Warriors Officially Ink Marreese Speights


The Warriors officially introduced big man Marreese Speights, who signed his three-year, $11 million contract on Friday. He will be wearing the No. 5 – “My Memphis number.” – and hoping to fill the void left by forward Carl Landry, who signed with Sacramento.

What do you think you bring to this team?

“I bring another big man who really knows the system, knows how to run the court. I bring some toughness, a guy who wants to win.”

You felt like this was this the best fit?

“I talked to my agent about it and we feel like this is a great fit. A good group of guys they’ve got right now and a great coach. So you can’t get better than this.”

You went from a playoff team in Memphis to Cleveland. Looking forward to being back on a team expected to make the playoffs?

“That’s what you really dream for when you’re in the league, to be on a team that makes the playoffs. A great city like this, and a great organization, a great coach, and a great group of guys — that is always a great fit.”

What would you say is your best attributes?

“I’m competitive and want to win. I feed off the fans.”

You ready to play center?

“I play both (center and power forward). It doesn’t matter to me.”

Carl Landry got a lot of open mid-range jumpers. You look forward to getting your share?

“Carl, he’s got a pretty good game. He kind of plays like me a little bit … But I like to shoot my midrange when it’s open. I like to roll to the basket too when that’s open.”

The Warriors will need some inside toughness and scoring

“I bring that. I bring more, too, so I just can’t wait.”

Can you contribute defensively?

“Through my career in the NBA, I’ve been growing, trying to play better defense. I learned from those guys in Memphis. They taught me a lot.  So I feel like I bring some defense here, too.”

Golden State and Memphis are expected to be two of the better teams in the West?

“Yeah, it’s going to be weird because all those guys (in Memphis) are like my brothers. But it’s the league and time passes.”

Your thoughts on playing with a fellow Florida Gator in David Lee?

“It’s going to be fun to play with him. He’s competitive. He wants to win. He’s a good guy.  So it’s going to be fun playing with him, knowing he played for the same school I did.”

When you two talked, what did he tell you?

“How the fans are so great. How the organization and coach Mark Jackson is. So I’m just excited to get ready.”

You look forward to playing with Steph?

“Oh yeah. That’s one of the best guards in the league now. It was so fun to watch him play in the playoffs. You wonder how it feels to play on his team.”

How different of an environment is Oracle?

“It’s different because it’s a little older and the fans are right on top of you. And it’s always sold out. I’ve never seen it not sold out. The fans are always there and loud. They let you have it, too.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Dallas signed Ellis..three years of .500 for Cuban. What a dope! Whats wrong with NBA scouts? Beidrens..and Ellis? How can you want them??? lol..oh man,too much.

  • Stan

    Not only are the Warriors getting better..their getting beefier. No more Riley/Nelson string beans to break down and be bullied by the NBA.
    The Warriors are raising that window of opportunity after it being rusted shut since 1975.

  • BlueCollarVoter

    This signing not getting the attention Iggy’s got, but I think in many ways it’s just as important. Spreights size, his rebounding, and his offensive skills are going to make the Warrior’s PF position just shine. We already have an All-star in David Lee – he’s playing best B-Ball of career, and now we got maybe the best young back-up PF in NBA to spell him. I am just in rhapsody about Spreights signing, he’s another Landry really, a guy with a lot of tools that hasn’t got the minutes he has needed to make his mark – he’s been in wrong situations, but not anymore. Warriors are on upswing big time. If Spreights plays well Mark Jackson will leave him in game and let him run wild, Lee – at his age – needs to conserve his body, and Spreights will give Warriors the option to rest Lee more, which is what you need. With Spreights we are also almost injury proof now, he can play center and PF and bang with the best of them, so inking Spreights was a brilliant move by Bobby Meyer. Mark my words, a year from now you are going to hear the same kind of talk about Spreights that you heard about Jarret Jack this season, he – like Jack – is an NBA player that maybe hasn’t got recognition he deserves, he will get it with Warriors. You watch.

