Warriors’ Harrison Barnes wants to keep it simple at NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest

PHOENIX — Harrison Barnes has never participated in a formal dunk contest before, so he just wants to keep things simple for the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday.

“Honestly, there are just so many dunks that have been done in the Dunk Contest and everything like that, so what I’m actually trying to go into is keep it simple and just try to make your dunks,” Barnes said. “I think over the years there’s been a lot of props that have been involved, a lot of show. You never want to build a dunk up so much that that you’re not able to finish it. It’ll take you five tries to do it.”

Barnes said he hopes to have some fun and maybe involve teammate Stephen Curry. He’s been soliciting dunk ideas from fans on Twitter at #HB40Dunks and showed off a sample dunk in this video, so I asked him if maybe one idea would involve a tribute to fellow North Carolina product Michael Jordan?

“If I’m around long enough I’d love to do a tribute dunk to him,” Barnes said.

Barnes on Sunday had the contest on his mind, linking on his Facebook page a video put out by the ACC Network on Friday that looked back at his best in-game dunks as a Tar Heel.

Diamond Leung