Altercation Breaks out at Oracle Between Warriors and Blazers; Three Players Ejected

With 3:42 left in the third quarter, play was stopped  due to an altercation between the Warriors and Blazers. Two possible punches were thrown, though none appeared to have landed.

Andrew Bogut and and Joel Freeeland got tangled up in the key. Bogut shoved Freeland off him, and it look like he threw an elbow at Freeland that appeared to barely miss the Blazers’ big man’s chin.. Blazers big man LaMarcus Aldridge then shoved Bogut in the neck. Mo Williams also jumped in to get between Bogut and Aldridge, and Bogut pushed Williams away, too. Williams responded by trying to push Bogut in the face, which may have been perceived as a punch because Williams was ejected.

It appeared the small shoving match was about to end but Wesley Matthews – who at one point was holding back aAldridge – suddenly needed to be restrained while going after someone near the Warriors’ bench. The raucous, which took place at the Warriors’ end of the court, spilled into the court side seats. Before long, Warriors’ Draymond Green – who was on the bench at the time – needed to be restrained by Mark Jackson and assistant coach Brian Scalabrine.

Matthews and Green also were ejected. Bogut and Freeland were slapped with technical fouls.

Marcus Thompson

  • 808Oahu

    Athleticism on Portland killed us along with playing stupid basketball by the Warriors.
    The Fourth quarter was a joke.
    They blocked 7 shots thanks to stupidity by the W’s.
    I like David Lee but geesh how long can will it take him to figure out and that he cant just go straight up to the hoop against LaMarcus. Lamarcus Waaaay too athletic for him.

    Our team got stop the darn cheap reach in fouls. They are all guilty of it.

    Bogut not having a inside game hurts lots.

    And sorry to hate but I cant stand Bazemore.
    No basketball IQ at all.

    I always liked LaMarcus and if he was in East Division I would trade Lee and Barnes for him.

  • Commish

    Back to the drawing boards. To think we were heading to be an elite team. Greater talent this year for sure, but, back to mediocre play and coaching. How disappointing.

  • young

    the story of this game is nedovic. Finally, we found our back up point guard. Its gonna be painfully enjoyable to watch this project develop. but he is undoubtedly a better option than:
    iggy (for long stretches)
    Bazemore (lol)
    Douglas (buddy has struggled in gsw)
    or any other option ive seen back up steph this year

    Also marcus, what gives with this new format for asking questions? Things keep becoming more cumbersome and causing less fan interaction (less comments)

    Remember like 5 years ago, the format was all discussion, then this website with the comments below (reduced comments by like 70%) and now with high tech way to add comments. Your lucky to see 1 comment..lol

    I love your articles, but also the comments educated comments of fans. warm regards

  • k [20]

    normally lamarcus doesnt play well against the warriors. he actually didn’t except for the fact that the refs kept sending him to the line

    bogut needs to play well for the entire game. i like the guy, but it seems that there are stretches where he isn’t focused and starts to reach or not help. he could dominate defensively if he wanted – it seems.

  • k [20]

    the warriors should have pushed to get lamarcus before the season started. he was waivering and saying things in public. that would have been nice.

    bazemore is a 12th man. you cant really expect him to come in to play against top level players and make a difference when he spends his time watching from the bench. on top of that, they’ve asked him to try to play back up point guard. (i remember charles jenkins – a ball handler having issues against nba guards.) i’ll guess that the speed and intensity in practice is nothing like the game. because his enthusiasm just disappears and he looks frightened out there. i will say there are guys who come off the bench who look unfazed – like draymond green – guy is fearless.

  • k [20]

    so marcus, whats the eta of iguodala returning?

  • Marcus Thompson

    No word yet. Hearing from two weeks to a month. It really just depends on how fast he heals. He seems to think he’s a fast healer

  • Marcus Thompson

    Yeah, Lee usually outplays Aldridge. … Bogut is clearly affected by all the minutes. He needs to be down to 30 a game. No use burning him out in November

  • Marcus Thompson

    Way to early to go back to the drawing board. … Step away from the ledge, Commish!

  • k [20]

    thanks marcus. lets hope its only a couple of weeks. iguodala doesn’t look like some average joe. he probably gets over the flu in 10 minutes too.