Harrison Barnes a Game-Time Decision Tonight

Harrison Barnes had no ill effects from his first practice in a month, Warriors coach Mark Jackson told reporters after Wednesday’s shootaround.

Jackson still wouldn’t say if Barnes was playing tonight against Minnesota, calling him a game-time decision. But all reports after his practice on Tuesday were good, Jackson said.

The remaining question appears to be whether Barnes gets in game shape by playing in games, or does he wait until he is in game shape to play in games. In Tuesday’s practice at Temple University’s gym, Barnes went extra hard, running drills and scrimmaging 3-on-3 despite Golden State having a light practice.

* Jackson was asked if he saw any similarities between Kevin Martin and Stephen Curry.

“No. No. Um … (nine-second pause) … No. Both of those guys can shoot the basketball. Kevin’s very good. No knock (on him) but Steph is an all-time great shooter. Kevin is a guy who can start, come off the bench, impact the game with his scoring, his slashing. … Moves without the ball. Steph is a better defender. But I don’t see the similarities. One’s a (shooting guard), one’s a point guard. So, no, I don’t. “

* You know those clever ESPN NBA commercials on the RV? The new one with Stephen Curry, Mark Jackson and Mike Breen hits the national airwaves on tonight. But you don’t have to wait until then.

“I thought he was very good,” Jackson said of Curry’s acting. “I thought I was Denzel-ish.”

Curry laughed at his coach’s analysis but declined to offer his own.

“I’ll let you all be the judge,” he said, “and I won’t tell you how many takes it took him to get it right.”

Here is a bonus for you.

Marcus Thompson