All-Star game starters Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant exchange high praise

OAKLAND — Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were voted by the fans as Western Conference All-Star team starters on Thursday, and earlier in the day, two of the top scorers in the NBA exchanged compliments.

When Durant was asked on Twitter who would win in a 3-point shooting contest between he and Curry, the Oklahoma City star who has shot from beyond the arc this season at a higher percentage tweeted, “Steph any day, best shooter to ever play.”

Durant has gone on a tear of late, scoring at least 30 points in the Thunder’s last nine games including a season-high 54 points against the Warriors in Oklahoma City last week.

“It’s amazing to see,” Curry said of Durant’s recent stretch. “You know what he’s capable of, but to sustain that level of performance for nine straight games…it’s remarkable. Some of the shots he’s hitting, the confidence he’s playing with, you can tell he’s on a mission. He’s a competitive guy. He’s on fire.

“For a guy like that that could get his shot off any time he wants to, it’s kind of scary to think about when you’re matched up against him because I can get hot, but say you put a 6-11 guy on me, I’ve got to find a different way to get to the basket or do something. But not many guys are going to block his shot. It’s fun to watch, except obviously when we went there.”

Curry received more than one million votes in the All-Star balloting, with only Durant in the Western Conference getting more.

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Every time I read “cant block Durant’s shot at 6 ’11”? I think..why cant Bogut get the hook shot down? Shoot it left handed if that’s what it takes. he’s 7′!! its a FREE shot.

  • Stan

    And,I heard PAPA going over Mark Jackson’s subbing. ‘Why doesn’t he stagger his substitutions?”. I haven’t heard a reported yet put that question to Jackson. Hear me DL?

  • Bryan Hsiao

    His hooks had been more accurate the past path or so. THe problem is MJack is not calling plays downlow for Bogut or Lee. They prefer to 1on1 iso 20 feet away from the hoop…….
    Getting pretty tired of seeing Dlee making multiple moves to get from 20 feet to 8feet for a hook/floater on every iso..
    He must be tired too.

  • Twinkie defense

    I agree, if he wanted to have one or two of Steph/Klay/Iggy in there at all times he could easily do that. These mass substitutions are just giving up the lead – bring guys in one at a time, based on what the team needs at that moment, who’s getting tired, what the foul situation is, what the other team’s substitutions are, etc. These Mark Jackson substitutions are nuts, I don’t even remember another team substituting like this.

    Plus, he is way to quick to take out Bogut, or to leave him on the bench when the team desperately needs a defensive presence. In the OKC game, final seconds, he has Bogut on the bench and Lee playing the matador?

    This is a very talented and deep roster; Mark Jackson had better step it up or he will find another coach leading these guys in future playoffs.

  • Twinkie defense

    Well he’s only getting six attempts per game with the Warriors (career low), so there’s not many chances. He’s also among the League leaders in fg% so seems like maybe he should get a couple more attempts… he has looked great on alley oops and even driving to the basket and dunking on occasion, so even more of that would be fine.