Game 46 rewind: Warriors fans bring the energy nightly, so why don’t the Warriors?

OAKLAND — Warriors fans became a topic of discussion after the team’s 88-85 loss to the .500 Washington Wizards.

Andrew Bogut said it appeared as if the Warriors at times expect their raucous crowd to go out and win a game for them rather than the players holding up their end.

Coach Mark Jackson praised the Oracle atmosphere as well, noting that opposing teams get motivated to play in front of that hostile environment.

“The teams that we’re facing — the Washington Wizards — at home, they’re not playing in front of 20,000 people,” Jackson said. “When teams come into this building, they’re playing in front of 20,000 people going crazy, supportive. There’s bright lights, and they’re ready to play. And when you give teams life, you’re going to have to deal with them.”

Said Andre Iguodala: “Teams coming in here, they’re not sleeping on us anymore.”

The Warriors have repaid their home crowds with an underwhelming 13-8 record, which is the worst among the Western Conference’s top eight teams.

Fans too often have quietly walked out of “Roaracle” after Warriors lost games they should have won, and that’s a trend Jackson would like to stop.

It’s just that right now, they’re playing Whac-A-Mole when it comes to putting together a complete game. Golden State just in the past week has given up 121 points to Minnesota and lost. They started focusing on defense and still lost while limiting Washington to 88 points. If it’s not the bench struggle to provide support, it’s the starters all of a sudden getting into an offensive funk.

Intensity was one issue Jackson spoke of even though the crowd brings it every night. Iguodala conceded that it gets inconsistent in stretches.

“We made a point to make it known that just because we’re at home, we’re not just going to win games automatically,” Stephen Curry said. “Obviously we didn’t learn that lesson quick enough.”

Diamond Leung

  • k [20]

    rough game. curry has been asked to win these basketball games himself – offensively. his teammates seem unable to help him because they can’t consistently score and the coach doesn’t really know any other play except for having curry play one on five from the top of the three point line.

  • Stan

    Well,I didn’t like Curry’s decision to eat the final seconds just dribbling in place. And then,when he managed to get an open shot…he didn’t take it. He killed so much time,he had to throw up a left handed prayer. Its like how to play the end game is lost on the whole team.

    UNLIKE last year, everything the Warriors do is improvised..nobody is drawing up plays to run. I guess when Mike went to Sacramento,our best play caller left too.

  • Grey Warden

    Early in the season, this team used to blow out lesser teams by 20+ pts (at least the starters did). Now, they are either losing to them or barely winning. The obvious answer is the starters are wearing down because of heavy minutes, but when you have a couple days off like the game against the Nuggets or Timberwolves, you gotta win those. No excuses.

    Still too many turnovers. When are these guys going to learn to take care of the ball?

  • Stan

    Lee is hurt. Curry is doing fine overall. After that,its just mediocre after mediocre play. Klay shoots like he’s in a hot streak..and 11 for his last 38 is not hot. Airballs,not waiting for a chance for an offensive rebound..he just gives away chances to the other team. Bad fouls at the worst times.
    Jackson needs to step up and tell these guys..no,coach these guys real basketball skills and smarts. Enough pep talks.

  • Stan

    I would love to read that Jackson puts the old sweats on,and goes out there in practice and works up a sweat telling who to go where. TEACH,COACH. Get out of the Italian suit and sweat.

  • Howard Benner

    No excuses! The Clips are doing it without Chris Paul, arguable the best pure point guard in the league. OKC is doing it without Russell Westbrook. James harden has missed seven games this year & has been debilitated in others with a myriad of injuries. San Antonio has been without many of their key players for a few games. . .

    Injuries are part of the game. Kevin Love has been absent a few times this year & they are currently without their center. Marc Gasol missed three weeks + with a knee injury. . .
    Don’t enable this weak minded collection of babies that feel sorry for themselves & are hardly a tough minded, defensively oriented team. They had to know they could not just sneak up on their opposition this year in the aftermath of their relative playoff success (one thing; regardless of what a team contributes in the playoffs there is only one successful team; the ultimate World champions. . .) of last season. Andre Igudola came to Oakland as a result of what the w’s displayed in last season’s playoffs. . .

    Get this straight; games like last nights & the game against the Wolves should NOT come down to a last second shot. . .they should have those games put away. . .pontificating over the last possessions of the game is NOT the argument; it’s the lack of intensity, focus, attention to detail & mental toughness. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    fire jackson

  • bbpan

    The offense has to change. They used to set picks a lot underneath the basket, running curls and lot more movement. But now the only play is always Curry long dribble trying to beat the other guy one-on-one. Just too many one on one plays. I’m ok with Klay missing wide open looks, but I feel that he’s forcing shots most of the time. A lot of time the guys just stand around. The offense lacks movement and is very stagnant. One thing really baffle me is that team nowadays like to take 3 pointers rather than drive to the basket and possibly get fouled on fast break. I’ve never seen this style winning championship.