Recorder Leftovers: Andrew Bogut ‘I Have No Excuse’

Scouring through the recorder and found a couple good nuggets from Andrew Bogut. He likes to hate on me but he keeps it real, which makes my job a lot easier. In this interview before he took off to China, he talks about expectations, free throws and offense.

Is this the best team you’ve ever been on?

I’ve been on some talented teams in Milwaukee. We had some years where it was very similar to this. Where we had a piece of paper that had 12 players on the roster of 15 and the media was saying the same thing and we … absolutely bombed from the added pressure. So I’ve been in that situation before and I respect the process. We’re not there yet. We’ve got work to do.

It’s tough. You guys, the media, TV, papers ar eon the bandwagon right now, which we want. Everyone is blowing us up. But we’ve only had one good year the last for or six. We still have a lot to prove. We need to take our time and just follow the process. We’re not going sprinkle some dust on the roster and sweep everybody in the playoffs and when a championship. There’s a process and it takes a lot of hard work and commitment

You’ve been working on free throws every day after practice.

I’m a bad free throw shooter. Probably the only reason.

It’s a confidence thing for me and I need to just get back to where I was shooting them before the elbow injury. I had it back after a while after the lockout, then the ankle set me back a little bit. I have no excuse but to stay late and try to make ‘em.

Have you felt a difference now that you are slimmed down?

This is the lightest I’ve been since my rookie year. I feel like I’m smart enough to play with a little bit less weight now. In the NBA, being a veteran. I’m excited for the season. I think just my longevity is going to be much better. I have no ailments right now. My body feels great.

Where do you expect to see the most improvement?

I know my role. I’m fourth or fifth option on this team. I’m fine with that. I’ll have nights where I get touches and nights where I won’t. We have two of the best shooter sin the league. We have Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes, who are aggressive getting to the basket. We have David Lee, who is an all-star. So I’ve got to pick my poison when it comes to offense. But defensively, I’m Aiming for 10 rebounds a game and two block shots a game. That’s my focus. I think we’re as good as our defense is and I’m a big part of that.

Marcus Thompson