NBA Unveils “Big Logo” Sleeved Jerseys for Christmas Day Games

BIG Logo_Harrison Barnes


The NBA unveiled the special jerseys to be worn by the ten teams playing on Christmas Day.  They are short-sleeved and feature an enlarged team logo on the front.

Yes, the Warriors’ are yellow.

Despite the bad reviews from last year, which no doubt promoted the switch to the white sleeved jerseys this year, adidas put the Warriors back in yellow. But they won’t be alone.

“They’re cool,” point guard Stephen Curry said. “It’s nice to be playing on Christmas Day to showcase them off. Like I’ve said, as long as we shoot well and get the win, they look good.”

The Clippers, Lakers, Bulls, Heat, Thunder, Knicks, Nets, Rockets and Spurs will also join the sleeved-jersey gang.

Here are looks at the rest of them, plus the commercial featuring Stephen Curry (I like Brooklyn’s the most, hands down.)

BIG Logo_Derrick Rose

BIG Logo_Dwight Howard

BIG Logo_Iman Shumpert







BIG Logo_Jersey_Lakers

BIG Logo_Jersey_HEATBIG Logo_Jersey_NetsBIG Logo_Jersey_ClippersBIG Logo_Jersey_SpursBIG Logo_Jersey_Thunder


Marcus Thompson

  • HiRez

    Hideous. And is that really a shiny ball? What the hell is happening?? Why can’t these guys design alt jerseys that aren’t crap? Brooklyn and San Antonio are marginally OK, but overall they are really bad and garish. Very odd they gave yellow to the Warriors and put white on the Lakers.

  • Am

    Nice work. I like the glasshouse-looking basketball.

  • Rileycambeezy

    AHH-MAZING — 12 ways you know you grew up a Warriors fan – http://www.chatsports.com/golden-state-warriors/a/12-ways-you-know-you-grew-up-a-Warriors-fan-10-84-920 #dubnation