Game 39 rewind: Warriors find a way, and that’s all that matters

The Warriors were tired. Coach Mark Jackson was tired. The whole traveling staff was tired. Heck, I was even tired and I skipped the final two games of the road trip! Everybody associated with the Warriors were tired on Friday night and that was painfully obvious.

Sure, they had energy at the start of both halves, but that’s easy. Maintaining it is a far, far different thing. The Celtics aren’t a great team. They aren’t even a good team. But as David Lee pointed out, what they do well is play hard. That’s a tough matchup for Golden State after just returning from a grueling seven-game road trip.

The schedule makers were not kind to the Warriors. First off, the last part of the trip was ridiculous. From DC to Milwaukee, then back to New York? Who came up with that? And then after returning home early yesterday morning, the Dubs were right back on the court today? And then you’ll give them four days off? Wouldn’t that break have been nice right after the trip ended?

As it turned out, this works. Instead of going into a break after the loss to Brooklyn to close the trip, they’ll enter a much-needed period of rest fresh off a thrilling win. This was a game the Warriors just needed to find a way to get, style points be damned. As Mark Jackson says, “put another one in the bank.”

We saw the bench struggle — again. That was until Mo Speights came alive at the end of the third quarter. The bench is going to be an issue until something is done to address it. But tonight featured a renewed aggressiveness from Andre Iguodala, who led the Warriors with 22. He attacked, he shot the ball often and he carried the team for much of the game. Once again, he proves why he’s such a great fit.

The Warriors are at the 25-win mark and have done so less than halfway into the season. The current pace is for 52.5 wins, probably right in the range most Dubs fans expected for this team. They don’t blow many teams out, but right now are finding ways to grind out those hard to get wins.¬†Each one they chalk up puts them in better and better position when the end of the season rolls around.

That’s it for me tonight. The Warriors keep making things boring for me. They’re now 6-0 when I’m covering them and that streak will be put to the test a week from tonight. I’ll be on the trip to Oklahoma City and New Orleans. Carl Steward will have you covered until then and then he’ll help ease in Diamond Leung when he begins on Jan. 20. Talk to you in a week.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Howard Benner

    Only 11 to’s tonight but four were by Steph, who offset them with 4 assists. . .Not a good ratio, to be sure. . .

    Jerry Stackhouse imparted a bit of info on the association watching public; the W’s need to incorporate Lee & Bogut more often to loosen up the perimeter & improve the efficiency of the overall offense. . .

    Tlkl of being tired? Unfair schedule? Gee, too bad the rest of the league isn’t faced with such adversity. . .glad I’m not an NBA player. . .What a sacrifice. . .Oh, they get paid?

    Okay. . .I’ll back off the sarcasm. . .not!

  • Stan

    Klay is too young for that tired excuse. And Curry’s wild passes cant be forgotten. Some are pure prayer. Or dumb.
    Otherwise,a nice win.
    Why 4 days off? Is their a new NBA holiday?

  • craig.w

    When the Warriors are shooting well, they beat everybody. When they don’t, they are vulnerable. Klay, David, and Steph had bad shooting nights, and they still won the game. Their only recent loss was to Brooklyn, which has a pretty formidable (but old) lineup and has now won five in a row, including Miami last night. I think the Warriors have the easiest schedule in the Western Conference from this point forward.

    We’ll see how much better the Warriors are once they have a few days to rest. The season is shaping up nicely. If Myers manages to bring in a decent second point guard, and Jermaine returns, so that the starters don’t have to play so much, and the stars stay healthy and regain their shooting touch, they could win the whole thing.

  • forkyou beach

    There was one game where they shot well and still lost, can’t remember which one. It’s all about defense and limiting turnovers pretty much. That’s how you get a solid win. Not a shootout, not run and gun style anymore, Nellie days are over. All starts on the defensive end,then on the offensive end, fluid ball movement is important. That’s where Iguodala is so valuable to this team, same goes with Bogut.

  • flaninerfan

    First game back after any road trip is dicey. Good they pulled it out. Now for some much needed rest.

  • Howard Benner

    The fact when they don’t shoot well & can’t step up their defensive game is one of my complaints about this team. There are plenty of teams in the association that are bereft of their talent level that bring their defensive intensity practically every night. Phoenix comes to mind. . .

    Shooting & offensive efficiency can wane from game to game. The W’s propensity for “feeling sorry for themselves” & underperforming accentuates that. . .if they were to finally realize that (Houston can be accused of this bad habit as well) then they might erase the four to eight games a year that they should win. This is the difference in a better seeding come playoff time. . .it’s just “want to;” effort. . .the sign of a mature team that stoically shows up with similar intensity each & every night. . .no excuses. . .

  • Howard Benner

    No post regarding the Crawford trade? Wow. . .

  • Howard Benner

    So, what’s tonight’s excuse? Immature, soft, leaderless. . .Jackson’s comment “that’s not who we are. . .” is so hollow. . .please. . .