UPDATED: Andre Iguodala Out with Left Hamstring Strain

Andre Iguodala had his pass intercepted by Los Angeles Lakers guard Xavier Henry with 3:25 left in the third quarter. He was running back on transition defense when, suddenly, he started limping and grabbed for his left hamstring. He began hopping on his one good leg toward the bench.

Iguodala is a physical specimen among elite athletes. So if he is reacting that way, you know something’s wrong. Sure enough, it was. He felt a pop.

“That’s what I felt, so that’s why I was so concerned,” Iguodala said. “I knew it was something. Normally I can just run it off or it’ll go away. But once I heard it pop, I knew it was serious.”

The initial diagnosis for Iguodala is a strained left hamstring. An MRI is scheduled for Saturday morning. When he was asked if Saturday’s home game against Portland was too soon for a return, Iguodala said he’s “barely walking.”

So the Warriors are now down four of their top eight players. In addition Curry and Iguodala, the Warriors are also without back-up point guard Toney Douglas (stress reaction, left tibia) and back-up center Jermaine O’Neal (bruised right knee, mild right groin strain). Rookie Ogjnen Kuzmic is out indefinitely with a broken right hand. And center Festus Ezeli hasn’t played all season after knee surgery.

The only player who has a chance to play against Portland is Curry. Douglas said Wednesday he thought he had one more week before he was ready to return. Jermaine O’Neal is making progress but is still a few days away.

Golden State is hoping Iguodala’s stint on the shelf is a short one. History is on Iguodala’s side. In his 10th season, Iguodala has missed a total of 27 regular season games. He’s played all 82 five times and totaled 80 last season. He’s banking on the track record to continue.

“I’ve never been hurt before,” Iguodala said after totaling six points and six assists in 28 minutes Friday. “I’ve had something that might’ve kept me out for a game. Something really minor where I knew I’d be back in two days. But this one kind of worries me a little bit. So we’ll take it serious and I’m sure I’ll be back really soon. My body has been pretty good to me so far. I take care of it, so sooner than everyone things.”

Marcus Thompson