Game 65 rewind: Warriors super subs Draymond Green, Jordan Crawford underappreciated?

OAKLAND — Ask Andrew Bogut to identify what it is that’s been sparking the bench and making the second unit go, and his answer might surprise you.

Steve Blake has been doing that for sure after arriving from the Lakers in a trade and bringing stability with him. Freed up to shoot, Jordan Crawford has brought the offensive firepower the Warriors needed. And Jermaine O’Neal right now is laughing in the face of Father Time.

Bogut went with one of the players who’s been there all along this season — Draymond Green.

“He’s not a huge stat guy,” Bogut said. “He’s a great rebounder, but he’s not a guy that’s going to drop 20 a night. But he just affects the game in so many different ways that people don’t understand. Fantasy guys and all these guys that look into these stats, they have no idea the effect that he has on a basketball game.

“He guards their best player coming off the bench and plays basically four positions on the floor. He hustles, he’s always fighting for rebounds, he can push the ball. And he’s been shooting the ball. You give him a lot of credit. A lot of people say he’s a bad shooter. He’s been shooting the ball very, very well for us.”

Green filled up a stat sheet in a bench-led win against Dallas. He had six points, six rebounds and three assists while making both his 3-point attempts in 18 minutes of action.

That won’t get as much attention calming effect that Blake has had on the subs and the ability for Crawford to get red hot.

Blake’s arrival has drawn so much praise, with coach Mark Jackson called him “a maestro and doing a great job of orchestrating our offense.”

Jackson also feels Crawford perhaps hasn’t been given enough credit.

“I don’t think enough credit’s been given to him because we went and got Steve Blake. I’ve seen players fold the tent,” Jackson said. “I’ve seen players hold their head down and not be prepared, not be ready. He’s been a professional, and he’s got the gift to score the basketball.”

Diamond Leung

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