Some Details Regarding Andrew Bogut Extension

The Warriors thought it was too much a risk to let Andrew Bogut hit the free agent market.

They knew if he had a stellar season, he could be too rich for their blood next offseason. But they also knew they wanted him as the center of the near future, the anchor to go with the core they have assembled. With that in mind, Golden State accepted the risk and gave Bogut the extension. He is now under contract the next four seasons (he’s due to become a free agent the summer before the Warriors are hoping to move into their dream arena).

Here are the details about the contract I have been able to gather through sources:

* It’s a three-year deal with a base salary of $36 million. It was important for Bogut to be above the $10 million mark. But he conceded that, especially since he didn’t earn his $13 million from last season (playing just 32 games), he should be below the likes of Roy Hibbert and Marc Gasol. Both are better offensive players than Bogut.

* Bogut’s deal is descending with 7.5 percent interest. (So that’s like $12.9 first year, $12 second year, $11.1 the third). Both sides agree to do it that way to make it easier to take on the extensions of Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes.

* The incentives could push Bogut’s contract up to $41.4 million. As Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears first reported, a 15 percent bonus kicks in if Bogut plays 65 games and achieves one of the following:  All-Star selection, All-NBA, All-NBA defense, Defensive Player of the Year. Those were agreed upon as baselines for being a top 5 center.

* The Warriors told Bogut after last season they wanted to sign him to an extension. Negotiations were scheduled for October, provided Bogut was healthy.

* Bogut set the deadline for today. Neither he nor the Warriors wanted to go to the season. So it was either before the season began or after it ended. Bogut said he’d set today as the final day because he didn’t want to focus on it while preparing for the Lakers.

Marcus Thompson