Seth Curry Knows He Is Facing Long Odds

Seth Curry is in a difficult situation. He knows he needs to play point guard to make it in the NBA, a new position for him. He knows he needs minutes to develop that ability. But he also knows those are scarcely available on this Golden State roster.

“It’s something I’m still working on,” he said. “It’s going to take time. I’m not getting as many reps as I’d like. But I’m just trying to get out of my comfort zone of just being a scorer.”

Patience doesn’t seem to be a problem for the younger brother of the team’s star point guard. Seth Curry has had to exhibit it since April. He’s had to watch the draft process pass him by while he recovered from surgery on his right shin. He had to sit out summer league and bide his time until a training camp invitation came.

So now, though he’s getting limited reps in practice, and limited minutes in exhibition games, he is taking it in stride.

“It’s tough to get a rhythm when you’re not practicing as much, especially with the travel,” Curry said. “But coach is doing a good job of finding minutes for me and giving me as many minutes as I get. I’m just trying to produce out there when I get the chance.”

Seth Curry, who is 6-foot-2, 185 pounds, played shooting guard at Duke. He is strength was being able to score, relying on his outside shooting. But at the NBA level, the younger Curry is learning to be a floor general, to set up his teammates and be disruptive on defense.

Problem is, the Warriors are loaded at point guard. Toney Douglas, Kent Bazemore and first-round pick Nemanja Nedovic are all guaranteed roster spots and are a priority. Seth Curry is hoping to earn the last open roster spot.

He said he likes his progress on defense and said he knows he can play the position. He said he still hasn’t gotten all his explosion and quickness back, considering himself 95 percent recovered.

“I haven’t played every day like this for over a year,” he says. “So my body I’m just happy to be on the court every day. It took a little adjustment period. But once I get on the court, I feel at home.”

If Curry does not make the team, he can be assigned to the NBA Development League. Up to three players not under contract as D-League affiliate picks. That, in essence, makes them the Warriors’ minor league property and automatically assigns them to the Warriors’ D-League team, preventing other teams from poaching them.

Marcus Thompson

  • thewarriorsrule

    last roster spot should probably go to dedmon. i would not use bazemore as a backup pg, but backup sg. backups should be douglas, iguodala, and nedovic in that order. nedovic has already shown he is better than seth. d-league is not so bad! i’m glad we can still keep him. i hope he can dominate in the d-league and we can consider next step.

  • thewarriorsrule

    i would take dedmon with the last spot because bogut, ezeli, and o’neal are injury prone. plus, speights has not shown much other than taking ill-advised jumpers.

  • Marko

    Steph took the extra year at Davidson after the breakout NCAA show in order to learn to play #1. Duke plays for “bigger stakes” and had no time to let Seth develop – particularly after Kyrie went down.
    Not sure why Seth chose Liberty out of high school (were grades an issue?), but I opine that he would have done better to stay even there and learn the game like big brother did (and dad did at Blacksburg). He was N E V E R going to see minutes at the point for Krzewski & Co. I guess the Currys (Curries?) figured he wouldn’t garner any notice in such a woeful program – while Duke would provide notoriety if not polish.
    Seth doesn’t have the physical ability of the Kings’ Isaiah Thomas, nor the speed and peskiness of Louisville’s Russdiculous Smith, so he can’t defend a #2 at all; he’ll have a difficult time playing D on an NBA-level #1, even after a few years. The little fella can shoot, but is a defensive liability for sure.
    It’ll be very interesting to see what happens to Smith – he’s a really unique kind of player and has been able to be stout against lots of guys who are definitely NBA-caliber. Not a Nate/Isaiah punisher, though he has the speed. Could he be a Mike Conley? Russ Smith is a guy I’d keep an eye on, if I were the Clippers.