Assessing the Warriors’ options before the trade deadline

The NBA’s trade deadline is noon Thursday, and both Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob and general manager Bob Myers have used the word “aggressive” in describing their mindset leading up to it.

What that means in terms of getting a deal done by the deadline is unclear. There are impact players the Warriors would certainly love to add. But at what cost?

“I think we’d be very reluctant to trade any of our core pieces; we like our core,” Lacob told Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami.

While the door is left open for the Warriors to unload a player like Harrison Barnes to get an impact player in return, what is being offered back obviously hasn’t been satisfactory thus far.

Trading Barnes carries with it significant risk even as his second year hasn’t lived up to some expectations. The 21-year-old has room to grow, and giving up on him early would be a gamble.

As Myers told KNBR, the Warriors would be “hard-pressed to get better starters” via trade before the deadline. So quite possibly the Warriors are setting their sights lower.

“If there’s another player out there who can improve the bench in another way we’d do that,” Lacob said. “I think the bench certainly could be better–it has not met expectations overall for the year.”

Adding a bench piece might not even require the Warriors to give up a player, as the team has traded player exceptions of $9 million and $4 million at their disposal from trading away Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush.

The Warriors can go out and get a player and his salary — possibly one from an expiring contract — without giving away a player that could lend a hand to their postseason run.

But what’s the catch? The Warriors according to Myers are “about $2 million and change” under the luxury tax, so taking on salary could cost the team big-time if it goes into the luxury tax.

“Bob Myers has the ability, he knows, to propose anything to ownership, even if it means going into luxury tax, if it means using those trade exceptions,” Lacob said. “We’ll consider all things.”

The Warriors have some wiggle room to make a key trade, and national analysts are expecting it would be for a bench player. Maybe that player provides a spark for a team that was hoping to get some of that out of Jordan Crawford. Maybe he doesn’t, and the trend of inconsistent play continues as the Warriors fight it out just to make the postseason.

Or maybe the deadline comes and goes without the Warriors making noise considering their options appear limited.

“We’re not going to make a move just to make a move,” Lacob said.

Diamond Leung

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  • Stan


  • Howard Benner

    So Lee would leave for the Arctic North? I think they are more apt to obtain a backup point guard or power player. Crawford is miscast as a PG. . .

  • Stan

    Maybe a package deal Howard. Picks,money tossed in. Bogut,Curry,and Love would be potent… and if Lee stays with them..a contender.

  • Howard Benner

    Don’t see how that is possible regarding the compensation via trade rules; yes, the W’s have $13 mil in trade exceptions @ their disposal & Love is making $14.693 mil this year. . .but how would PT break down? Lee would play the five? At the expense of Bogut?

    Next year they surely would have to move one of the two 4’s due to luxury tax implications. If Love comes, Lee almost has to go. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Going forward the other factor to contemplate is how this effects the ‘Volves franchise in the short term & the long term. Love is under contract for one more full season & the ‘Wolves need to maintain a viable market value. If they lose Love this will adversely effect their attendance, ability to sell ad space & remain competative in the Twin Cities entertainment (primarily sports. Remember, they have the requisite four major sports teams) market. They won’t merely trade him just to rid themselves of a potentially contentious scenario. . .this would also dissuade future FA’s from considering the ‘Wolves as a future employer. . .

  • Stan

    Lacob always says “The fans worry more about luxury taxes and payroll then I do”..and he usually makes it sound like..if the player wants to come,he will get his worth.

    Seeing Love and Curry. in the ASG..gave me the fuzzys in my tummy. Minnesota has floated trade rumors with Love for years. I don’t know why..I cant figure it. It could be just what loser franchises do.
    The Warriors gave away Parrish and Richmond and all the rest. Time to receive.

  • flaninerfan

    Wonder what Boston would want for Rondo? That would solve the PG problem.

  • rio kid

    Rondo is not a number 2 pt guard and we already have that Curry kid. It’s one or the other. I take curry, I cannot stand players who cannot shoot…drives me nuts.

  • rio kid

    Dunanunanu…all we need is love love…

  • rio kid

    How does the Lee Love thing work though..Don’t they kind of do the same things.. Love is a 3pt shooter and Lee is not. I guess Love could play the 3 or 4 and we could got big…Bogut, Lee and Love with Dre and Curry…I’m not smart enough to know if that would actually work and money wise I am sure it does not work. They need to rid themselves of Lee’s contract to sign a Love type player

  • rio kid

    But Lee is an All Star and a very good player with great hands who would do well with Rickey at pt

  • rio kid

    I would say so but can you imagin Lee at 5, Love at 4, Dre at the 3 with Klay and Curry. They would give up some pts for sure but they’d score them in bunches…

  • rio kid

    Well, if you are Love Minnesota is Purgatory..you just get your check and hope for .500. He is a star and needs his light only shines for a few more years so he wants to win. The Lakers have to build from Zero, in fact from Negative, with Kobe’s as the albatross weighing them down. He wants to go to a team on the cusp…Houston, Portland, Oakland, Clips, Suns,…

  • Howard Benner

    No rim protector there. I prefer Bout & Love @ the 5 & 4. . . gotta stop more points than you score. . .

  • Howard Benner

    It’s not as easy as that. Lee is a devensive liability on a team who plays worse “D” than the W’s. He isn’t the rebounding force Love is. don’t even pretend Lee can match up with Love. Love is a vastly superior player & don’t think the Wolves would want to deal with Lee’s astronomical (in comparison for return on his investment) contract.

    If the Wolves lose Love they would want first round draft picks involved. That rules out the W’s, een going forward in the future.

    The W’s only have two players that they could move & pique the curiosity of other association GM’s; Klay & Barnes. . .curry is untouchable & I don’t think the W’s will move Bogut. Productive 5’s have a lot of worth. . .