Warriors Waive Seth Curry AND Dewayne Dedmond

In what is a mild surprise, the Warriors announced Friday they have waived guard Seth Curry and center Dewayne Dedmon.

Apparently, the Warriors preferred to keep the last roster spot open.

All three were expected to join the Santa Cruz Warriors, Golden State’s affiliates in the NBA Development League. There, they will get the playing time they need to develop.

Joe Alexander was also waived. He did not appear in a preseason game due to a tibial stress reaction in his left leg. He was never expected to play but was invited to camp so he could be allocated to the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Curry appeared in six preseason games. He totaled 13 points and 6 assists in 43 minutes.

Dedmon appeared in five preseason games, averaging 10.3 minutes. He totaled 17 points, 20 rebounds and 5 blocks in his action.

It must be said, the Warriors are hoping Dedmon goes to the D-League. If he plays in the D-League it will be for the Santa Cruz squad. But if another NBA team comes knocking, or he decides to go overseas, he’s free to do that. And with his raw skills, that is possible.

The Warriors roster currently stands at 14 players. Here is a depth chart:

Stephen Curry
Toney Douglas
Nemanja Nedovic
Kent Bazemore
Andre Iguodala
Klay Thompson
David Lee
Harrison Barnes
Draymond Green
Marreese Speights
Big Men
Andrew Bogut
Jermaine O’neal
Festus Ezeli (injured)
Ognjen Kuzmic

Warriors Lose Preseason Finale, Raising Questions About Bench

The Warriors concluded the preseason on Thursday with a 90-74 home loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Golden State survived the exhibition season with no major injuries to their key players. They began infiltrating new players into the fold and developing chemistry. But a major question has emerged.

Where will the Warriors get points off the bench?

The holes left by guard Jarrett Jack and forward Carl Landry, both of whom signed elsewhere this summer, really stands out every time Golden State’s second unit checks in. They were reliable offense off the bench, Jack with his make-it-happen offense and Landry with his low-post game.

But none of the current back-up guards — Toney Douglas, Kent Bazemore or Nemanja Nedovic — look comfortable creating offense. And the Warriors are getting nothing inside from the bigs off the bench. Marreese Speights seems married to his midrange jumper, though he shoots it well, and Jermaine O’Neal can’t find a rhythm in the post.

Some of that will be alleviated with Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson on the second unit (probably Thompson for this very reason). But the offensive struggles figure to put added pressure on the starters.

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Andrew Bogut Wants Another International Game … At Home

Andrew Bogut is on a mission. It’s a topic near and dear to his heart. You can hear the determination in his voice when he speaks about it.

“The NBA needs to have a game in Australia,” Bogut says with a sort of righteous indignation. “We’ve been to every other continent.”

Bogut isn’t joking. He said he understands Australia, with a population of nearly 23 million, doesn’t have the global expansion possibilities of China and its 1.3 billion residents. And it doesn’t have the heart-warming, charity feel of trips to Africa, which the NBA does frequently through its Basketball Without Borders program.

But Bogut thinks his native country deserves some NBA love.

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Warriors Will Live Stream Saturday’s Practice

The Golden State Warriors announced today it will live stream its practice on Oct. 26, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Fans will have the unique opportunity to watch and interact with the team during practice (expect it to be more like  the open practice at Oracle) as coach  Mark Jackson and his staff puts the squad through a series of drills and interactive contests.

The live stream will include an all-access tour of the team’s practice facility, led by Warriors guard Stephen Curry, a three-point contest featuring the entire roster and an introduction to the team’s newcomers. The entire event will also be a part of a Google+ Hangout, where fans can win a variety of prizes, take part in a Q&A with Jackson and interact with  guest participants, including center Festus Ezeli. 

To watch and participate in the live stream, and for more information, please visit warriors.com/live.


Dewayne Dedmon’s Chances of Making Team Looking Good

Dewayne Dedmon is trying his best to remain on even keel. He knows it only make sense for him to keep doing what he’s been doing.

But, maaaaan.

“It feels so close,” Dedmon said before Wednesday’s game, “it’s like I can grab it. I can almost taste it.”

Dedmon, the rookie out of USC, is the favorite to claim the Warriors’ final roster spot. He’s 7-foot, 255 pounds. Though he’s 24 years old, his wire frame is loaded with energy. His activity and length stands out when he’s on the court.

He didn’t get a chance to play in Wednesday’s loss at Sacramento. But he is hoping to make one last impression in tonight’s preseason finale against visiting Portland. Jackson has constantly praised Dedmon, deeming him ready to play in the NBA now. He may get his chance with Golden State, who can certainly use some depth on the frontline.

Rookie guard Seth Curry is also in the running. But size is always at a premium, especially with Golden State.  Starter Andrew Bogut hasn’t played a full season in years. His back-up, Jermaine O’Neal, is entering his 18th season. Festus Ezeli, last year’s back-up, is likely out until January after knee surgery. And the other rookie big, Ognjen Kuzmic, is looking pretty raw.

Dedmon’s trying his best not to think of his chances or weigh the options.

DEDMON: “I just want to do my best every time I get out there. They like what I’m doing so far. So why change it?”

Even if Dedmon doesn’t make the team now, he’ll play for the Warriors in Santa Cruz. He is one of three players who have already agreed to be affiliate players should they not make the team.

League rules allow teams to designate up to three non-roster players from training camp. That prevents other teams from poaching them away. Dedmon, Seth Curry and Joe Alexander have already agreed to the designation should they not make the roster.


Warriors Don’t Look Ready in Regular-Season Like Atmosphere

The Warriors said they were ready for the regular season to begin. But Wednesday, they got a taste of the real thing, courtesy of a Sacramento Kings squad playing like they wanted to send a message.

Matchups between Golden State and the Sacramento Kings are usually intense. But this one had a midseason feel to it. Hard fouls. Rampant trash talk. Emotional runs. Even a flagrant foul.

In this environment, with the burners turned up on high, the Warriors managed just nine points in the fourth quarter, blowing a 17-point lead and losing 91-90.

Golden State was 3 of 19 from the field in the fourth quarter with five turnovers. They were out-rebounded 17 to 12, giving up four offensive rebounds (two of them coming at the worst time).

MARK JACKSON: “We’re a different basketball team than in the past but the disappointing part is when you need a rebound or you need a stop we didn’t come up with it. The good teams, the great teams, the teams that are playing in June you got to come up with that play. The Spurs lost a championship because of their inability to get a rebound when it mattered.”

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Sports Illustrated Labels Golden State ‘The New Showtime’

photo (1)


The Warriors love is reaching stratospheric proportions.

I thought I might receive a wave of backlash for picking them to finish third. Turns out, that’s about on par with what many think. Steve Kerr even said the Warriors are a legit contender to reach the Finals.

But this latest hype from Sports Illustrated, on one of its four regional covers as part of its NBA preview, might have gone too far – in the mind of Lakers fans for sure. Golden State is considered by many to be the most exciting team to watch in the NBA, led by the shooting spectaculars of Stephen Curry. The NBA’s annual GM survey had the Warriors getting 44 percent of the vote for most exciting, well more than anyone else.  The Warriors were easily the top dog in Grantland’s League Pass rankings.

Now, Sports Illustrated are dubbing Golden State “The New Showtime.” They’re putting the Warriors on par with the legendary 1980s Lakers, led by Magic Johnson – whose energy and elite skill captivated the nation by leading a frenetic pace before a crowd of celebrities and wannabes.

Is this crazy? Is this sacrilegious? I can already hear Lakers fans bellowing.

Whatever the case, the pressure is on. The nation is now watching.