Game 53 rewind: Warriors’ Andre Iguodala on LeBron James, Miami Heat: ‘Hopefully, we see ’em again’

OAKLAND — LeBron James was cold-blooded with that shot.

James knew while headed down the court to size up the situation that he was going to end up taking a shot to get out of Oracle Arena with a victory right then and there.

“I was going for the win the whole time,” James said. “I just wanted to make sure either I made it with no time left or I missed it with no time left. That was my only mindset.”

And with that, the Warriors went into the All-Star break on a sour note. They were far from devastated after nearly staging a comeback win against the defending champs and going into the final possession feeling good about things. But James’ shot certainly changed some of the tone of how the first half should be viewed even as coach Mark Jackson was saying he was proud of his team.

The Warriors are 31-22 and mathematically in the eighth seed in the Western Conference after the loss. Co-owner Joe Lacob’s goal was a top-four finish, so we’ll see what the second half brings when it comes to the Warriors meeting his expectations.

“We feel we can be better,” Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. “Obviously last year we were pretty happy with where we were. This year we feel like we let some games slip but still have a grip on where we’re trying to go.

“Morale is high…Confidence is high right now for us as a team.”

Andre Iguodala, the defender James beat on the final shot, said he was fine letting the reigning MVP have a difficult look and also revealed how the Warriors’ mindset would continue to embrace those high expectations.

“Hopefully, we see ‘em again,” Iguodala said, referring to a potential meeting in the NBA Finals. “That’s the plan.”

Diamond Leung

  • Commish

    Not likely we will see the Heat again this year.

  • Stan

    Can a coach be suspended for “stupid strategy?” EVERYBODY in the Universe knew LeBron was getting the ball…and he just got it and calmy dribbled at his own pace…WHERE WAS THE DOUBLE OR TRIPLE TEAM HELP??? The only Heat player who could shoot a game losing 3 was let loose. Iggy,cant get that body of his off the court but 2 inches. Lebron knew that.
    And later…excuses from the no excuse coach. I’m mad enough to break something. Something I don’t want maybe…

  • Stan

    The Heat were double teaming Curry all game. WE were one on one with the best player to ever walk on to the court. Its a wonder he didn’t go for 180 points AND A FOUR POINT DUNK.

    That’s a fouled while jumping, and dunking, from the three point line. He might do that one day…

  • Twinkie defense

    I thought that was pretty darn well defended – sometimes guys just make them, doesn’t matter what you do.

  • Stan

    And one on one by a guy who the media has said all season has no legs for jumping- Iguana man,is guarding the ONLY player who will take that shot all by his lonesome,James. Look,its stupid to not call a TO and do have the Warriors blanket him. THEN if he makes it..

    WHO on that court in a Warrior uniform didn’t know LeBron was going to have the ball?
    I hear nothing but excuses from Barnett and KNBR.

    Jacksons “proud” of his guys??? Why not?,he sure didn’t help.

  • Twinkie defense

    IDK, I think I would rather have ‘Bron shoot a highly contested, off-balance, fade away three with our best defender in his face, than him passing to Ray Allen for a wide open, catch and shoot three.

    There are plenty of things I want to complain about with Mark Jackson, this particular play is not one of them.

    LeBron is gonna do what he do.

  • Stan

    I think I would have called time out and had our BEST defender not named Bogut, Klay, told to help and harass. I saw LeBron just dribble sizing up the shot. You notice Spolstra had his team double Curry as often as they could? THAT’S coaching.
    Jackson is smiling cause he can always play the LeBron card. And LeBron is smiling because Jackson isn’t impressing the league with his moves.

    Should have hired Sloan..but too late.

  • Stan

    When a coach says ” At the end of the day” every single presscon x5..that’s a coach who hasnt filled his noodle. Lots of empty space to fill in there.

  • ap

    How do you call timeout on defense

  • Stan

    Yeah,yeah, I’m WAY OFF when I say how stupid it is to guard the greatest ever who’s played the game with the guy rated 35,000th best to ever play the game.

    Were you twinky man shocked LeBron was going to take the last shot?..like Iguana man putting his arms up was great defense?..right.

  • Jaytee

    Heats possesion; Dubs couldn’t call a timeout if they wanted to.

  • Stan

    And as the local TV sports shows replay the final seconds,you hear Barnett on TV saying “Don’t let LeBron beat you”..as in TRIPLE team him if that’s what it takes.
    Is Mark Jackson some Mexican General in 1890 fighting the best with his best defender mano e mano, winner take all? Well, we need a BASKETBALL coach!..screw death with honor!

  • Howard Benner

    Yeah, ‘Dre, you’ll see ’em again. . .they’ll be on ABC for the finals. . .can’t miss ’em!

  • Stan

    It wasn’t a difficult shot for the best. Are you telling me if LeBron had decided to just go straight up,Iguana man was going to block it?? No chance. He has no vertical leap anymore.
    Jackson wasn’t thinking two steps ahead. He just doesn’t have the coaching experience. This is where Lacob got bit.

  • riyad asfoor

    Complaining about Lebron hitting a game winner is like trying to go back and ask why Jordan made those Finals shots to win it every time. I blame the team for not making the trade for waiters when Cleveland wanted to get rid of him. We should have traded clay for waiters and jack back. Too late now!