Mark Jackson impressed by Warriors’ execution of dunk cam

PHOENIX — The idea to make Warriors coach Mark Jackson the victim a “Dunk Cam” was hatched when guard Kent Bazemore noticed a small trash can on the back of the team bus.

Jackson didn’t see it coming, assuming Bazemore was carrying the trash can because he was sick and out of concern told him to hurry up to his hotel room.

The next thing Jackson knew, Draymond Green flipped up a small ball, Stephen Curry caught the pass and dunked it over the back of the coach and into the trash can Bazemore held. All the while Nemanja Nedovic filmed the action accidentally in slow-motion.

“They could not have pulled it off any better,” Jackson said Saturday. “Excellent camera work, excellent set-up. They got me.

“There’s no way in the world they shouldn’t execute a defensive possession or an offensive possession after the way that they executed that.”

Because Jackson getting posterized coincided with a trip to Phoenix, the dunk prank stirred up memories of the Suns’ Tom Chambers dunked on Jackson in 1989 when Chambers’ knee elevated him off Jackson’s shoulder.

“That was definitely better than yesterday,” Curry said.

Jackson said he looked at getting posterized by his players as a compliment even while they had some fun at his expense.

“I take pride in coaching them, holding them accountable, but also letting them know that I’m in it with them,” Jackson said. “We’re all fair game.”

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