Warriors Holding Off on a Back-Up Point Guard Hunt

With Toney Douglas out at least a couple of weeks with a stress fracture in his tibia, the Warriors lose their vest version of a back-up point guard. But team sources said the team isn’t searching to bring someone in. Not yet anyway.

Golden State management is content with seeing how the present options workout first. The Warriors have been going with back-up-by-committee even with Douglas. Andre Iguodala has played plenty point forward. Coach Mark Jackson has even bought time with Klay Thompson initiating the offense.

Douglas’ absence opens a door for Kent Bazemore. The 6-foot-5 wing, who the Warriors love for his athleticism and defensive skills, has been trying his hand at point guard — his best chance to get on the court. But in Tuesday’s win over Detroit, he didn’t look so good. He’ll probably get an opportunity to redeem himself as it would be ideal if they could use his size and defense at the point.

Another option is Nemanja Nedovic, the rookie guard out of Serbia who the Warriors drafted No. 30 overall. He’s young and relatively raw. But Jackson has expressed confidence in the explosive youngster who seems to get more comfortable with every appearance.

It will probably take an extended absence by Douglas, longer than two weeks, and the availability of someone who can come in right away and contribute. (Kendall Marshall,the former lottery pick by Phoenix, is out there.) Barring that, expect Golden State to take the wait-and-see approach.

Marcus Thompson

  • stomper

    Bazemore experiment should be over. Throw Nedo out there, lets see what we got.

  • Camelot

    take 2: Whoa is this the WW Stomper? It’s great to see you jump on the disqus bandwagon, you’ll find this community has a lot going for it without the nonsense of the trollers, haterz, & stalkers. Keep up your stellar WW posting..If you keep up these smart posts. I am going to have to change my file on you : – )

  • tilt

    Bazemore experiment SHOULD be over (just let him be a great backup defensive 2G – nothing wrong with that!), but I believe Coach Jackson will unfortunately stubborn about giving him more PG opps — he’ll regret that.

    But Nedo is NOT the answer either; he belongs in the D-League and that’s not a put-down. There are so many PGs out there who could AVOID TOs and help this squad in the interim; this failure to pickup a decent floor operator (besides Iggy) when Curry is out is one of the last weak strategies that this Warrior team/management has to work through – the Baze/Nedo as 2013-PG option was always folly.

  • Naisy

    I like to say that Warriors should try to improve their bench. I dont see warriors contending with a poor bench. Hopefully, they take a look at players like Ivan Johnson who’s still a free agent but deserves to play in this league.


    Toronto is shopping Kyle Lowry. He’d be a perfect fit!

  • Isrwarrior

    Sure seems like you “Moved on” cam

  • playdefense

    Agree on both accounts.. That said, Iggy, Draymond and Klay have all taken turns at the point basically and that seems to work out relatively well.

    I don’t think the Ws have the money to incorporate Kyle Lowry in (as suggested by J-Ridah) without giving something meaningful up in return.

    Watching Baze point vs. Detroit was painful though. We all know he can use his long arms to defend and do other things, but it just doesn’t seem to fit in the PG mold.

  • Geo77

    Even with a healthy Douglas they need someone who can run the second team offense. As much as the Ws have wing players who can handle the ball and play some point they need a true back up point guard. Pretty much every game the Ws second unit gives up points. You aren’t going to beat the best teams consistently with a glaring weakness like that. Neither Douglas or Bazemore are that guy, and maybe Nedovich will be one day – but he isn’t right now. Front office – spend some extra bucks and fill the need.

  • Camelot

    Isr good to see you again. Someone posted this to WW HQ’s and I had to explain my frustrations again. I miss a lot of folks there, but, I do still have times I fumble to realize my statements can seem harsh, but, I want them to improve its product and I have said it all along.
    Don’t be a stranger and if any other WW’s folks want to come aboard or to pop in and say hi and or reminisce for all the times I may have turned your day upside down please send me a note.