Game 64 rewind: Warriors feeling fine after unloading on Phoenix with big third quarter

OAKLAND — The Warriors spent much of the first half trying to chase down Phoenix. Time and time again, they drew close before the Suns hit big shots to extend the lead. Goran Dragic and Gerald Green were lighting up Golden State.

But then, the Warriors opened the floodgates. Klay Thompson put them ahead in the third quarter with a 3-pointer, and by the time he hit a shot to start the fourth, the Warriors were leading by 18 points.

That’s how powerful the Warriors offense can be when it is clicking along with a defense that continues to shine.

Don’t think the Warriors are a threat to knock off a team in the first round of the playoffs? Right now, Golden State is showing it can play with anyone.

“They were knocking down three after three after three and getting offensive rebounds,” Green said. “They got hot, and all their other guys got going. We were just on a downhill from there.”

Phoenix has surprised this year and last month dismantled the Warriors at US Airways Center, so this was a big win for them to put some distance between the two teams.

And for Stephen Curry to show he could play through a quad strain that was ailing him was a relief for the Warriors, who know how much they place on his shoulders night in night out. He wasn’t 100 percent, but showed up in key moments when Golden State needed him to.

The jump shot with 2:02 left to give the Warriors an eight-point lead was vintage Curry, who dished out nine assists and had one turnover to get the offense going.

With David Lee playing well again and Thompson getting the hot hand, the Warriors are loving life at this stage of the season. A move up in the standings is doable. Gone are the questions about a lack of intensity, even though injuries however minor continue to mount.

Beating Phoenix in a game coach Mark Jackson said would be huge goes a long way toward making Golden State feel even better about itself.

Diamond Leung

  • Howard Benner

    Portland, another 2013 lottery team that has surprised this year has faltered as of recent.

    Tomorrow night they take on Memphis on the road as the W’s take on a very scary, resurgent Mav team. Letting Dallas outscore them by 10 in the fourth (I realize runs are the modus operandi in the association) will not do. . .making up 3 1/2 games on the Jailblazers in the last 18 could prove a dubious proposition.

    I remain skeptical but hopeful. . .

  • playdefense

    Impressive third quarter last night. Loved the defense and hustle. The Dubs bench really produces now with Blake leading. That allows the team to go 10-deep and mix and match line-ups. Yesterday, small ball was back to counter Phoenix and worked well.

    The AP sports recap was accurate though in that neither team really showed play-off readiness in the final minutes. After all, Gerald Green stepped out of bounds, and the Warriors had a period of going 0-6 from the FT line at a time when it could have sealed the game earlier.

    Essentially, the Dubs survived the fourth after providing the Suns with opportunities to get back into the game. Still, I loved what they showed us overall and happy to see a chance to move up in playoff positioning. Fan expectations for the Dubs are extremely high– but I know the team has high expectations for themselves as well. Can’t wait!

  • Grey Warden

    Looking at the box score only, you’d think it was Bogut who had the quad strain and was on a playing time restriction….

  • qtlaw88

    Great to see the Ws clicking on both ends of the floor; the only question is not getting Bogut enough PT; so what if they go small, you cannot let others dictate who you play; then all you’re doing is reacting; how about punishing them on the glass if they want to go small? Post up Bogut and Lee with their lilliputians.