Stephen Curry’s Brother to Join Warriors for Training Camp

Warriors point guard  Stephen Curry will have a one of his closest friends in training camp: his brother.

Duke star Seth Curry will sign a non-guaranteed contract with Golden State on Friday. He chose the Warriors over playing in Barcelona because he has a good bead on a roster spot in Golden State’s backcourt. If not, the younger Curry is intrigued by the Warriors’ D-League team, which has built a reputation for developing players and getting them into the league.
Playing with his brother was previously thought to be a long shot. Seth Curry, who went undrafted, had talks with San Antonio, Chicago and Charlotte – places that seemed to have better opportunity available. But those talks never panned out.
Curry, who missed the draft workout process thanks to a shin injury, is about 90 percent healed. His rehab is continuing and he is expected to be ready for camp, which starts in late September.

Marcus Thompson