Dewayne Dedmon’s Chances of Making Team Looking Good

Dewayne Dedmon is trying his best to remain on even keel. He knows it only make sense for him to keep doing what he’s been doing.

But, maaaaan.

“It feels so close,” Dedmon said before Wednesday’s game, “it’s like I can grab it. I can almost taste it.”

Dedmon, the rookie out of USC, is the favorite to claim the Warriors’ final roster spot. He’s 7-foot, 255 pounds. Though he’s 24 years old, his wire frame is loaded with energy. His activity and length stands out when he’s on the court.

He didn’t get a chance to play in Wednesday’s loss at Sacramento. But he is hoping to make one last impression in tonight’s preseason finale against visiting Portland. Jackson has constantly praised Dedmon, deeming him ready to play in the NBA now. He may get his chance with Golden State, who can certainly use some depth on the frontline.

Rookie guard Seth Curry is also in the running. But size is always at a premium, especially with Golden State.  Starter Andrew Bogut hasn’t played a full season in years. His back-up, Jermaine O’Neal, is entering his 18th season. Festus Ezeli, last year’s back-up, is likely out until January after knee surgery. And the other rookie big, Ognjen Kuzmic, is looking pretty raw.

Dedmon’s trying his best not to think of his chances or weigh the options.

DEDMON: “I just want to do my best every time I get out there. They like what I’m doing so far. So why change it?”

Even if Dedmon doesn’t make the team now, he’ll play for the Warriors in Santa Cruz. He is one of three players who have already agreed to be affiliate players should they not make the team.

League rules allow teams to designate up to three non-roster players from training camp. That prevents other teams from poaching them away. Dedmon, Seth Curry and Joe Alexander have already agreed to the designation should they not make the roster.

Marcus Thompson

  • NCDub

    I like Dedmon a lot–but perhaps he might benefit from the far more minutes he’d undoubtedly accrue in Santa Cruz–the competition to make the squad, if he survives, might in the end be a curse not a blessing.

  • sunshipballoons

    Weird to not even mention Speights.

  • stomper

    Bazemore is terrible. Can we talk about that? He needs to be in the conversation for the chopping block.