Stephen Curry says Warriors aren’t ‘panicking’

Hey all, filling in for the fill-in Carl Steward. I’ll be spending a bit of time with the Warriors over the next couple of weeks and will handle the first five games of the W’s massive seven-game East Coast road trip that begins Dec. 29. (I’ll be in Cleveland, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta and Washington before Carl joins the team to close out the trip in Milwaukee and Brooklyn). Feel free to find me on Twitter if you desire at @Jimmy_Durkin. On to some of the talk from today’s Warriors practice. 

The Warriors are in a rough stretch. Poor starts, sloppy play and nine losses in their past 14 games. It’s killed the buzz of a good start and put a team with, as Stephen Curry said, “crazy expectations,” in a funk.

Nobody’s happy with how the team is playing, but they also aren’t getting overly concerned. They maintain confidence they’ll shake out of it.

“Nobody’s panicking, nobody’s jumping off the mission,” Curry said. “It’s just a tough time right now. We’ve got to battle through it.”

Coach Mark Jackson ripped into his team after the 106-102 loss to Phoenix on Sunday, saying, “I’m finding that the guys in suits and ties want it more than the guys in uniform.”

Those are pretty strong words, essentially saying the coaches are putting in the effort but the players aren’t. What’s also telling — and speaks to Jackson’s relationship with his team — is that the players seem to agree and understand where Jackson is coming from when he makes that statement.

“He’s passionate about leading us, trying to make us better, trying to get us to play as he envisioned us in the offseason,” Curry said of Jackson. “We’ve shown glimpses of it. I think that’s the most frustrating part. It’s not like we’ve been dogs the whole season. We’ve shown that we can do it, for some reason it hasn’t been as consistent as we want it to.”

Jackson is also of the mindset that his team will be just fine, but has to call it as he sees it with the team’s recent struggles.

“I just don’t think right now we’ve put together 48 minutes of our brand of basketball and it’s not acceptable,” Jackson said. “We’re fine. Everybody knows that. We’re aware of it. The only way out of it is to do something about it. Too often now, we continue to make the same mistakes. But we understand where we are and we’ll be just fine. There’s no question about that. But you’ve got to state the obvious.”

Curry provided an interesting take of this being a new experience for the Warriors. After years of losing, last year’s success came as a surprise and the team was praised for its achievements. The run to the Western Conference Semifinals — and the serious threat the provided to the San Antonio Spurs — was a big accomplishment considering the team’s history. But now they expect more.

“Last year we were the underdogs and anything good we did was a surprise,” Curry said. “We have crazy expectations for ourselves inside of our locker room of how we’re supposed to play. When we don’t do it and you start to lose games, frustration’s going to build because this is a new experience.”

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • HiRez

    “Not panicking” has a good sound to it. Until you rephrase it as “not playing with any sense of urgency”.

  • Commish

    Maybe there’s no panic (yet), and I’ve posted this before, Jackson is going to be forced to play the starters an incredible amount of minutes playing “catch-up” to move into the top 8 and even higher. The West is so deep. At the beginning of the season we were thinking 4 or 5 seed. Now, who knows. Regardless when we make the playoffs (hard to imagine we won’t barring injuries), we will be a low seed with a lot of tired players. This is not a good scenario. We saw it last year in the first but particularly the second round. Injuries and fatigue did us in. Personally, beside need Iggy back, I’d be playing Barnes and Green in the fourth instead of Lee. Small ball was never my favorite thing in the Nelly and gratefully, short-lived Smart years but now I;d go small since Lee has really faded. I just wish Speights would have worked out. He did play well against Houston, but terrible other than that.

  • rio kid

    No one expected Portland to be in the hunt and with their current record it would take a precipitous fall from grace to miss the playoffs. Also, no one saw Suns and Dallas coming either, we had 48 wins the year after We believe and did not make the playoffs. It will take at least 48 wins to make it this year and maybe more. Memphis will win some games when Gasol get’s back. The only for sure wont make the playoffs that I can see are the Lakers, Sacramento, Minnesota, New Orleans and Utah. That leaves a 10 team race for 8 spots. Memphis is on hard times now but Gasol will be back and they will win games.

    Locks for the West:
    San Antonio

    The 7th and 8th spot between Warriors, Denver, Suns, Memphis. Dallas could drop… they are old or Portland who is youngish but it looks like 4 teams for two spots. Given this I still like the Warriors chances for the 7 or 8 spot. Suns will fade, Dallas could fade, Denver?

  • HiRez

    And that means a first round matchup in San Antonio or OKC. NOT good.

  • DaveF

    Lee and Bogut got stuffed multiple times by Mason Plumlee, who rode the pine last year in Indiana. You can’t win if you can’t finish at the rim. It’s pretty simple.

  • victor soma

    The Warriors aren’t allowed to make the playoffs 2 yrs straight, accordng to someone in the know.
    I think the Dubs will get the 7 seed and get elimnated by the thunder/spurs