SF within 2 years. One of the two of them (HB and Klay) is not going to start because of Iggy’s arrival. How about this trade?
    Klay to OKC for Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones
    Those two guys give us athleticism and scoring off the bench, with the potential to be excellent bench players down the line or potential trade bait. Plus, it allows us to pay Barnes in a few years (assuming he continues to progress at the rate I expect), while not having to pay Klay.
    Granted, it helps the Thunder (in our conference), but it allows Klay to be a starter (which I believe he is) next to Durant and Westbrook. Good trade for both teams, right?

  • petaluman

    The ship has probably sailed on Tyler – Speights gives us the same things in a more mature package. Many fans liked Jenkins, but the current FO hasn’t expressed any interest in getting him back (yet). Unless they’re totally convinced that NN can contribute right away, a vet backup PG seems a likely pickup.

  • Bravo

    To The Wisdom Cow: I’m with you. I can’t believe it. It seems wired not to be consumed with a lottery pick!

    To Harp’s Dubs: For 2013/14, start the game with Klay and HB; AI would be the first off the bench. End the game with Klay, HB, AI and Curry. Depending on match-ups, the 5th to end the game is Lee or Bogut. ???

  • RamboDave

    Bazemore should be ahead of Douglas in the rotation off the bench. Douglass is only 6’2″. And, while neither is a pure point guard, Bazemore has much better reach and can defend bigger guards.

    Bazemore can deliver more offense, as he showed in the D-league. He can drive the lane and finish with either hand. Jerry West said we needed a “slasher”, and that is why we drafted Nedovic. But, we already had a slasher ….. Bazemore.

    Also, don’t forget that Iguodala has point guard skills too. Therefore, we can start him alongside Curry instead of Thompson, and keep Barnes as the three. It should be clear, after Thompsom’s performance in the playoffs, (he looks great one game- looks terrible for the next 3 games), he is not the answer.

  • petaluman

    It makes more sense to actually get the players together on the court for a bit before deciding who goes to the bench. Given that KT & HB are on rookie deals, there’s no rush to shed their contracts.

    There are 96 minutes a game to be filled at the 2 & 3 slots – they could each play 32 min/game just as wings.

  • roadster

    We can beat anybody in the Pacific Division. I think Ws will be 3 to 5 seed this year. Go Warriors!!!

  • Tay

    Too me I feel like the starting group should be curry, Klay, iggy, Barnes and Bogut bring lee off the bench I think that small ball lineup would cause havoc and if we getting killed on the board ya bring in the sleights lee tandem. Douglas can d up would like to see him try and be more of a traditional pg

  • DubsDuds

    Play low IQ KT a lot of minutes to increase his trade value and then trade him for a smarter player

  • There are enough power fours in the lineup to disrupt the thought process of starting a small lineup. Most of the power players in the league play the four position.

    Bazemore needs a lot of work to improve his handle, particularly when trapped & setting the offwnse. He may display ambidexitry but as a two & not refined enough to run the point on a regular basis. Much different than a three/stretch four like Barnes improving his handle. . .

    Klay is a gym rat/video junkie. He possesses a high basketball IQ himself. He has grown leaps & bounds in the short amount of time he’s been in the association. He will become a better finisher & better all around player. His defense has already improved exponentially, he can d up twos & threes & i wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes adept @ deeing up many ones. . .no trading of KlY or HB; Iffy is 29 & in four yearsm when his new contract expires he will be the sixth man & HB & Klay will rule the league. . .from their respective positions. . .

  • Wolfman

    Lee played too many minutes last year – he’d run out of gas 4th quarter sometimes, now Spreights can spell him. Lee will be a better player with more rest. Klay Thompson also played too many minutes last year, if he’s cold you need to sit him, you can do this by moving Iggy to SG. I think Klay’ shooting percentage will go up if he plays less, that’s my read. I think you will see more 6 for 9 or 7 for 9 nights out of Thompson next season, which is what you want. If Bogut has health problems again – that’s a possibility – you now have Spreights and O’Neal to play center. If Bogut is out for extended time I think you could play these guys half the game a piece, and get good production out of both them. Not to knock Ezili – he’s got a bright future as a back-up center in NBA – he may play a decade in the NBA with those tools he has, but he’s still learning the game, Warriors suffered when he was in line-up last year – at times – due to his lack of experience. AB, of course, was pretty worthless, so we have shored up center position nicely. I myself am looking for Bogut to come back strong – I hope – but we have plan “B’ now if he doesn’t. Nice work by Bobby Meyer, West, and Lacop. Go Warriors!

  • 4holebat

    Terrific job of filling the size needs up front with Speights and O’Neal, and then bringing in Douglas to help defend at point. Myers has done an effective and fast job of filling needs, he should take over for Brian Sabean, as the Giants seem like they want to go from first to worst in one year. The projected roster above looks pretty good, but they still may need to replace Jack’s offense when Thompson goes cold, not sure if Douglas can carry that load.