  • CB

    Speights is a great signing. I think he might do better than what Landry did, if not the same. He is a scorer off the bench at the PF position and can defend better than Landry. Landry was a great rebounder though, so yeah, Speights will need to do that as well.

    Warriors Projected Lineup:
    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Andre Iguodola
    PF David Lee
    C Andrew Bogut

    PG Toney Douglas
    SF Harrison Barnes
    SF Draymond Green
    PF Marreese Speights
    C Jermaine O’Neal

    G Kevin Murphy
    G N. Nedovic
    G K Bazemore
    C Festus Ezeli (Injured Reserve)

  • bill

    Speights a good move..not so sure about O’Neal…O’Neal has a tendency to take a play off, as they say about certain kinds of football players….and he has a reputation for dogging it for stretches in the past…hence, his low minutes and friction between a history of coaches…I still think we’re going to miss Jack’s leadership and ball handling, since we’ve not addressed that with Toney Douglas

  • young

    i think the leadership will be fine,

    but who on that bench do we KNOW will score the basket ball?

    I knew Jack and Landry would score.

  • Still a little slim @ backup backcourt but Iggy will get some of those minutes with Barnes playing a bit more with the starters later in the game. . .

  • Grey Warden

    Nedovic gets injured in scrimmage game. Guess where he got injured…

  • Yes, the dreaded sprained ankle. . .where did he get injured Vegas? Can’t hold that secret in. . .

  • Stan

    Kobe and Lebron get ankle sprains and cramps all the time- and have throughout their careers. Its when things break,I worry…

  • yes fml on eurose! ugh… more ankle BS

  • Speights is a good off rebounder so i think we’re going to be good in that column with he and bogut on the floor at once grabbing boards

    he does generate good offense and has a lot of experience. brings toughness the same if not better than Landry did

    great job replenishing the bench Meyers

  • 4holebat

    Hopefully Speights brings toughness, rebounding, defense and a little scoring touch. The Warriors did need to get a little bigger up front to be able to take on the big front line teams like Memphis, and the Lakers. Speights also can cover for Bogut when he gets hurt, or needs a blow, and hopefully ONeal has something left in the tank too.

  • Stan

    I hear you got flack on Twitter..my view:
    http://stan55chevy.blogspot.com/2013/07/treyvon-martin-killed-for-being.html All truth!

  • Stan

    And Gary Radnich hasn’t said a word of defense for Treyvon. Not a word.

  • flago

    Speights takes jump shots. He’s bigger than Landry, but in no way is he “tougher”. If nothing else, Landry was always known as a guy who could get it inside against any opposing big. Speights offense comes farther out. Think David Lee minus half the skill. The sooner you guys open your eyes to the real Speights, the less you will be angry when he isn’t quite what you expected. Otherwise, he’s a pretty good pickup whose game can really fit an up tempo small ball lineup.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Rumors are heating up that Aldridge wants out of Portland. I’d offer Lee straight up for Aldridge. If Portland doesn’t like that, I’d say Lee and Klay for Aldridge and McCollum.

  • The W’s had already offered D. Lee & Brandon Rush but were rebuked, with the Jailblazers insisting the W’s include Klay instead.

    Since the market allegedly has dried up I don’t think the W’s should revisit the scenario in light of the Andre Igudola acquisition & acquiesce to Portland’s wishes. even though McCollum seems to be a candndate for backup “combo’ guard I much prefer Klay’s versatility between the three & four to McCollum, plus his considerable upside & continuity with the W’s. . .

  • bill

    Trayvon is dead and needs a eulogy not a defense.

  • I want some more ballets can the warriors get Kenyon Martin tough high flier will to win that would make my day.curry klay ai Barnes/ Martin. Small ball ballets
    Lee bogut marquise draymont beastmore douglas ezile and foreigner cut o Neal. Please get Kenyon Martin And Ian Clark. Kenyon Martin Kenyon martin