Warriors’ Harrison Barnes found knowledge, motivation as name came up at trade deadline

CHICAGO — Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke last week on KNBR about all the erroneous rumors leading up to the NBA’s trade deadline, noting, “I saw a ton of ‘They’re shopping (Harrison) Barnes.’”

Barnes, a second-year player, laughed on Wednesday while explaining that being young meant not fully understanding what was going on around him before the deadline. But the rumors did lead to the 21-year-old to learn from the front office what was really happening.

“It was nothing formal,” Barnes said. “They just told me obviously teams are inquiring, that’s pretty much it. I wasn’t really trying to like look through reports, figure out where I was going to go. I just wanted to try to focus on the games. Ultimately, that’s what matters most.”

And with the knowledge that other NBA teams were the ones initiating trade proposals, Barnes used it as motivation since it reflected how much better he could have been playing. This month, he improved by averaging 10.3 points and 4.4 rebounds off the bench, shooting 42.9 percent from the field and 50 percent from 3-point range.

“You always want to find extra motivation, so the fact that your name was always floating out there, you always try to use that to get yourself going,” Barnes said.

“It focuses you in a little bit more, keeps you locked in on what you’re doing and doesn’t really allow you to let your mind wander. Obviously I’ve been playing better as of late, so I obviously want to continue to do that.”

A blockbuster deal that might have sent Barnes to another team didn’t materialize, so the Warriors have in place a highly-regarded piece for their future and present. Myers told the station Barnes was doing well in finding a balance between being a role player in need of playing longer stretches in order to get comfortable.

“Ultimate professional, probably the hardest-working guy on the team, so we have huge hopes for him, and we think he’s going to have a real high ceiling,” Myers said.

Diamond Leung

  • wil

    The BLACK FALCON, is the best acquisition we ever gotten. Dubnation

  • Howard Benner

    Again, the W’s feel sorry for themselves when they are banged around & their offense is lacking.

    A true, accomplished NBA team will identify that & jack up the intensity on defense, hoping to generate offense from defensive stops, rebounds turnovers. Not this team.

    did the “Showtime” Lakers curl up into a shell when their offense was lacking? Not on your life. They would start harassing the other squad, willing themselves back into the game. Not this “tinman” w’s squad. This charade of a “defensive” team, as Jackson calls them. . .

    Chicago played last night & had to fly home. The W;s were waiting, nestled in their hotel rooms.

    If they would just grow hp & be competative. Phoenix brings it every night. Why not the W’s?

    I wouldn’t be quite as upset if they had played competatively & lost by, say, five. But this pouty hang our heads approach. . .They are paid to play, just like the opposition. . .grow up!

  • Rodrigues_Islander

    If Detroit wanted to I would have traded Barnes and Lee for Greg Monroe, or Barnes to Denver for Kenneth Fareed. As it is, I’m okay with the fact that Barnes was not moved.