  • bill

    Klay off the bench…instant offense….but if you ask Barnes to be a sixth man he’ll do it…the guy has character

  • haastheman

    Yeah, this could work. We actually have a dominant defensive guard and a dominant post deender. ON THE WARRIORS! The best shooting backcourt in the league 3pt wise, and 3rd team all-nba power forward who seems to drop 20 and 10 every night. This could work. All of a sudden the bench starts to form. Harrison is coming off a monster playoffs, Speights is coming off his best year statisticly, and a veteran point known for his pesky D and hitting the 3. This could work. With a Hall of Fame point guard coaching the team. Mark Jackson seems to BE what Singletary was supposed to be. This will be a telling year for him. The warriors will not sneak up on teams this year, and there’s alot of expectations now. I think he’s up for the challenge. They gave him some horses, lets see what he does.

  • Dave

    Stop. Lee is not coming off the bench.

  • Caleb

    I dont think we need any more guards. The offense we lost with Jack is made up for by Barnes coming off the bench now(and I think it would work best for the team if he was the 6th man), we have Douglas to handle the ball and provide D while starters rest, we have Nedo who can handle, playmake, and hopefully score a little. And we just took care of our concerns regarding having no backup centers/forwards. I see this team as complete, and a real threat in the west.

  • albert

    Warrior fans are too high on their players. Klay thompson is completely overrated as a scorer and defender. Kt cannot create a shot or foul to save his life. Players never dramatically improve on getting to the basket. You either have it or you don’t. I remember when people said jason richardson was going to work on dribbling and getting foul shots. Never happened because you can tell early on what a player can and will be. He is nothing more than a one dimensional three point shooter, 6th man in an ideal world. These warrior announcers and fans are so high on thompson but he is not a future star. We would be better with iggy and barnes playing the majority of minutes. These playoffsproved that kt can easily be stopped if focused on

  • Mr Mean

    Whoa Nellie ! Me head is sooo dizzy with all this offseason doings, especially after their playoff run ! The boys out there in FA land actually want, yes, even prefer to be a dub ! With all this I would say a 3-4 seed and a good possibility to go the next step or two. Just a big stud away which I would bet that they will get in 2014. I am sure that everyone on the team, perhaps especially the new guys, will be giving it their best shot this year with such a prize awaiting a few bits of good fortune, yes ? I LOVE IT !!

  • Ron

    Good depth. Manage the stars minutes to keep them as fresh as possible for the playoffs.

  • marko

    There are guys, and then there are guys…

  • Grey Warden

    Unfortunately, looks like Bazemore will be relegated to bench cheerleading duties, Nedovic won’t get any playing time unless it’s garbage minutes, and Ezeli’s not going to see minutes either.

  • Jake

    I don’t think the front office is done. Also talk Dubs are trying to trade for JJ Barea w. some of the newly-created space.

  • One thing for sure; the W’s will be able to assemble many different personnel groups. if they have to go big, they can do that with players in reserve. If they want to employ smallball they can out smallball any team in the association.

    Defensive group? Definitely. Up tempo? Well, that’s the beauty of the W’s going forward; they will be able to out uptempo any team in the league & idle the tempo down to suit their purposes. Three point shooters? you got it. . .any grouping for any situation. . .and, many of their young players are about to go ballistic on the league.

    The only disadvantage I see is there is no true point guard on the roster. Steph isn’t a natural point but part of his maturation will be grasping the nuances of the 1. Douglas is a three point shooting defensive specialist. . .but, like I maintain, this team is so young, with a taste for playoff success that their best days are @ least two, three years away; about time the W’s relocate to the west bay. . .I can just imagine it; @ the Waterfront after the Warriors kick another marquee squad’s sphincter into submission, having some great wild Alaskan salmon, the local dark brew & a glass of port to wash the victory down with. . .

  • Stan

    Thanks MT and Warrior fans for checking out my blog’s Beidrens topic. You blew me away by viewing many times over an average topic and triple my previous most popular topic.
    I think Warrior fans are the most passionate in the bay area and they were fed up with Count Beidrens,and his suckiness.

  • derek

    Dumping Bogut and his expiring contract for Asik would be a nice move.

  • mark

    I’d have Iggy of the bench like San Antonio does with Ginobli. He would have much more impact just like Ginobli does and that Jarret Jack had with us last year.

  • supernashwan

    Marcus Thompson: do you think iggy will play the 2 or the 3 at the start of the season? I think he should be at the 2 but is his quickness and shooting still up to scratch? IF he is at the 2 then Barnes starts at the 3 and Klay comes off the bench. I think the Warriors should keep Bazemore, I think the guy has talent and I hope he works really hard in the off season to improve his game.