Sports Illustrated Labels Golden State ‘The New Showtime’

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The Warriors love is reaching stratospheric proportions.

I thought I might receive a wave of backlash for picking them to finish third. Turns out, that’s about on par with what many think. Steve Kerr even said the Warriors are a legit contender to reach the Finals.

But this latest hype from Sports Illustrated, on one of its four regional covers as part of its NBA preview, might have gone too far – in the mind of Lakers fans for sure. Golden State is considered by many to be the most exciting team to watch in the NBA, led by the shooting spectaculars of Stephen Curry. The NBA’s annual GM survey had the Warriors getting 44 percent of the vote for most exciting, well more than anyone else. ┬áThe Warriors were easily the top dog in Grantland’s League Pass rankings.

Now, Sports Illustrated are dubbing Golden State “The New Showtime.” They’re putting the Warriors on par with the legendary 1980s Lakers, led by Magic Johnson – whose energy and elite skill captivated the nation by leading a frenetic pace before a crowd of celebrities and wannabes.

Is this crazy? Is this sacrilegious? I can already hear Lakers fans bellowing.

Whatever the case, the pressure is on. The nation is now watching.

Marcus Thompson