Under Armour celebrates Stephen Curry’s All-Star journey with orange shoes

Is Warriors star Stephen Curry going to wear these orange shoes at All-Star festivities?

Under Armour Basketball announced on its Facebook page Monday that the orange Anatomix Spawn would celebrate Curry’s journey to becoming an All-Star.

Part of that journey involved Curry displaying his talents at the Five-Star Basketball Camp, which is known for its use of orange. Curry back then in high school played in the camp on the same team as Michael Beasley and Gerald Henderson, and the experience in Pennsylvania competing against top talent on outdoor courts helped him. Here’s some video of a younger Curry in action back then.

“There are defining stops on everyone’s journey,” according to Under Armour Basketball. “When the competition raised to a new level, Stephen Curry¬†learned what it would take to reach his goals.”

Curry, who was voted an All-Star starter for the upcoming game on Sunday, sported some black and white Under Armour shoes at shootaround this morning, and asked about them, he was hesitant to discuss further.

“These are secret,” he said, smiling.

Diamond Leung

  • Howard Benner

    Watch Troy Wroten scorch the W’s tonight & remind them they coulda had him for a second round pick. He still has to adjust to the pro game & came into last off season with a “broken” jumpshot & no off hand (kinda a prerequisite for a PG) which still isn’t ready for prime time. But he is fearless, plays defense & would definitely be an upgrade over Bazemore. He would definitely upgrade his jumper around the “splash” brothers. . .

  • Oakland Stroke

    Still waiting.

  • Howard Benner

    Really, you’re not going to hang anything on last night’s win. Philly? Really? Let’s see what Speights does in his next game. . .against the Heat. . .

    Seems Barnes is starting to emerge as hopefully he is finally adjusting to his “sixth man” role. . .you can’t tell me you are satisfied with this “tin man,” immature, hang our heads when things don’t go our way, inconsistent defense, turnover riddled inconsistent team. . .