Game 49 rewind: Jermaine O’Neal on Warriors needing to be more like Seahawks with championship mentality

Jermaine O’Neal is playing for the Warriors this season — possibly the last of an 18-year NBA career — so he can have a chance at winning it all.

So after the Warriors crumbled against the Charlotte Bobcats at home in a 91-75 loss that featured their worst shooting percentage in a single game in nearly 10 years, O’Neal following his first game back coming off wrist surgery told it like it was as he iced that right wrist.

Golden State needs to be more consistent if it’s going to have a chance at what O’Neal wants.

“It’s really a mentality,” O’Neal said. “That’s really what it is (for) the great teams in this league and in the history of this league and even in sports. You look at the Super Bowl. I’m sure none of y’all picked it to go that way, but when you look at the comments that some of the Seahawks made in their approach to the game every single night, they felt they were the biggest, baddest dog on the field that night. And whether they were or not, that was just their mentality. That’s where we have to get to.

“Until we do that, we’re going to have these roller coaster rides. The toughest part is we can’t win it all like that for sure. Maybe you can get to the playoffs and win a round or two, but if we’re talking about winning it all, then we’ve got to adjust our thought process.”

Who else on the 29-20 Warriors is willing to put his foot down and not just call losses like the one to the under-.500 Bobcats unacceptable, but also play as if they actually are?

Coach Mark Jackson continues to express confidence the team will figure it all out, and now the players will have to show better resolve in order to prove him right. That means matching the energy of their opponents and fans at home. That means aiming to get stops. That means no slumped shoulders when things don’t go well on offense.

“If we ‘re talking about being as good as we expect to be, our defense can’t fluctuate because there’s going to be times we don’t score the basketball,” O’Neal said. “That’s just the nature of the game.”

Diamond Leung

  • Grey Warden

    Pathetic and embarrassing. Had several days off and still playing to the opponent’s level. Jacking up 3’s and laying brick after brick. Barely any fast break attempts. No defense once again.

  • Stan

    They look slow and short and can’t shoot. Curry and Bogut start off…then when they see the rest of the team has quit…they get tired of doing it all. Klay is stealing his money. Just be average..and he cant do that. Iguana man isn’t what I saw in the playoffs. He’s not what he was at the start of this season.

    Now, what I also don’t see?..passing. The Warriors- and this is on Jackson- do not pass the ball in a half court offense. Any crazy game of HORSE like shot is taken. Miracle flips,left handed shots by right handers,shooting,and NOBODY waits for a Warrior rebounder to set up near the basket..its one and done shooting.
    Right now,the NBA knows..come out hard and press the Warriors and they will fold,play like gradeschoolers on asphalt.

    Another easy win turned into a loss. He has the players…so whats Jackson’s excuse?

  • Commish

    Obviously O’Neal knows of what he speaks. Jackson seems lost and over his head on how to salvage Klay and Barnes before their confidence is completely shot. That and figuring out the bench rotation. Personally I would bench Speights and try starting Barnes. Let Klay come off the bench with Green and Jordan. I would sure try something. Otherwise just trade Barnes for what we need most. I’d hate to see that but desperate times cal for desperate measures. At this rate we won’t make the playoffs

  • Howard Benner

    These are the points I have been making all season. it starts with mental toughness, bringing the defensive mentality each & every night, this team (shrugging shoulders) is very immature & doesn’t realize (although I’m sure they have it drummed in their heads nightly) the other teams surely saw their playoff run last year & are amped to play against the W’s.

    I would imagine the scouting report indicates the fragility of their collective psyche & are encouraged to play physically & push the W’s, as their will will eventually break. .sometimes early in the game. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Watching the Nets/Spurs tilt & am reminded why I wanted the W’s to acquire Andrei Kirelenko. . .

    first possession, on offense he grabs the defensive rebound & brings the ball upcourt. He pulls op @ the top of the key, waiting for Mason Plumlee to clear the defense, awaiting AK-47’s laser pass for a backdoor ldunk. . .then on the subsequent defensive posssession he switches onto the PG. He keeps him @ bay & eventually forces a miss, where he nearly missses a difficult left handed putback on offense.

    He can play the 1 through four on offense & pracically “d” up on anyone. He is unselfish; just wants some touches so he can initiate the offense. Other than being extremely injury prone he is the best “glue” guy in the league.

    With Shaun Livingston & rookie shooting sensation Mirza Teltovic he bolsters Brooklyn’s stellar bench. Sure wish he was on the W’s. . .