Warriors Still Unsure if Stephen Curry Can Play at Lakers Tonight

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry participated in shoot around Friday. But he still hasn’t completed the last hurdle before he can be cleared to play tonight against the host Los Angeles Lakers.

Curry, who sustained a mild concussion on Monday, must participate in contact drills and be symptom free to pass the league’s concussion protocol. The Warriors don’t do contact stuff in shootaround and nothing was set up for Curry to take the final tests. Whether that is because Curry was still showing symptoms after Thursday’s work or they wanted more time to evaluate him is unclear. The Warriors are hush on the details.

But Jackson said Curry will be tested before the game and said it is still possible for the point guard to return.

“This is new to us,” Jackson said of dealing with a concussion. “Our mindset is making sure our guys are healthy and whole before they get back on the floor. There really is no rush for Steph to get back until he is feeling normal.”

The Warriors could still set up some one-on-one or 2-on-2 action before the game. It would seem it has to be early enough for him to be evaluated for symptoms before tip-off.

Jackson, usually cautious with injuries, said he is keenly aware of the concussion issue. He said the thorough protocol is good for all involved, even if it means he may be without his star player for another game.

Jackson said professional sports has fallen short in this area in the past and it’s important for teams and players to be more responsible.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Jackson said. “I want him back healthy and whole. As much as I want him back as the head coach of the team, more important is he’s my guy. All these guys are. I want it (handled) like he’s my son. I don’t want him back until he’s healthy. … That’s the right mindset. You want to take care of yourself. And if you’re a team and a league, you need to protect your product.”

Curry looked to be his normal self at shoot around — held at the home of Steve Jackson, chairman of shoe company LA Gear, renowned for the regulation-sized replica of the Staples Center court at his house. At the end of shoot around, Curry huddled with Jackson, general manager Bob Myers and head athletic trainer Johan Wang. After the brief discussion, Curry got some shots up before the team departed.

“He seems normal,” Jackson said. “His jumper looks as good as always. …┬áHe gets it. He’s lobbying. And that’s never going to change. But he’s also smart enough to know he’s got to be symptom free.”



Marcus Thompson

  • craig.w

    Personally I think the concussion protocol is overdone for basketball. This isn’t football or boxing, where heavy duty head hits are part of the game. The logic – unproved, I suspect, but possibly true – is that a second concussion when you’re still having symptoms is likely to be more damaging than the first one. What are the odds that Curry is going to have a player land on his head again tonight? Or that he will bang heads violently with somebody? Seems like political correctness at work.

  • nweinfeld

    One possible take would be, It ain’t the odds, it’s the stakes…

  • Isrwarrior

    It is the logic, but it is also far from unproved. many recent studies, done mostly on army veterans and proffesional boxers show a second concussion following an untreated (i.e. not enough rest before getting back in action) if significantly more likely to cause lasting brain damage.