Stephen Curry Leaves Game with Apparent Head Injury

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry left the game with 8:50 in the fourth quarter with a head injury.

Curry was swarmed by Jazz defenders in the lane and knocked down as he tried to pass the ball back out. While he was on the ground, Utah forward Marvin Williams fell on top of Curry’s head, smashing the left side of Curry’s face into the hardwood.

Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green immediately signaled to the bench it was a head injury. The Warriors’ star laid face-down on the court for several minutes, his teammates and head coach Mark Jackson standing over him.

Eventually, Curry rolled onto his back, then sat up. He was helped up and walked off under his own power. He headed straight to the locker room with head athletic trainer Johan Wang.

Curry left the game with 22 points, eight assists, six rebounds and three steals.


Marcus Thompson

  • Commish

    Great news about Dedmon, scary, crappy news about Curry. I never realized until i started going to games how physically the players are and how dangerous it can be, especially for relatively frail players like Curry. Obviously hope he is alright. Doubt if he’ll be able to play against Memphis, but that isn’t as important as his overall health.