Game 58 rewind: Warriors want to move on after getting routed by Bulls

CHICAGO — With the Warriors’ starters out of the game in the fourth quarter of a blowout, Bulls fans turned their attention to the assistant coach seated beside them. Brian Scalabrine, the former Bulls reserve, was the subject of chants late in the game just as he once was as a seldom-used player.

That’s how much of a laugher this game was, as the Warriors trailed by as many as 28 points and didn’t show much signs of life after taking punches from the more physical Bulls. A Warriors assistant coach became the punch line. Another assistant, Pete Myers, picked up a technical foul while showing some fire missing on the court.

And all coach Mark Jackson could do after the game was solemnly state that the Warriors would have to move forward after this one.

What else was there to say? Stephen Curry scored five points in his worst shooting performance of the season. The Warriors got sloppy with the ball and got dominated on the glass. No starter scored in double figures, as the unit combined for only 35 points.

“That’s the way we like it, taking players out of their game,” Bulls guard Jimmy Butler said of a job well done on Curry. “It is frustrating for them.”

The Warriors lost so badly that there was little to dwell on during the first part of a long road trip. They’re off to New York next and still 12 games over .500. There will be another day to shine.

Diamond Leung

  • PX

    Ws spanked badly in this. Strong defensive teams like the Bulls, Spurs, Grizzlies are going to end the Ws season.

  • Jeff

    Pretty weak summary Diamond Jim. Take a look at the real W’s blog and call out Jackson for the pathetic coaching preparation and the players for their dispicable play like your colleague does.

  • zgo

    I believe the Dubs will bounce back and have a good game against the Knicks. A 4-2 road trip would definitely be acceptable.
    Bulls game was hard to watch. Can Thompson ever have a good two games in a row

  • k [20]

    what coaching does this guy do anyways? it seems like there was no gameplan as usual. what does he do besides provide some mike singletary type pep talk?

  • jlskdajf

    this blog entry was as half a$$ as the warriors effort last night

  • Stan

    I CAN’T stand losing to the Bulls. I hate Jerking Noah. Privileged prima donna all his life.

    Shoots a basketball like a little girl,and all that nervous energy covering up a lack of real basketball skills. Rebounds well. His meal ticket to the NBA.

  • Twinkie defense

    I love Noah, he does all the dirty work and affects the game without having to put up a lot of shots. It was a big mistake for the Warriors to pass him up in favor of Brandan Wrong in the 2007 draft. Warriors might have done some real damage with We Believe if only they had had a serviceable big man at the time.