Warriors Pick Up Team Option on Mark Jackson’s Contract

Golden State coach Mark Jackson now has two guaranteed years remaining on his contract. Wednesday, the Warriors picked up the team option it had on the last of his four-year.

Prior to today’s move, Jackson had only this season guaranteed, which made him a virtual lame duck. By guaranteeing his contract for the 2014-15 season, Jackson gets some security and Golden State’s front office gets another year to evaluate Jackson.

Jackson’s team finished 2011-12, his first as a head coach on any level, with a 23-43 record. That season was still considered a relative success since, after management traded away the Warriors’ best player at the time, the Jackson’s patchwork roster showed some resilience down the stretch. His second season, armed with a dramatically upgraded roster, saw marked improvement. Jackson led the Warriors to a 47-35 record and the franchise’s first playoff berth since 2007. Only the Brooklyn Nets had a better improvement than Golden State.

Then in the postseason, the Warriors upset Denver in the first round before taking San Antonio to six games. This was despite point guard Stephen Curry and center Andrew Bogut battling injuries, and having to rely on three rookies in the regular rotation.

That run gave Jackson credibility as a head coach and earned him another guaranteed year on his contract. Now, Jackson has a new challenge of coaching a team with expectations. Success this season would likely lead to a contract extension next offseason.

Marcus Thompson

  • With the Giants meltdown & the prospects of the W’s & the A’s the east bay just might vault over their west bay bretheren for sports relevance in the bay area. ..

    Positive vibes for the Raiders & Golden Bears. . .

  • Twinkie defense

    Best player? Monta Ellis? Haha… The guy who nobody wants to sign now as a free agent, so he had to fire his agent.

    Jackson’s first season was not good. Even his star, Steph Curry, regressed. Last season – the playoff run was good, but the regular season was in no way an overachievement, given the roster he had to work with. Injuries? Most every team has them – no excuse. I have no problem with Mark Jackson, happy to have him around. But let’s not kid ourselves that he has been some huge difference.

  • Xraided

    you can only coach so much

    in the NBA, one has to have the talent around him to be successful

    once Riley took a scouting gig instead of getting sh!t canned and Meyers/West stepped in… history speaks for itself.. they BUILT A TEAM around MJ

    if Riley was still calling the shots, MJ wouldn’t look half as good out there

  • Xraided

    not taking anything away from Mark Jackson of course… good god he’s a helluva coach

  • Well, MJ’s first year, to be charitable was without the benefir of previous coaching experience. MJ had been behind the microphone. . .

    So he was the ultimate rookie HC two seasons past; in a truncated season, no training camp, dealing with Steph’s ankle injury 1.0, the W’s decision to rebuild/trade Monte Ellis /tank the second part of the year. . .

    So it’s not as cut & dried as some of you maintain.

    last season they had the benefit of the Summer, a nice young nucleus to teach, Summer league success for the aforementioned group, a relatively light start oto the regular season. . .then the transition from the “real story” behind Bogut’s ankle surgery, how to integrate him into a pseudo established lineup, Curry’s continued anlke woes, acclimating the young players into an arduous regular season, homestretch tear for the playoffs, &, finally, tape & bubblegumming the lineup for the latter stages of the playoffs; & still exceeding expectations. . .

    So let’s not forget just how difficult MJ’s road to a two year contract extension has been. For the upcoming season he will have to integrate an (albeit veteran laden)entire new roster complete with new roles for almost everyone, under the auspices of a new coaching staff. . .with heightened expectations. . .with a target on their backs; no sneaking up on the opposition this year. . .

    A little charity for MJ, please?

  • earl monroe

    If Jeff Teague is worth 8 million per how much is Monta Ellis worth, this is why the Bucks will never be good.

    And if Teague is worth 8 million then Brandon Jennings is worth 16 million.

    Incredible offer by the Bucks to Teague

  • Dumb Fan

    Offering Teague $8M instead of $12M for Jennings is the first smart thing the Bucks have done in a decade. They dodged their own bullet when Ellis turned down a 2 yr $24M extension offer. A team can’t win with Ellis as a first or second option. He is perfect for a team tanking for next year’s draft, as he is very entertaining for the fans who need something to watch on a losing team.

  • By default neither the Bucks or whomever employs Ellis or Jennings next year are going anywhere.

    Teague is a developing team oriented point guard. Jennings & Ellis are “me first” guys there to ‘get paid.”

    Unfortunately in the case of Ellis he dellusionally shot himself in the foot. . .

  • Stan

    I just like the name “Iguodala” “Iggy” “The Iguana man”..just rolls off the tongue no matter what.

  • Stan

    The problem is..Bob Fitzgerald will use white man nerd pronunciation. The man has no flair as a broadcaster.

  • Stan

    I can hear Papa on the other hand going wild with Iguoaaaaaldaaaalaaa- for THREE!
    Something like that. Fitz really has no idea how bland he is does he?

  • Mark Jackson can u remember the no lay up rule. …..,,,,,Kenyon Martin