Warriors guard Klay Thompson’s goatee becomes a thing

OAKLAND — The Warriors have gone on a roll after the All-Star break, and it is any coincidence that in the meantime Klay Thompson has grown a goatee?

Maybe, but either way, Thompson is drawing attention when it comes to what’s on his chin.

After Thompson hit a game-winning shot last week at Indiana, Grantland’s Chris Ryan wrote that “he did it all despite looking like he bought a Captain Jack Sparrow facial hair kit right before the game.” The headline of the piece referred to “Evil Klay Thompson.”

Thompson’s facial hair, which seven months ago became a discussion point on reddit after a fan snapped a photo and deemed him nearly unrecognizable, has received mixed reactions from his teammates. Asked on KNBR if the latest look was “cool or creepy,” center Andrew Bogut said with a laugh, “A couple guys have said ‘creepy’ on the team. It’s really growing well, so he’s done a good job with it. I don’t know if he’s changed his diet or not, but it’s looking very, very good.”

Thompson, who grew the goatee during the All-Star break because as he told KNBR “I was just too lazy to cut it,” indicated Tuesday after shootaround that it might be a while before he shaves it off.

“We’re 9-2 with it, so if we can go about 15, we’ll see,” Thompson said. “Kind of just do it day by day.

“I was probably doing something different. Why not while I’m young?”

Diamond Leung