Motivated Warriors deliver strong statement in routing the Clippers

OAKLAND — The Warriors were fired up tonight about not having come into games with fire at times this homestand, leading to some bad losses.

Harrison Barnes told the team’s TV production crew a day after the loss to Wizards that it was “embarrassing.” Andrew Bogut described a shootaround before the game as “rough,” as players and coaches alike expressed their opinions on what was happening.

Then the Warriors came out and blasted the Clippers. There were no technical fouls and not much chippiness. It was just a beatdown, with Golden State dominating on both ends of the floor.

For a night, Stephen Curry didn’t have to carry the team on his back. The bench once again played well. After three quarters, a heated rivalry game was all but decided with the Warriors building a large lead and the weary Clippers accepting their fate.

“The energy was bad,” Blake Griffin said.

“Everybody has to play games like this; coming off a seven-game road trip, go home, fly here, back-to-back. It’s tough, but everybody has to do it, and we just didn’t have it tonight. They played better than us.”

Nights at Oracle Arena like this one should take place more often, based on just plain common sense. The Warriors have plenty of talent and can dominate teams, even the one at the top of the division. It just hasn’t happened with consistency. Maybe it took a lackluster homestand to drive that point home?

Either way, the team continues to respond when challenged by coach Mark Jackson, who in turn praised the makeup of the locker room. The pieces are certainly there. And now, those pieces appear to realize wins against lesser teams don’t just come from showing up to the arena.

Tonight, a statement was simply delivered on what a Warriors peak performance looks like.

Diamond Leung

  • Grey Warden

    Jordan Crawford played well in the 1st half, attacked the basket, got teammates involved. In the 2nd half, he stopped looking for teammates and started looking for his own shot, missing most of them. Wth?

    Klay Thompson was iso’d with JJ Redick on him and with the exception of 1-2 drives to the basket, all he did were fade-a-way jumpers. He has to attack the basket more often.

    Liked how Harrison Barnes was attacking the basket. Only problem is he’s still shooting pretty badly.

    Great game by Bogut and Lee. Bogut gobbling up rebounds, blocking shots, converting misses into made baskets. Lee did a great job in the 2nd half against Griffin. Every time Griffin tried to back down Lee, he missed his shot.

    Good things happen when the Warriors attack the paint. Do it more often! Stop settling for jumpshots!

  • Stan

    Its great the Warriors won. But,lets face facts..they just seem to match up well to the Clippers as they do to the Miami Heat. When the Warriors can jump on the Rockets or OKC and toy with them…That’s a leap forward.

  • Howard Benner

    Three built in excuses for tonight’s game; second of back to back games; they don’t have the best of luck in Salt Lake city @ altitude; & Derrick Favors & Enes Kantor provide a formidable front line, the W’s weakness; tough inside play. . .I just thought of another excuse. . .the inevitable letdown following a high profile game against the Clips, who afford a tough rivalry. . or not, depending if you believe Mark Jackson’s “less than” hype. . .we’ll see how thnigs materialize. . .